Can Deer Be Domesticated?

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One question many people have is whether it’s possible to domesticate a deer. To answer this, some may think that so long as the animal has been born in captivity, then they can be domesticated, while others say that you need to find an already-tamed wild creature if at all possible for your own safety and theirs. So, can deer be domesticated?

Well, the answer is yes, and no. No, because they can be very dangerous, and it’s illegal in some states. And yes, because some people keep them as pets since they can be tamed.

It would seem plausible enough to try with a captive-bred fawn, but there are downsides here too. One being how much work raising them might entail; another being what kind of monetary investment could go into keeping these animals around or dealing with their corpses when necessary (they’re not going to live forever). 

With regards to finding tame creatures instead of trying anything yourself. Well, taming any wildlife is challenging. 

To completely clear your mind and decide whether you can try and domesticate a deer in your home, consider reading through this blog post for more information.

Is It Legal To Domesticate a Deer?

It is illegal to domesticate deer in the majority of states in the United States. This is due to the high number of reported cases of animals injuring people. 

However, some states do not have laws that regulate the domestication of wild animals. These states are North Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Alabama. 

Can Deer Be Confined?

A deer can only be confined if you have a permit. However, if you confine them, there is a likelihood that they’ll get sick. Deer generally require ample space where they can roam and feed freely.

Can Deer Be Farmed?

There are many deer farms in the world. In fact, most of the venison you see at your local store is raised on a farm, as selling hunted meat would be illegal. So, yes, deer can be farmed. But then again, it depends on where you are. In California, for instance, deer farming is illegal.

Requirements for Domesticating