Can Deer Smell Permethrin

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I suppose it does not matter if the deer smells permethrin on your clothes because it would have smelled your scent by then. However, it is true, deer will smell permethrin on your clothes, but because the odor is foreign, it will not spook. 

Hunting in the wild is not as comfortable as many assume. Behind the epic scenery, there is disease inhibiting insects, bugs, and ticks that are life-threatening. As you prepare for the next season of hunting, you should stay safe and consider the use of permethrin. It does not only repel but also kills any bugs or insects that land on your clothes. 

Permethrin is odorless and does not need you to heat up or use fumes. It is easy to use for every hunter and shields you from mosquitoes. You can remain perfectly calm and still as you wait for deer on your tree stand. 

In this article, you will learn why soaking your clothes in permethrin before going hunting is one of the successful ways to bring home a buck and not ticks. 

What Is The Effect Of Permethrin On My Equipment Or Clothes?

There is no damage that you can expect from permethrin. It is a safe remedy for protecting yourself against pesky insects. It is not like DEET that may stain or smell so pungently that you may spook deer. Do not be afraid to use permethrin on soft and fragile fabrics like silk. 

Permethrin has no effect on waterproof fabrics and will not decolorize or stain plastic finishes and synthetic materials. Before trying it out on your favorite hunting gear, you can sample a piece of cloth that is far delicate and observe over 24-hours.  

Permethrin Insect and tick Repellent is non-greasy, odorless, and non-staining even after it has dried. However, permethrin is not safe for aquatic animals and may harm them if they get exposed. When spraying permethrin, stay devoid of cats and fish aquariums. Permethrin is only safe around cats once it has fully dried off. 

From personal experience, mosquitoes are challenging to sit still without a repellant, and the worry of spooking deer will come from swatting away bugs and insects. If you think mosquitoes are a nuisance, wait until you take a shower and discover a tick in hideous places. Hunting in the woods without any form of insect repellant usually leads to abandoning the hunt early. Bloodsuckers are not friendly, and they pose severe health concerns.  

Does Permethrin Have Side Effects When In Contact With Skin?

Most first time users of permethrin often misunderstand the warning labels attached to the bottle or spray cans. Normally permethrin is not harmful or toxic to humans because of how fast your skin metabolizes it. Within fifteen minutes upon contact, your skin breaks down permethrin. Hence, it serves no purpose to apply it to your skin. 

As an extra precaution, avoid applying permethrin directly to your skin, as it is a repellant for only clothes and other fabrics. When using repellents that use DEET, avoid contact with eyes, face, and nose. If you can, avoid breathing in DEET as well.

The odorless permethrin will not spook deer. Try keeping safe by always playing the wind and staying downwind of the deer. Besides permethrin being a proven insect repellant, it kills chiggers, mites, ticks, and 55 varieties of insects and bugs. 

How Does Permethrin work

For the permethrin insect repellent to work effectively, you should follow due process. Apply the repellant outdoors In open and breathable air space. Wait for the clothes to dry completely before wearing them. Two hours will suffice, but if you can wait for 24-hours, there is no harm. 

Permethrin is easily broken down by the skin when it gets in contact with your body. It also gets absorbed fast in soil deposits and constituents. It is exceptionally long-lasting, non-toxic, and odorless. Even though it kills most insects upon contact, death is not often instant. 

The reason you need protection before heading into the wild is the recently flagged Zika virus. There are many other virus-spreading mosquitoes you should be aware of, including dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever, among others. Hunting should not be frustrating but rather enjoyable.

Why Permethrin is the Best for Deer Hunting

You will stay protected from insects and bugs as it repels and kills any that come in contact with you for up to six weeks.

One bottle or can of the non-aerosol permethrin is enough for a full hunting outfit. You can spray trousers, shirts, a pair of socks and your boots. 

Permethrin does not require regular use. Only one treatment of your hunting clothes and equipment will last six washings and up to six weeks before the need for another treatment. 

Permethrin is also useful in fabrics like tents, and one treatment will keep insects, mosquitoes, and bugs away for 40 days under direct sunlight. It means you can spray your entire campsite and tree stand and never have to worry about mosquitoes for a very long time. 

It is effective against common deer ticks that harbor the Lyme disease. It is a safe commodity with only 0.5% permethrin concentration, odorless, and will not spook deer. 


To wear insect and bug repellent clothing will make you have far higher chances of coming home with a buck. Permethrin is an insect repellant like a chrysanthemum flower is in nature. The concept is first to paralyze the insect as it experiences a slow death. 

There are many advantages of using permethrin for deer hunting. Besides being an odorless insect repellent, it is long-lasting and prevents bugs and insects from biting you. One downside of permethrin-soaked insect repellants is that it’s not active, and there is no telling if the insect can die before it takes a bite. It is also not a cover scent, and soaking your clothes in permethrin will not mask your scent. You can still use cover scents to attract deer on clothes that have permethrin.  

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