How to Keep Deer Hunting Clothes Scent Free

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Deer hunting entails more than taking to the woods with your weapon, hoping to hunt down this game. There are several things you should do before undertaking your hunting quest. Every animal has sensory receptors, and this isn’t different from the deer. However, deer has the most receptors when compared to white-tails or dogs.

They are around three hundred million receptors in a deer’s nose, which is quite a significant number.  It’s the reason for their sharp sense of smell. Nevertheless, before deer hunting, you should understand how to keep deer hunting clothes scent-free.

How to Keep Deer from Smelling Your Hunting Clothes 

Cleaning is the genesis of having scent-free deer hunting clothes. However, note that it doesn’t entail just the cleaning part. Contamination is bound to happen anywhere when cleaning, drying, or in transit to your hunting voyage. Therefore, with proper detergents, bathing gels, and scent-free sprays, you can make yourself and your hunting clothes scent-free.

However, your equipment is part of a hunter’s gear, and you should decontaminate them too.

Washing Deer Hunting Clothes

When doing your deer hunting laundry, they should always be washed separately from other clothes. The reason for this is you don’t want to contaminate your hunting clothes with scented detergents. It’s imperative to use scent-free detergents, and these should be quality products. Sub-par cleaning products may not correctly eliminate the scent.

For substandard bathing soaps they might only keep you scent free for a short period. Hence, the laundry detergent or bathing soaps should keep you scent-free for the duration you are out in the woods hunting.

Drying Deer Hunting Clothes

When drying the clothes, you should dry them outside. This will aid in airing your hunting clothes. By drying them in your washing machine, they’ll undoubtedly get some scent. This comes from the previously cleaned clothes in the washing machine. Since the smell will stay in the machine, it doesn’t matter if you’re machine-drying the clothes alone. Therefore, air dry your hunting clothes if possible. But since sometimes the weather may be unfavorable, you can choose a space around the house with free airflow.


After drying your deer hunting clothes, storage is an essential factor. You can acquire vacuum-sealable bags which are perfect in keeping clothes scentless. But you can go for the different hues available as long as they can be air-tightly sealed.

Deer Scent Receptors

The scent receptors are the most sensitive and the main communication proxies for deer. With their large number, they’re meant to reciprocate deer’s weak defense mechanisms. Thus, deer are known to have a sensitive nose and can sniff humans or threats from miles away.

Even though deer have the most sensitive nose, it’s not as profound as the elks. This makes it ha