Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List

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As it may seem like a simple task to come up with an Alaska caribou hunting gear list, it is a tedious activity that requires utmost dedication. According to Wikipedia, Alaska houses thousands of species, some of which pose a threat to both hunters and other creatures. Having this in mind, not only will you be in danger of the harsh climatic conditions but also from wild predators that pose a life-threatening threat.

Because of such regional characteristics, you require a detailed list of items that will ease your survival in the present conditions. Your weaponry should also be light enough for you to carry and adequate to bring you home with a worthy kill. These accessories need to be available when called upon and perform as desired by the user.

In this article, I took the liberty of compiling a detailed list of almost everything you require on the trip to Alaska. I bet some of the items you will find here you had no idea that you needed. They are categorized in personal, camping, and weaponry gears.

The Gear List for Alaska Caribou Hunting

Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List for Personal Use

Under personal gear, you will find all the items your body requires to feel comfortable and remain healthy. It should account for not less than 25% of your overall luggage and not exceed 70lbs. Since the hunting trip may take a long time, you would not want to tire early because of the heavy gear.