Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List

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As it may seem like a simple task to come up with an Alaska caribou hunting gear list, it is a tedious activity that requires utmost dedication. According to Wikipedia, Alaska houses thousands of species, some of which pose a threat to both hunters and other creatures. Having this in mind, not only will you be in danger of the harsh climatic conditions but also from wild predators that pose a life-threatening threat.

Because of such regional characteristics, you require a detailed list of items that will ease your survival in the present conditions. Your weaponry should also be light enough for you to carry and adequate to bring you home with a worthy kill. These accessories need to be available when called upon and perform as desired by the user.

In this article, I took the liberty of compiling a detailed list of almost everything you require on the trip to Alaska. I bet some of the items you will find here you had no idea that you needed. They are categorized in personal, camping, and weaponry gears.

The Gear List for Alaska Caribou Hunting

Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List for Personal Use

Under personal gear, you will find all the items your body requires to feel comfortable and remain healthy. It should account for not less than 25% of your overall luggage and not exceed 70lbs. Since the hunting trip may take a long time, you would not want to tire early because of the heavy gear.


A hunting backpack is among the most vital components. It should be big enough to accommodate almost all of your necessities and keep them safe from water and other harmful elements. Also, it needs to withstand the weight of the items while still keeping you comfortable.

A good hunting backpack should also be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and durable.

Folding Saw

You might be wondering what a folding saw is doing in an Alaska caribou hunting gear list. Well, it may prove useful while cutting down tree branches for crafting valuable accessories. After making a kill, it will be of great help when quartering the animal.


A pair of binoculars is also a necessary piece of equipment when outdoors. They not only aid in giving a better view of distant objects but also provide an estimation of how far they are. A scope can act as a reliable substitute.

GPS Unit

A GPS will come in handy the entire trip, or unless you are willing to memorize the whole map into the woods. It not only gives you the correct direction but also gives you an approximate of the distance you are yet to cover. 


Since you plan on a camping trip, you will come to require a flashlight to aid in illumination during the night. The advantages of having a flashlight with you cannot be exhausted, and even better, you can scare away threats at night.

Water bottle

A water bottle may act as storage for drinking water, which you may come to need during the journey. Since the hunting location may not be near water bodies, having a portable storage system will be a great idea. Advisably, get a flexible or foldable water bottle that can fit in small spaces.

Insect Repellant

The wild is not only filled with massive animals but also small pesky insects that enjoy feasting on human skin. Before embarking on the journey, apply and carry some of the repellents to prevent irritating bites. Some of these species, like the mosquito, are mediums of lethal infections.

Alaska Caribou Hunting Gear List for Camping 

When it comes to the gear, you may require setting up shop in the woods, and this gear list can accommodate two individuals. It is rare and unsafe to plan for a hunting trip without a companion, so grab yourself a hunting buddy and the camping gear below.  

Sleeping Bag

Having a sleeping bag may seem like a luxury to some, but I believe that it is better than not having one. Those who forego it end up carrying a whole mattress or sheets during the trip and still find it hard to get adequate sleep. It will save you space and is much lighter than bedding. 

Six-Man Tent

A six-man tent is more than enough for you to sleep in and still accommodate other vital belongings that may be at risk if outside. It would be best if your accommodation is big enough to fit your hunting buddies and their valuables too.

Cook Stove

If you are not good at starting campfires, then you should get yourself a cookstove. In any case, ready food may not last long, and you need something that’s quick and effective for cooking and heating some of your meals. If you run out of food, you can always take down prey and cook.

First Aid Kit

When handling wild animals, you can never be too careful. Harm may arise from any angle since they are wild and are driven by instinct and not common sense. You should have at least one first aid kit to offer first aid assistance to any injury incurred during the adventure.


The amount of food you carry will depend on how many mouths you are to feed and the trip’s duration. Canned food is a good option if you don’t want to spend time cooking, just remember not to carry perishables.


After packing all the necessities, the final item to focus on is your weapon collection. Be sure that your firearm is working correctly; pattern your shotgun if possible. Have enough rounds to last you through the period. You can also carry an extra firearm since jamming is not uncommon; the extra piece will prove useful.


The state’s topography and characteristics in question are prevalent for their harsh nature; hence, your choice of items needs to be of quality. Using this guide as a starting point to writing your Alaska caribou hunting gear list, you are set for an excellent beginning.

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