Can You Have Deer as a Pet?

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If you can vividly recall the old Disney film Bambi and the recent one Frozen, you can attest that deer are indeed cute creatures, but can you have deer as a pet. Well, of course, they are adorable critters that can add aesthetic value to any surrounding. 

 Interest in keeping deer as pets is continuing to gain fame as people have realized easy ways to tame and coexist with them. Most captive deer in the US are ranch-based. Well, this can be termed as some sought of pet ownership.

Why Has Deer Farming Become So Popular?

Farming deer is considered more lucrative because they feed less fodder than traditional livestock. They also mature faster, cause less damage to pasture, and mature more quickly, whereby they can reproduce for twenty years in captivity.

 The number of people embracing deer as a private pet is now increasing more than ever. The Muntjac deer is a small species that many people love to keep as an indoor pet, similar to a dog. Keeping a native deer as a pet isn’t legal in all states. If you’re lucky and have this passion for adopting deer, you can consider other species, such as white-tailed deer.

Are Deer Dangerous? 

 It is rare for tamed deer to attack you or harm you in any way. However, it is not advisable to rear large bucks in your home and leave them roaming freely. The small-bodied deer is the best for a pet. Bucks can seem gentle in summer, but a surge in testosterone ahead of the rut can make them quite territorial and unpredictable.

 If your pet deer has sharp overgrown antlers, they can be very dangerous if they start reasoning with their real animal side. Hence, you have to consider the nature of the deer you want to tame and have safety measures put in place. 

If your deer is nursing, you should be careful because they can attack you to protect their young fawns. Some small-bodied deer are easy to handle as long as you provide the right food and groom them.

 With the right owners, deer can be wonderful pets. In fact, some versed researchers claim that a deer can learn some social behaviors just like other home pets. They are easy to tame if you adopt them at an early age as it is easy for them to learn how to live with humans. 

Is Deer Keeping Legal? 

If you are serious about deer keeping, it is crucial to consider your area’s legal restrictions. While this particular information might not be available online, it may not be addressed in other laws making it appear legal.

 A good example is the North Carolina pet possession ordinance with a whole list of prohibited species and excludes deer. However, deer are illegal in another law as a result of endeavors to prevent chronic wasting disease. Therefore, you should check whether your state has laws that ban deer as pets due to that disease or regulations under the wild game laws.

Keeping Deer as Pets

Design a Good Habitat for a Pet Deer

While deer can be dangerous, there are still ways you can prevent them from unleashing aggression. The first thing is to have open spaces for the deer to roam around. 

Also, you need to plant natural foliage to keep them nourished and make them feel at home. You should select woody vegetation during the cold months of winter as most deer food dries up during winter.

 The other important thing is to set troughs and feeders at a significant distance away from home. You should engage in deer rehab and conservation groups to ensure you familiarize yourself with the best practices for deer domestication.

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