Petsafe 2 -in-1 Pet Dog Outdoor Kennel: Review

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Outdoor dog kennels provide an easy way to contain dogs. Different people use them with different intentions. For instance, farmers keep their working dogs in kennels at night. Shelters will find outdoor dog kennels very handy in containing abandoned dogs. For hunters who own several different hunting dogs, it can be very useful to have an outdoor kennel to minimize conflict between dogs and also remove a lot of cleaning work in the house. The Petsafe 2 -in-1 Pet Dog Outdoor Kennel has been a really nice option for us who have many dogs, it’s a cheap and easy option and very portable, hence why we made this review.

Also, dog breeders will use these dog cages during part of the day. These outdoor dog kennels can accommodate one or several dogs for a long time. However, not all dog kennels are the best. One excellent option to buy for your dogs is the PetSafe 2 in 1 Pet Dog Outdoor Backyard Kennel. In this review, we are going to see why this particular dog kennel is unique from others.

This dog kennel is a popular option for most dog owners. Well, Petsafe is one of the most popular brands, thanks to a long time of producing premium-quality products. The affordability of their products has also hiked their solid reputation. Now, the gated and rather tall design of the PetSafe dog kennel is just a few aspects that make it impressive.

Why PetSafe?


The ease of installation adds some positive points on top. With its pre-assembled gate, this kennel is a reliable way to keep your pet safe. Apart from the already-made gate, the rest of the construction is a cakewalk. You only need a few minutes to fix one panel to the other through screwing.

Accommodative for Large Breeds

The size is also worth some appreciation. You can choose to put two or three large Danes without being squeezed against each other. The large size of the kennel will also allow your pets to move around and engage in an enjoyable play session. Also, this is one of the sturdiest dog kennels out there. 

However, you won’t put your dog’s life at risk by trusting this kennel during a storm. But it is ideal for all regular days. Its simple design and hassle-free installation make it great if your pet will be spending a few hours in it.

Features of the PetSafe 2 in 1 Pet Dog Outdoor Backyard Kennel 

Easy to Assemble Configurations

This product comes in two size configurations. There is one for your large dogs and one kennel for your small pets. The big one measures 10′ x 10′ x 6′ while the small one is 5’ x 15′ x 6′. So, this two in one configuration offers a traditional dog kennel and a dog run. It also comes with all the necessary materials and easy-connect design. So, you’ll only need to screw some parts together to get this dog kennel in shape. 

Galvanized Steel Construction

 This outdoor dog kennel features all-metal construction. Unlike others, this boasts rust-proof galvanized street construction. So, it is well adapted to all outdoor elements. It is also resistant to UV radiation from the sun. This kennel won trust upon exposure to rain and won’t peel off due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This incredible construction makes it versatile for different environments. 

Pre-Assembled Gate

With the inclusion of a pre-assembled gate, this outdoor dog kennel is much easier to install. The assembly of the gate can be quite cumbersome. So, in this case, everything seems too easy to manoeuvre.

The Not so Good about the PetSafe:

  • Pricier than some closely-related models
  • There are more robust kennels out there.

Why are Outdoor Dog Kennels Important?

You know how aggressive your dog can be, especially to strangers. So, a dog kennel provides a comfortable and friendly way to separate your pet. Besides, your dog needs to breathe some fresh air and bask on the sun.

These kennels feature mesh construction to give your dog freedom of monitoring the surroundings. However, the frame and mesh construction must be sturdy to ensure your furry friend doesn’t rip it off. Besides, your dog can see the surrounding of your home more clearly while at the kennel. So, it will notify you in case there is an intruder.

Keeping your dog in the cage also helps to keep your house clean.

Benefits of Outdoor Dog Kennels

They Allow Your Dog to Enjoy Outdoor Comfort

Most pets would wish to spend the whole of their life outdoors as long as the weather permits. Well, you know dogs love to smell and inspect all kinds of stuff. Enjoying the great outdoors is more comfortable when your dog is in that kennel or dog run. While outdoors, your dog can smell various stuff, bark at the squirrels, and feel the captivating relaxation as the wind blows through their hair. They also get to feel the sun’s refreshing warmth, which wouldn’t if they were seized indoors.

Outdoor Dog Kennels are Perfect Dog Management Tools

If your dogs are aggressive, they won’t allow a warm reception of your guests. They offer a safe and secure place for you to contain your dogs as you host your guests. Also, you can clean and arrange your house with ease without the pet’s interference.

Outdoor Dog Kennels are More Comfortable than Crates

While dog crates are invaluable tools that any dog owner wouldn’t lack, they offer space limitations compared with outdoor kennels. Most dogs feel better hanging out in a spacious outdoor kennel than in a crate which offers confined space. Moreover, outdoor enclosures will allow your puppy to poop or tinkle at leisure, which will keep him happy and relaxed while you’re away. Similarly, your pets can engage in running, rolling, jumping, and all kinds of workouts dogs love to do.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Dog Kennel

The Type of Kennel

The structure defines the category in which a particular kennel falls. The size of a kennel also matters and defines the functions which it provides. The dog crate kennel entails an enclosure ideal for security, transportation, and training of dogs. Well, it emulates a dog’s den. It simply keeps your pet secure without any disturbance while you accomplish your important tasks. So, it allows you to go on with your business without worrying about your dog’s whereabouts. Others are kennel runs and boxed kennels. If you want to check out more tips on how to make sure your dog is safe and protected while being kept outside, here is a good article with some tips on the subject.

Material of Construction

Most popular dog kennels feature galvanized steel. It is renowned for its weatherproof properties. In terms of construction, it can be either a chain link, a steel wire, or expanded metal.

Durability is of crucial concern regarding the material used in dog kennel construction. Besides, the material used has something to do with the beauty of the kennel. If your outdoor doesn’t have grass cover, you may need to consider an excellent flooring material. Well, PVC material is probably the best flooring material as it allows easy cleaning.


Depending on the number of dogs you have, you need to choose an ideal size that offers perfect accommodation. This aspect is also dependent on the body size of your dogs. You need to select a spacious kennel which allows your dogs to roam around and engage in exercises. Besides, a large kennel space will allow you to add a dog house and other structures which might be of use to your pets. If you’re focusing on breeding, ample space will give you additional convenience.

Is the Material Used Weather Resistant?

The outdoor dog kennel has to ensure the harsh outdoor weather. If you want to set the kennel in an exposed place such as a backyard, the materials used have to be weatherproof. So, the metallic structure needs to have a special coating that deters rusting and corrosion. Simply put, the kennel metallic installations should be resistant against moisture and UV exposure. Now, this will ensure the kennel remains durable for years.

The Sturdiness of the Structure

You need to look at the thickness of the metal bars. Some dogs possess unusual bone-crushing teeth. Sometimes they become so aggressive and try to find their way out of the cage. Thus, cage construction has to be strong to prevent bending due to the dog’s teeth work.

Top Cover Material

Some outdoor kennels come with closed tops. This top cover keeps away predators and keeps off the scorching sun, which might be harmful to your puppies. For the material cover, a tarp style cover is preferable. It will keep your pet safe from snow, rain, and hot sun, among other harmful outdoor elements.

Ease of Installation

Some dog cages are quite tricky to put up. As a beginner, you may want to consider kennels that come with pre-assembled parts. Some will only require you to join up a few panels and a pre-made gate. Also, some come with all necessary components, including mounting brackets and screws.

Does the Kennel Possess Digging Prevention?

Dogs have strong and sharp claws and can easily dig around the edge of the kennel. So, most kennels will feature digging bars located around the edges. These bars block dogs from digging under the cage and escaping. Thus, this is a crucial point to consider if your dog is a digger.

Does it have a Water and Food Attachment?

You don’t have to face challenges when feeding your pet. Some high-end outdoor kennels have pre-attached water and food dishes. These are usually attached panels that you can swing to the outside for hassle-free refilling of food and water.

Flooring Material

Most people prefer grass floors. But, it poses a challenge when you’re cleaning your dog’s kennels. Installing artificial floorings such as wood or PVC allows easy cleaning. You can prefer foam cushion if your dog spends the night in the kennel as this would offer more comfort.


What’s is the Purpose of Buying Dog Kennels

The primary purpose of having a dog kennel is to control the dog’s movement. It will also keep your aggressive dog restrained to enable your visitors to come to your place without fear. Also, dog kennels allow breeders to access the dogs easily.

Is There a Difference between Kennels and Dog Houses

Yes, there is a clear difference. An outdoor kennel entails metallic installations meant to host several dogs for part of the day or extended period. However, a dog house features decorative house construction that can be simply described as a minified house for your pet.

Are the Outdoor Dog Kennels Expensive?

The price depends on the type of kennel you want to buy. So, a kennel run is a bit more expensive than a boxed kennel or a dog cage. Apart from the type of kennel, the materials of construction can impact on the overall price. Thus, you can expect a cheaply-priced dog kennel to be available at a friendly price.

What Are The Best Materials To Use For Outdoor Kennel Flooring?

The flooring material will depend on whether the dog will spend the night in the cage. If yes, you need a comfortable material such as a foam-like cushion. If it is during the day, the best material is PVC. Well, plastic flooring is easy to clean. Besides, you can use a pressure washer, odor remover, or a disinfectant. Another great flooring is green grass. So, you won’t need to incur the flooring cost if your outdoor cover is green grass.

Are There Custom-Made Outdoor Dog Kennels?

Several companies make customized dog kennels. However, you will need to spend a lot of dollars if you need a kennel that suits your needs and preferences. The K9 Kennel Store and Masonco, just to cite a few, are some top-rated companies that offer animal-housing solutions. Dealing with a professional may deliver superb results, but the cost is quite expensive.

Where to Buy PetSafe 2-in-1 Pet Dog Outdoor Backyard Kennel?

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PetSafe 2-in-1 Pet Dog Outdoor Backyard Kennel is an excellent investment for anyone who wants the best for their dogs. Its innovative constructions make it dependable. The two cages are incredibly spacious, thereby allowing the pets to exercise without stress. Also, the weatherproof galvanized steel construction and ease of setup make it worth the dollars. Besides, it is available at a mid-range price, which makes it affordable.

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