Do You Need a Plug for Pheasant Hunting?

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Bird hunting has its own unique set of rules, but do you need a plug for pheasant hunting? Pheasant hunting is among the few upland bird hunting exercises that don’t require any mandatory use of a plug. Hunting of Pheasants in most states occurs at a time when there are many other active hunts. However, some laws limit your magazine to a capacity of three rounds. This is especially if the pheasants are of a migratory species.

The unending habit of upland bird hunting has led to a rise in caution on how to carry out most bird hunting. Pheasant hunting is not excluded, as it’s considered nice to have that plug out when you have a good flush of birds. Though the law doesn’t enforce it, as a rule, a responsible pheasant hunter needs to consider carrying a plug as a measure of convenience.  

Why a Gun Plug is Important for Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is one of the most loved game bird hunting. Many hunters consider it a social hunting event, and it helps equip amateur hunters with the right skills for more upland bird hunting. Gun plugs for hunting are taught in many hunting safety classes, with its importance also emphasized.  Though plugs are only considered necessary when hunting migratory bird species, they also carry huge importance in pheasant hunting.

Gun magazine plugs are primarily considered as a measure of limiting shells. However, there’s much more to that than the notion of regulating magazine shells. Most shotguns used to hunt migratory bird species are only limited to three shells. The plugs usually come in handy to alter the gun if it holds more than the required three shells.

The use of plugs to limit magazine shells is equally essential when hunting pheasants. It is a safety issue that helps to prevent any accidental shootings of the birds. Even though the law doesn’t compel one to use plugs for pheasant hunting, I always consider it a good gesture. It assures no birds will be accidentally shot, which means I’ll go home with what I need. Therefore, when choosing a shotgun for pheasant hunting, I also put a significant consideration on the plug to use.

Plugs are also crucial for pheasant hunting as they limit the bird injuries when you get off that last shot. This makes it necessary to reload your gun magazines before taking successive shots that can easily injure a pheasant. Thus, the use of a plug ensures there is a healthy pheasant for you the next time you hit the woods. 

Five Best Tips for Pheasant Hunting 

Pheasant hunting is considered a tradition among many families. Their explosive flush renders them priceless among many hunters. Unlike other upland bird hunting, hunting pheasants isn’t pretty much demanding. A hunting beginner only needs a few hunting equipment and a little basic understanding of hunting pheasants.

Pheasant hunting is always considered easy in good weather conditions where it is less crowded. Veteran hunters who are well aware of these conditions usually have no problems bagging their hunts in significant numbers. Here are the tips that can guide one towards having a successful pheasant hunting.

A Good Bird Dog is Necessary

Most successful pheasant hunters are those who employ the help of bird dogs.  Though many hunters still manage to walk through thick covers flushing out pheasants and other game birds, dogs help you find more pheasants. These bird dogs can easily track down those that fly away after being shot. Many pheasants are lost because you knock them down and won’t find them without a bird dog. Here is a list of the best bird hunting dogs to take with you to the hunt.

Hunting Near Water is Key

Pheasants are available during all the weather seasons. If you love pheasant hunting in the early dry weather seasons, the best place to find them is near water sources. They’ll gravitate towards streams of water and areas close to good cover. 

Conduct Timely Hunts

Pheasant hunting is no different from any other kind of hunting. Hunting in the morning and late in the evening is considered best for pheasants. The birds are often in the light grass cover during the early mornings, searching for food. When most hunters start arriving during the day, the pheasants retreat to cool the pressure off. Go on the lookout again in the evening with your dogs when they begin coming out 

Look out for their Signs

An experienced hunter hugely relies on signs to be guided on the whereabouts of his prey. Pheasants don’t disappoint when it comes to laying out the signals in areas they’ve been to. Their tracks and crowing are one of the multiple giveaways they’ll leave behind on their way. Pheasants also love corn; hence it is essential to consider looking for them where corn grows.

Hunt in the Cold Weather

Pheasant hunting in cold weather offers more advantages to a hunter than it does to the birds. First, it is easier to track them down with the help of your dogs. Cold weather provides scenting conditions that work in favor of the dogs. Pheasants are also easy to track on the muddy or snow-covered ground. You only need your rain gear and the necessary pheasant hunting artillery.

Many tips can guide a hunter to become successful in their pheasant hunting experience. The best practice is to always ensure they train more and keep learning on the things they shouldn’t do while on pheasant hunting. 

Pheasant hunting remains a lovable activity across many parts of the country where it is practiced. It is an outdoor tradition where families can go hunting together. The birds are usually accorded an important consideration, thanks to their cultural symbolism in various landscapes of agriculture. Pheasant hunting is also an important drive towards conservation. It brings a balance to the ecosystem as too many pheasants could mean a danger to natural resources. 


The numerous availability of pheasants in the wild makes it difficult for any enactment to compel all hunters into using plugs for pheasant hunting. However, there is still no restriction against using one as the benefits of using plugs far outweigh the benefits of not using them. As a responsible pheasant hunter, I would advise you to use one. It helps save more pheasant lives that are rather recklessly taken out.

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