Pheasant Hunting | Beginner’s Guide

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Pheasants taste fantastic, and they are so much fun to hunt! And this is by far one of the easiest and best ones to do with your hunting dog. You can hunt pheasants by yourself with your dog or you can go together as a hunting party. It’s so much fun either way! And here we will present you with a Beginner’s Guide To Pheasant Hunting:

What Is the Best State For Pheasant Hunting

South Dakota has been known to be the best pheasant hunting capital in the world by use of the large number of pheasants that live there. The places that have been pinpointed to be good for pheasant hunting in South Dakota are Brown county, Hughes county, McPherson county, Beadle county, and Lyman county. However, some other states have also proved to be good hunting grounds for pheasant hunters. These are Kansas and Nebraska.

Nebraska Pheasant Hunting

A lot of private lands have been leased to the public for hunting through the open fields and waters program. The pheasants can exist in a suitable habitat that encourages them to get offsprings.

Pheasant Hunting in PA

There are very many places to hunt pheasants in PA. Some of these are Adam hill hunting adventures, big r bird ranch, Bittner’s wild wings, dry valley farm, and many more. In pa, hunters are free to raise pheasants long as they have a permit. In pa, you can hunt your land as long as you are a qualified landowner without a license. This, however, cannot be done on any other land. To hunt in PA, you need a license and a permit.

Pheasant hunting in Illinois

Illinois was the first state to open up a state-operated game farm back in 1904. The government then distributed eggs and chicks to the people to increase the population of pheasants. Up to date, there are many places where one can hunt pheasants in Illinois such as Cranny Mack Bird Hunting, Coin Creek Hunt Club, and Morrison Pheasant Hunting Club.

Best Hunting Dog for Pheasant Hunting

Selecting one dog breed is almost impossible, there are