Dogo Argentino Hog Hunting

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Did you know that hogs can run as fast as 25mph? When you combine such speeds with the bushy hunting ground, chances of you getting a catch might be pretty slim. However, you can turn your luck around with a Dogo Argentino. It has an average top speed of 25mph but more endurance and will hold the hog down for you. Now that you are considering getting a Dogo Argentino for yourself, here are the questions you might have and their answers.

  • What is the Dogo Argentino breed?
  • How is it used for hunting hogs?
  • Is a Dogo Argentino a bay or catch dog?
  • What characteristics are important to look for in a puppy Dogo Argentino when buying one?
  • How do you train a Dogo Argentino?

What is the Dogo Argentino Breed?

If you think a great hunting dog cannot be a good family dog, then you haven’t met the Dogo Argentino. It is a large muscular breed of dogs that has a white coat and some dark spots on its skin. It was first bred by Antonio Mores Martinez, a medical doctor, professor, and surgeon, in Argentina in 1928. He bred it from the Cordoba dog as the base breed and mixed it with the Great Dane, Boxer, Terrier, and Bulldog one by one to get a particular set of characteristics.

What you’ll find even more interesting is that he bred it for the sole purpose of hunting big game. Additionally, he wanted a breed with steadfast bravery and extreme willingness for human companion protection. All those goals were achieved, and that is why it is now assigned Working Group by AKC and is used in search and rescue, as a service dog, police assistance, guide for the blind, military work, and competitive obedience besides hunting big game.

Breed standards are:

Height- 24-26inches for females and 24-27inches for males
Weight- 88-99lbs
Life expectancy- 9to 15 years

How Is It Used For Hunting Hogs?

Having been bred for hunting big-game like hogs and mountain lions, this dog is perfect for your hog hunting needs. It is used to find, chase, and catch courtesy of its outstanding abilities. Their great scent ability allows them to identify and follow the trail easily. A robust and muscular body with an excellent lung capacity will enable them to outrun their target easily. Their powerful but agile build lets them overpower the hog and hold it down until you get there.

You will never miss noticing the alert, intelligent, and marked hardness in its look. It gives you the confidence to venture out into the wild, knowing that they will catch you some hogs and protect you fiercely if the need arises. They have incredible strength, intelligence, and quick responsiveness, which makes them very athletic.

Is a Dogo Argentino a Bay or a Catch Dog?

As a beginner, you may not know the difference between a bay and a catch dog. A bay dog is trained to locate the game, chase, and then howl or bay, which alerts the hunter. They will keep a safe distance from prey that is large while baying at it or even circling around it to keep it in place. On the other hand, a catch dog locates the prey, chases, and holds it using its weight and teeth. They are thus fitted with armor and special harnesses to protect them from the fatal injuries they risk.

A Dogo Argentino is a catch dog thanks to its large muscular body that can weigh as high as 100lbs and an incredible bite strength of 500psi. It grows to a height of 27inches, and together with its build, it’s able to deal with hogs and other big-game quite effortlessly.

You may need to fit a tracker on your dog in case you can’t keep up, especially in the areas with a lot of trees. If you have two or more of these dogs, your hunting gets to a whole new level. It will be the undefeatable army. Their ability to work well with other dogs means that you can bring along your other dogs.

What Characteristics are Important to Look for in a Puppy Dogo Argentino when Buying One?

Temperament– ensure the breeder has done temperament testing and go for the calm yet confident puppies
Age– you will need a puppy about 10weeks or younger if you are going to train by yourself
Parents– ensure the parents to the puppy have the characteristics you are looking for
The purity of breed– confirm the lineage by ensuring the breeder has done genetic testing
Breed purpose– ensure the puppy was intended for a hunter dog
Source of puppies– opt for breeders within developed nations to avoid getting puppies that may have health problems
Support– a breeder with an online platform and reachable by phone is a better choice
Price– focus on value for money

How Do You Train A Dogo Argentino?

Training your own dog enables you to understand them better and also aids in building your relationship. There are two parts that you will need to go through. You will start with the basic training where you train your dog with basic commands. They include the following:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Off
  • Leave
  • Heel

Once your Dogo Argentino grasps these commands, you proceed to the next part, which is hunting training. Here is where you train your dog to develop its prey drive. You can do these using the following steps

Teach it to have sustained interest through games like tug using a rope toy
Activate its prey drive-by training it on how to fetch
Graduate to using toys that are remotely controlled like cars while ensuring it still obeys the basic commands as it chases
Now use a live animal as a domestic pig in a controlled environment before trying in a hunting-like environment


The powerful Dogo Argentino breed is the ultimate solution to big-game hunting. It is large, muscular, and powerful enough to hold the hog down for you to collect. Besides helping you hunt, it is a great companion, and your kids will love its playfulness. Remember that early socialization training will allow it to interact well with people who come to your home.

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