How Much Does It Cost to Hunt Elk?

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According to Guidefitter, the cost to hunt elk in the United States ranges from $4,000-$14,000. Most hunting enthusiasts find this amount hefty and forego the species over other lesser animals. For what it’s worth, elk deserves such a price tag, with its magnificent antlers and tough skin. As you can observe, the range between the two figures is complete.

The main reason for the wide range is because a lot of factors have an impact on the whole hunting activity. For example, the cheaper options are DIY (Do It Yourself), while the most expensive options are guided hunts. The DIY option means that you get no assistance from a dedicated professional. The opposite scenario is observed in the other option as a guide accompanies the hunter throughout, giving him tips and help if need be.

To legally take down an elk on US soil, you will require a permit from the responsible state organization. The ticket price varies from state to state, and some tend to charge higher because of their elk population. 

The Price Tag for Elk Hunting in the Popular Elk States

How Much Does It Cost to Hunt Elk in New Mexico

New Mexico is famous for its favorable rates when it comes to elk hunting. There is not only more than enough of this species running around, but also the environment favors the hunter more. To hunt a female elk in New Mexico will cost you $548 for a permit. The same amount is asked of you if you plan on taking down a fully matured bull.

Unlike in most states, the state allows the farmer to set the price tag of their livestock, and the said figures are only guidelines. A significant percentage is a profit to the seller, while the government takes some as tax.

How Much Does It Cost to Hunt Elk in Montana?

Montana’s elk population is somewhat alarming as its residents have always made an effort to maintain their presence. For this reason, the state saw best to impose a massive price on anyone willing to kill one of these species. The cost to hunt elk of either sex is $851, without additional costs like weapons and ammunition. 

The price for hunting one without antlers is $273, which is much lower than that of one with them. Most of these creatures are female elks, which are less meaty, unlike their male counterparts. From my observation, this is among the most expensive locations to go elk hunting. However, if you are a resident of the state in question, I believe the charges will be somewhat lenient.

What is the Cost of Hunting Elk in Wyoming?

Elk is the most famous species to hunt in Wyoming; therefore, it is no surprise to find that the pricing favors both residents and non-residents. Its reasonable charges are a tactical move to encourage hunters to visit their vast forest cover searching for worthy trophies. The tag for hunting a female elk in Wyoming is $577, while that of a mature bull is twice the stated figure.

Regardless of whether male or female, the tag for those that lack antlers is $288; such a kill will mean that you only get to walk away with its meat. Before deciding on where to visit, note that Wyoming has a non-residential offer. The offer is that 40% of the tags will be available on the lottery at the lower pricing instead of their typical price.

How Much Does It Cost to Hunt Elk in Idaho?

Elk hunting in Idaho will cost you around $572. This figure includes a typical animal of either sex and features fully-grown antlers. The price for one that lacks antlers is slightly lower and goes for $372, a fair price. Most of the antlerless options are females or young males who have not developed theirs.

The Cost of Hunting Elk in Colorado

With the strict restrictions put in place to moderate the elk population in Colorado, the tag of killing one is expensive. Putting in place massive fees on hunting these species means that most individuals will feel discouraged by the inability to stomach the cost and forego the activity. 

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