Best Light for Hog Hunting at Night

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Unlike other games, hogs are inconspicuous and shy away from daylight or any form of artificial light. As for feral hogs, which are dark in color, you need a superlative light when hunting them. So, let’s discuss the best light for hog hunting at night. Under normal conditions, every game is affected by any form of unnatural light, but the degree will vary.

The eyesight is unique, and depending on the creature, the sensitivity ratio on visibility differs. It isn’t any different with hogs, which have a low vision. But this is substituted by other senses that allow their survival in the wild.

Light Wavelength Influence on Hog Hunting

Visible light is a distraction when hunting games at night; thus, avoiding detection should be prioritized. In the scientific realm, light is primarily influenced by intensity, frequency, and direction. When the wavelength is long or short, the frequency is shorter and higher, respectively.

Hogs have two optical cones, unlike human beings, who have three. The extra cone that hogs miss aids in sighting colors. This means hogs will go colorblind at a certain level of light wavelength, and this is between 495nm to 570nm. Beyond this range, then hogs will certainly not see the light.

Light Colors

The color illuminated by your light is a huge determinant of your success when hog hunting. Typically, the light’s wavelength level is measured using a spectrum of colors, including the most important, the visible spectrum. There is also the radio and microwave spectrum, which aren’t that vital in the hunting sphere.

Which light Colors Can Hogs Tell?

Suppose you have plans to hunt hogs; you should understand that they have a dichromatic vision. This infers an animal missing an extra cone in their receptors, thus having two instead of three. Consequently, it limits their vision for colors regardless of the time of the day. It’s an advantage for hunters; however, you need to have a substantive idea of which colors these are.

Animals with dichromatic vision can’t see the color red and green. But on the other hand, they’ll spot the color blue, making lights that illuminate this color unfavorable for hog hunting.

Does the Type of Light Affect a Hog’s Vision?

Undertaking hog hunting requires attention to detail on all it takes to shoot one down. The success here depends on the kind of light you intend to use. The trick is to have a light with the right wavelength that won’t startle hogs. This isn’t debatable, and if you use the incorrect type of light, hogs will not come out of their hiding spots.

The Best Light for Hog Hunting at Night

Hog hunting visual assistance lights come in different categories. These are flashlights and headlamps. Each light in these groups has distinct features and will serve you best in certain designated situations. However, the best light for hog hunting at night is the flashlight.

Hunters prefer the attachable class of flashlights. They are the ideal option since there is synchronization in movement with the lights and rifles. It makes it easy to spot hogs and enables you to take the shot in a split of a second. Here is one of the best flashlights that won’t disappoint you when hog hunting.

Before reviewing the most outstanding hunting flashlight, note that it’s possible to acquire one with dual or triple illumination capability. Therefore, one flashlight provides you with two or three light colors that hogs can’t recognize.

The Best Flashlight for Hog Hunting

GearOZ Hunting Tactical Flashlight

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The GearOZ flashlight offers hog hunters with superior functionality. The most noticeable feature is the three color LEDs modules: red, green, and white. This is an excellent deal for hunters and a plus as you get three color lights in one flashlight.

Note that each color light emits 1200 lumens and has a specific broadcasting range. The green module will let you spot hogs from 413 meters. For the red module, it has a shorter range, which is 342 meters. Even though not commonly used at night, the white module’s light range is 366 meters.

With this flashlight, it’s possible to adjust the brightness level from extreme, regular, and dim. Its two rechargeable batteries have a combined 6 hours of continuous lighting when fully charged. The GearOZ flashlight is dustproof and waterproof. Hence, you can undertake hog hunting regardless of the weather condition with this light.

For easy control when adjusting, this flashlight comes with a smart switch. This helps to free your hands when handling your hunting rifle. An easy to fit scope mount is available, and it holds different flashlight sizes. 

Why You Will Love This Product
  • Comes with three LEDs.
  • Perfect light range.
  • The controls are easily adjustable.
  • Long battery life.
  • The flashlight is moist-proof.
  • It’s made using high-grade aluminum.
The Not So Good
  • It’s challenging to install the smart switch.
  • With regular charging, the charging time becomes longer.

The Best Headlight for Hog Hunting at Night

BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Green Headlamp

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07WFFW7MG” apilink=”″ associate-id=”” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”LargeImage” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”Ultra Bright Headlamp :With XML-T6 LED Main White Light and XP-E R2 2 LED Side Green lights,maximum can up to 5000 lumens ,you can enjoy your camping, hiking, cycling, climbing and other outdoor activity.~~~Green light Headlamp : the human eye is most sensitive to the green range of light; Soft green light and animals are not spooked by a green light headlamp, great tool for fishing & hunting.~~~Upgraded Headlamp : Compared with old RJ-3000 led headlamp ,it is a Upgrade version. Micro USB Interface ,you can charge it at any place and can be used as a emergency power bank .The view angle of the light is adjustable , so you won’t be tired when you with this headlamp.Much convenient and safer .” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”View on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”1″ hide-button=”0″]BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Green Headlamp – White & Green LED Hunting Headlight – USB Rechargeable & 3 Mode -Ultra Bright 5000 Lumens Tactical Head lamp for Running, Camping, Hiking & More[/amalinkspro]

This headlamp has three LED lights, a primary and two secondary LEDs. The former emits a white light while the latter emits a green light. The two can produce a collective 5000 lumens, which is a considerable amount. It comes with three lighting modes; these come in handy depending on the hunting circumstances or conditions.

Usually, hogs aren’t scooped by light or soft green light, which is the best light mode among the three light modes available. You’ll also find a micro USB charging port which allows you to charge the headlamp from different power sources. A significant benefit of the BORUiT RJ-3000 headlamp is that you can use it as a power bank in case of an emergency.

It’s also possible to rotate this headlamp at different angles. Thus you can focus the light on the spot you require to be lit. The headband that holds the headlight is elastic and adjustable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the headband cutting off blood supply to your head and making you dizzy.

Why You Will Love This Product
  • It offers convenience and safety.
  • The headband is breathable and absorbs sweat.
  • It can act as a power bank.
  • Long battery life.
  • It comes with three LED lights.
The Not So Good
  • It doesn’t produce a red light.
  • Limited features.

Substitutes for Hog Hunting Lights

Headlamps and flashlights are the most common types of hunting lights used. Nevertheless, depending on the hunting setting, it’s possible to use alternative lights. These are feeder lights and spotlights. Feeder lights are stationary and require to be fixed on mounts to light a defined area.

Spotlights, on the other hand, are usually fitted on trees or above ground. You need to have intensive knowledge of the areas hogs inhabit if you’re going to use both. This is considering they’re fixed lights, and once you set them up, it isn’t easy to keep changing positions. The significant benefit of these two is that they cover a more extended light range than others.

You’re sure to find feeder lights and spotlights that illuminate blue and green light. All this makes the two good alternative lights for hog hunting.

Final Verdict

Hogs are nocturnal, and their vision towards certain lights is limited. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to understand that in dim light, their vision gets improved. On the other hand, hogs can’t focus for an extended period. Hence, even the minute distraction will spook them fast. Then it becomes significant to ensure you have the correct and best light for hog hunting at night.

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