How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Gun at a Shooting Range?

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It will cost you about $10 per hour to rent a gun at a shooting range. Well of course this price goes up in case you are renting other shooting accessories such as ear muffs and protective eyewear. The location of the range also contributes to the cost.

There are many shooting ranges available in the United States and they are open to the public, for both indoor and outdoor shooting. Some allow the use of either privately owned firearms or rented ones from the shooting range. However, the range rules depend on the owner of the range. 

Some ranges rent their handguns and also provide instructions in the use of rental guns at shooting ranges. Most ranges have a range master to help shooters learn the proper use of all rental and owned firearms. Most major tourist destinations in the gun-friendly U.S. States have rental ranges that provide service to both the domestic and international tourists. 

The rule of most shooting range facilities in the United States borders on safety and there is an urgent need for a range to have more than one range master. The idea is to ensure that all gun safety rules are always stringently followed.

Gun Rental Prices per Type of Gun

20% discount on retail to Law Enforcement, Military, & First Responders with photo I.D, showing branch of service.

Examples of costs in a shooting range


  • $8.50 per round (25 clays)
  • Minimum 1 round charged
  • .34 Per clay
  • There are no charges per shooter
  • Only # 7 ½, #8 & # 9 shot size allowed

Rifle & Pistol Range​

  • No time limit, no charge on the number of firearms
  • $10.95 per shooter (includes 1 target, earplugs)
  • $5.00 under 14 years old
  • $3.00 per extra rifle target
  • $2.00 per extra pistol target

Is it Cheaper to Own a Gun or Just Go to the Range?

Rental fees might appear nominal but considering that ranges that rent guns require you to buy ammo from them. It is justifiable though, as part of owning a shooting range is customer safety. One might just rent a 300 win mag rifle and put in a case loaded with Green dots. The risk of a shooter blowing themselves up is rife. 

It is also understandable since gun ranges do not want their guns ruined by people shooting poorly made reloads. However, gun ranges often sell ammo at a significant price. In the end, you may end up spending twice as much on ammo than you would buy at retail stores like Walmart. 

The inability to use cost mitigation measures like reloading means that you spend so much on ammo, sometimes twice as much as the rental costs.

A rental gun may cost $10.95 to rent, on top of range time. The ammo could be slightly less than 20 dollars a box, sometimes more depending on the gun, you will use. It means for one to use the range time fully you would at least spend double the rental cost. 

There is some positive from this as it means you get to try many handguns and find the one that fits your desires before buying. But going to the range more than four times a year is costly as you spend more than you would have spent to buy a gun, reloading equipment, and lots of components.

In essence, it is cheaper to own your gun when shooting at the range. 

Here are some of the costs levied on gun ranges with special discounts and offers for members.

How Many Rounds Should I Shoot at the Range?

For most ranges, the minimum round you can shoot is perhaps one box of ammo.  However, there is no limit to the amount of ammo you can purchase thereby no maximum restriction. 

The reason most shooting ranges insist on the sale of ammo for the guns at the ranges goes beyond safety precedence. There are rules about the type of ammo allowed regardless of whether you are shooting from your gun or a rental gun. 

Most ranges prohibit the use of Armor-piercing, tracer, and incendiary ammunition. If you are not familiar with these kinds of ammo, always inquire before entering a shooting lane. 

You must always present a valid government-issued photo ID and be at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammunition, and at least 21 years of age to purchase a rifle or handgun ammunition.

Price of Ammo in a Shooting Range 

  • Ranges in price from about $5-30 per box, depending on caliber.
  • 9mm ammo, popular for handguns, estimates is $17.50 for a box of 50.
  • .223 ammo, most popular for Rifles, is $9.99 for a box of 20.
  • 00 Buckshot, most popular for shotguns, is $4.99 for a box of 5.

One rule of thumb for most people is to shoot between 1-2 boxes per person, depending on the caliber.

Personal Protection Equipment

Ranges must meet many safety requirements, including noise pollution, as it is often easier for indoor ranges to meet these requirements as compared with outdoor ranges.

Noise within the range is still a risk to the health and safety of both customers and employees. To limit hearing damage, shooting ranges offer customers the ability to protective gear to protect their ears. The rentable safety gear includes ear mufflers or earplugs, and sometimes even special hearing aids to block out the blast of firing heavy-caliber rounds.

Eye & Ear Protection​

  • Eye protection is mandatory for shooters and non-shooters on the pistol range
  • Ear protection is mandatory on all ranges except for the archery range
  • A set of earplugs come with the shooter fee on both pistol and rifle ranges
  • Ear protection is .50 cents per set for all non-shooters and the clay fields

Paper Targets

When it comes to paper targets some people prefer to come with their own. While some ranges might allow this, some have restrictions on the standard paper size target you should use at the range. The minimum target size is usually 24″ x 45″. 

Common Instructions at the Range

When you enter your lane please make sure all firearms are pointed downrange before taking them out. There is no rule against rapid-fire, however, as a rule, you are not allowed to shoot faster than you can control your gun with aimed fire. To be cautious, one second between rounds, at a minimum, is recommended for a controllable rate of fire. If you are shooting and not hitting your target, you are not in control and must slow down.

The rule on shooting one-handed is allowed provided that you do so in a controlled and safe manner. Also, some shooters wish to experiment with drawing a gun from their holster. The general rule is safety. If you sweep your gun’s muzzle across another person or yourself while drawing, you are not safely drawing from the holster and you must stop.

Can I bring my Gun to a Shooting Range?

It is a common question among new shooters and the answer for most shooting ranges is usually affirmative. Although the only disclaimer to this is that black Powder firearms are not allowed at most facilities. It is encouraged for all shooters, whenever in doubt about a specific gun/ammo combination, to ask the range master or an employee at the range before shooting.

Also, shooting ranges welcome shooters to shoot only LEGALLY OWNED select-fire or full-auto guns only. Again, it is essential to eliminate all doubt about shooting a particular gun on a range. Always clear with the relevant staff before entering a firing lane. 

Can I Rent a Gun from a Shooting Range to Take Home?

It is a valid question yet no shooting range can take the risk. All guns at the range must be used only at the range. Rental firearms can only be used with ammunition purchased at the same shooting range as well. 

Another common rule in most ranges is the use of only one rental firearm per lane. It is part of a safety and accountability protocol. When exchanging or returning rental firearms, a Range master must clear the firearm before returning it to the range counter.

How Old Do Children Have to Shoot on a Range?

As long as they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian, usually children above six years of age and are welcome.


Renting is a great way to check out different styles and calibers. Before you buy your first gun, see if any of your local ranges rent guns and go give it a shot.  Keep in mind, these guns are not as thoroughly maintained as one would a personal firearm but just enough to keep them working. They are going to be a bit on the abused and dirty.  Still, it offers a cheap way to try out some different guns.

Not everything is strictly a matter of cost, but also you will not necessarily have consistency or luxury to rent your favorite weapon as it might be unavailable when you come. Many ranges will also not rent you weapons automatically unless you come with a friend. 

The reason is that lone people showing up at ranges to rent a weapon have a tendency to be a suicide risk. So you might want to own a weapon so that you do not always have to bring a friend when going to the range. 

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