Best Shooting Glasses: Our Top 11 Picks

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Shooting glasses and ear plugs are some of the most important protective gear to consider when planning to use guns. It is common knowledge that guns are a danger not only to the target but also to the handler of the weapon unless you’re using the correct gear. Safety is paramount whenever handling these weapons of destruction. 

The shooter is susceptible to all kinds of injuries; the most common ones are face related injuries. Glasses are the only solution to protecting your eyes. They prevent vision-threatening injuries that may occur from these projected metal fragments and debris.

Before picking your pair of glasses, they need to meet the set standards to ensure maximum safety. The primary measures are;

  • US Civilian: ANSI Z87.1
  • US Military: MIL-PRF 31013

The minimum standard to be met by all shooting glasses is ANSI Z87.1. Picking your pair of shooting glasses relies on your shooting application and the environment setting.

Best Women’s Shooting Glasses

Beretta Mark Eyeglasses

When mentioning great inventions in the shooting glasses franchise, Beretta tops the list. This fabulous pair of glasses comes with a fancy aviator design unique only to them. They also brag of three interchangeable lenses; yellow, red, and brown. 

These glasses are fully adjustable from their rubber nose pad to the ergonomic temple arms that provide a firm grip on the shooter’s face. The lenses are polycarbonate injected summing up to a sturdy product that gives you reliable protection. With this pair, you can expect a long service life.

Their lightweight nature and chemical resistant components play a huge role in their massive following since they are durable. You will be able to enjoy a wide field of view free from obstructions. Even on long shooting sessions, these glasses will still be comfortable.

Unlike most glasses, they will come with a soft cleaning material for the lenses and hard case for portability. Their sleek nature and colorful lenses are what makes them best for the ladies.


  • Perfectly fit large-headed shooters.
  • They have frameless glasses that ensure no blockages in your field of view.
  • Boast of outstanding precise imaging.
  • They provide consistent, high-quality performances.
  • Durable construction.


  • They may not hold firmly for shooters with narrow heads.

Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc Compact Eyeshield

This pair of shooting glasses is among the top range of products in the current market. They are handy in distort correction, giving your detailed imaging throughout your experience. With this pair, expect to improve your shooting and aiming game to another level.

Their finishing spells out nothing but elegance, with a uniquely modern appearance that will sweep most of you off your feet. Despite their investment in looks, they did not overlook performance as these glasses meet US military standards. They are also a strong pair that can withstand enormous impacts and therefore durable.

The design of this pair entirely covers the shooter’s eyes, from edge to edge. Equipped with some of the best innovative technology, they provide comfort for narrow and wide faces. They come in one size that fits all users and steadily maintain their positioning on the shooter’s face. The lenses are also clear and provide perfect imaging even on indoor shooting.

Their tinted and clear lenses are interchangeable to the shooter’s preferred setting. The glasses come in a well-designed case for safe portability.


  • They are very stylish.
  • Perfect design maximizing comfort and safety.
  • Clear and smoke lenses that are easily interchangeable.
  • They come with a sturdy case for safekeeping of the glasses.


  • Expensive, but totally worth the extra bucks.

Best Clay Shooting Glasses

Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses

It would be a shame if this magnificent pair was not included in this list. An outstanding feature that separates this pair from other clay shooting glasses is their frameless lenses. This design gives the user non-obstructive access to the broad field of view provided by these glasses.

The seven-base wrap-around design is an excellent addition as you can fold the glasses safely while not in use. Their frameless design also plays a significant role in weight reduction on the pair, and these shooting glasses are among the lightest glasses on the current market. Moreover, their weight does not limit their protective capabilities, as the single lens is sturdy enough to withstand enormous forces.

They feature metal temples tipped with a rubber finish to increase their comfortability and stability while in use. Their nose pads are made of soft rubber, adding to their comfortability and sleek design. They meet ANSI Z87.1 standard safety requirements allowing their use in most field applications. This pair of glasses boast of 99.9% UV rays protection as well as from physical uncertainties.


  • Offer great value for money.
  • They promise and deliver a distortion-free view.
  • Available in two stocks; Vermilion and Silver.


  • A frail temple connection.

Remington T-71 Dual Mold Shooting Glasses

Remington is not a new name in the shooting world, having a big name in the firearms industry. However, they also grace the shooting glasses genre with this spectacular pair of glasses. This pair comes with the Remington signature gracing their design, and they feature dual-injected rubber temples and frames maximizing the feel of the glasses.

In addition to their comfort is their perfect ventilation that allows free movement of air within the glasses. The ventilation prevents fogging within the glass lenses, especially in high temperatures. The soft adjustable nose pad increases their grip and comfort while placed correctly on the shooter’s nose.

These glasses guarantee nothing less than absolute protection from all kinds of potential entrances. They come in a single standard size aimed at fitting all their users. I guarantee that you will love the high quality extended sidebars from ear to ear. They are very flexible and less susceptible to breakages.


  • They guarantee total protection.
  • Their lenses are clear with anti-fog coatings
  • They are comfortable and perfectly fit


  • The pair focuses more on looks than performance.

Best Youth Shooting Glasses

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses

If you require a sleek shooting pair that still promises quality and consistent performance, why not try this excellent shooting pair of glasses. They promise all-time protection of your eyes and maintain clear imaging. The glasses have a unique coating making their lenses resistant from skinny oils and dust, resulting in an easy cleaning process.

They are one of the few lightweight modern glasses that promise long service life. Their frame and other world-class components sum up to this excellent pair, and when using these glasses, high temperatures will be the least of your concerns. They feature surge ports that provide adequate airflow within the glass frame, allowing them to be comfortable even on long sessions.

The interchangeable lenses coming with the Oakley glasses allow excellent performances regardless of the environment setting. Also, the lenses have an iridium coating significantly glare at the same time moderating light transmission. The lens is capable of filtering out a sweet 400nm of harmful blue light.


  • They offer excellent quality and consistent performance.
  • Their build allows for comfortable use.
  • They give all-round protection to the shooter’s eyes.


  • Extra lenses are not included on purchase, and you will have to purchase them separately.
  • The frames are too tight for large-headed individuals.

Radians Shift Interchangeable Shooting Glasses

These fantastic glasses promise protection all the way; more so if you are more of an adventurer, then this pair is a match made in heaven for you. They feature a wide variety of lenses that perfectly fit the frame of the glasses. To be exact, they come with five high-quality lenses that prove useful in different light settings, and believe me, you can never go wrong with these shooting glasses.

Among the five lenses, the green mirror lenses best suit bright sunlight settings. For a medium-light set, the copper lens is best as they enhance depth perception. The amber lens enhances visibility on low lighting environments, especially late evenings. Shooting at orange targets may strain your eyes; with this pair of glasses, you can use the orange lens, which reduces eye strain.

For indoor shooting practices, a clear lens is what I recommend. The sturdy frame increases the build quality of this pair, improving their durability. Since they are slip-resistant with the help of the rubber-tipped temples and nose piece, these g;lasses will give you an easy time while shooting.

Their standards exceed the ANSI Z87.1 regulatory requirements, meaning that they are safe for field use. They boast of blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. The package comes with a single glass frame, five lenses, and a cleaning cloth. In some stores, you may receive a discount on extra rubber nose pieces.


  • Offer a wide variety of lenses.
  • Comfort brought about by the rubber-tipped nose piece and temples.
  • They meet and exceed the minimum regulatory standards.


  • They offer a broader fit limiting thin headed shooters.
  • No lens for clay shooting.

ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor 2x Deluxe Kit

This pair of glasses has set a high bar for other shooting glasses currently in production. They are the first pair of shooting glasses modified for use with hearing protection. Unlike most shooting glasses, this pair allows the user to use them comfortably, even with earplugs on.

They are premium quality glasses made of top-notch components found on expensive glasses. This pair offers a wide range of fit with their one size set to fit all users. They are tried and tested, proving to meet all significant standard requirements. The pair of glasses also meets the US federal OSHA requirements, thereby increasing their credibility to the general shooter.

The ESS Eyewear Crossbow Suppressor 2x Deluxe Kit pair is durable and promises all-round protection to the user. They boast of an attractive, well-designed finish making them a favorite to most young hunters. Unlike the standard shooting glasses, this pair extends their protection to the ears for the best practical use.

The frame of these glasses is compatible with three different lens types; clear, copper, and smoke grey lenses. Since all these lenses feature anti glare coatings, you are guaranteed of the best performance in all settings.


  • They offer quality and durable performances all through.
  • The lenses are easy to interchange.
  • Crisp high definition Scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Their perfect finish makes them comfortable.


  • They feature a short suppressor frame making them uncomfortable for individuals with large heads.
  • Their frame comes into contact with the inner lenses and may damage them.

Best Tactical Shooting Glasses

Smith Optics Hudson Tactical Sunglasses

This pair of shooting glasses is known to blend in with almost every outfit thrown their way, responsible for this is their dull coloring. At first, these shooting glasses were designed for military and law enforcement officers. Having said this, we expect nothing less of high-quality, consistent performances from the pair of glasses.

They marry in great looks and perfect finishes with quality performance. Immediately this pair was commercialized, their following rocketed, and still holds their place among the top-ranked glasses. They meet and exceed military-grade requirements making them perfect for tense tactical encounters. These glasses entirely cover your eye surface area, protecting them from edge to edge from debris and loose projected fragments.

To thank for their HD imaging are their tapered lenses that offer distortion-free visuals. Not only do they protect the user from physical injuries, but they also protect the shooter against harmful UV rays. If in search for reliable impact resistance from projectiles flying at incredible speeds, here is your best pick.

Their lightweight frame and the perfectly fitting lenses are responsible for their superb performance. They are very easy to wear and provide comfort, no matter the period of use. If the military entrusted these glasses to their troops, why shouldn’t you?


  • They feature tapered lenses giving distortion-free visuals.
  • They brag of a well-constructed frame with lightweight components.
  • Their lenses offer perfect all-round protection to your eyes.


  • Their usage is only limited to wide-faced individuals.

Revision Military Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses

The fact that they included the word military in these glasses title speaks for itself. This pair is one of the best tactical glasses that money can get you. They brag of an attractive appearance and even better performance. They are a stylish and fashionable pair of glasses that every owner is proud of having.

These glasses come in one standard size meant to fit all their users. They feature a stable, strong, and durable frame that will serve you for a very long time. All through, giving you quality and consistent performance. They do meet and exceed the US MIL-PRF 31010 requirement standards.

The glasses design allows them to cover your entire eye area, protecting from any physical accidents. Their lenses are ultra-clear, giving the user a wide range of view with zero obstructions. They are an all-weather pair of glasses that can maintain quality performance regardless of harsh climatic conditions. This pair of shooting glasses will not disappoint.


  • They guarantee absolute protection to the shooter’s eyes.
  • The kit comes fully equipped with everything you need.
  • Their wrap-around design keeps the glasses safe from breakages.


  • Direct sunlight may limit the glasses’ quality performance.
  • Their thick frame lining might distract your vision.

Most Affordable, yet Quality Shooting Glasses

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses

If you are looking for a low priced pair of shooting glasses that still promise excellent quality, Remington has you covered. They promise you total protection, just like other high priced glasses, and you can rely on their services.

Their lenses are made of durable polycarbonate, which sums up to their lightweight and durable nature. They meet and exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard requirements, tried and tested by experts all over the world. They fit perfectly and offer all-round protection from physical and harmful rays.

The one-size pair features a wrap-around design, which is rare considering their price range, protecting you from all corners. They have a unique and extraordinary look that brag of the Remington signature. The nonslip temple and nose pad hold them correctly in place.


  • They feature a smoke lens.
  • Their impact-resistant capabilities offer a longer service life
  • They offer an unobstructed view with the design of the lens.
  • This pair is available at pocket-friendly prices.

Wiley-X Saber Advanced Shooting Glasses

These advanced glasses are bound to increase your shooting confidence as you are assured of safety. Being part of a high-velocity series, they are tried and tested for quality performance. Through the years, this pair has seen numerous upgrades resulting in a perfect final product.

The rubber patented adjustable temples hold the glasses firmly on the shooter’s face. They are adjustable, meaning that the user can regulate the frame for a custom fit. The 2.5mm polycarbonate ballistic lens provides clear imaging and protection to their users. This lens is multi-coated with z-oxide flash mirror coating for anti glare quality view.


  • Provide maximum eye protection.
  • They meet the standard quality specifications.
  • Guarantee optical clarity with fog-resistant coated lenses.


  • Their lenses are susceptible to scratches.

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The list of available shooting glasses is endless; however, the above picks might act as a shortlist. I believe that there is a perfect pair for everyone. The best approach to getting your match is testing out as many of them as possible. You should also check out our review on the best hunting sunglasses.

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