Hunting Coyotes at Night: A Beginner’s Guide

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Hunting coyotes is just fantastic fun, and although inconvenient, it’s absolutely best done at night and here we have put together a guide for how you hunt Coyotes at night.

At night, both the weather and physics can be used to your advantage. Consider the way sound travels, always further at night than at day. There is also the possibility of less wind during the night. It is the perfect combination to make a call useful in your hunt, and this leads to success. 

Most tactics will help you track the coyotes, and you will know where they are. However, you must understand that coyotes are less responsive to calls at night than they would at day time. When setting up a place consider one that is against the wind as the coyotes always travel downwind, and that is towards the wind. 

The bottom line is that you will be well hidden at night, but you can make more effort and get proper cover to blend in well with the environment. 

Tips for Hunting Coyotes at Night Successfully

Understanding the Law When Hunting Coyotes at Night

When it comes to hunting coyotes at night, different states have different rules and regulations. You must understand the laws of the area you want to hunt in. In some states, it is illegal to use artificial lights. In such cases, using a shotgun is highly recommended. 

The Best Season to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Usually, coyotes are active, no matter the season, and this means you get the chance to hunt them pretty much whenever you like. In the summer, there is no competition. However, I prefer to hunt coyotes the entire winter and late fall. It is because it is the fur-bearing season, and I am usually after the fur. 

Hunting in snow makes it easy to spot the coyotes on the contrasting white background. It is also easy to track their paws on the snow, and you will know a new trail. If you combine a full moon and the snow, then hunting at night without lights might just be your new preference. 


Scouting beforehand helps you understand the terrain you will hunt in. You can leave marks during the day to act as your guide in the night. Driving at night is also not easy and often makes a lot of noise that can alert the coyotes of your presence. Pre scouting aids you in getting the best standpoints and kn