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Belt buckles come in various shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, and so do folks who wear them. Some people don’t really care about how their buckle looks. But for others, a buckle is a ‘statement piece.’ It tells people something about you – for instance, that you’re a passionate hunter or a proud firearm owner.

But before you jump online and buy your buckle, you should ask yourself these three vital questions: What type of belt buckle do you prefer? What metal will be ideal? The size of buckle to suit your belt’s width?

What to Lookout For

Types of Buckle

There are numerous types of buckles, but these four are the most common: 

  • clip buckles
  • snap fasteners
  • tang buckles
  • military buckles

Clip Buckles

They have a curved prong on one end and a bar on the other end. Attached to the bar is a belt strap, and the hook fits into a hole in the strap’s other end. These are referred to as western style buckles. 

Snap Buckles 

These buckles have two parts fastened to the opposite ends of the belt strap. The two components at both ends attach.

Tang Buckles 

The tang buckles have a closed-loop and come with prongs that slide through an opening in the belt and attach to the top part at the loop’s end.

Military-style Buckles

These buckles are fitted into belt strips that don’t have any holes. Instead, the belt’s inner surface has a plastic piece that attaches to the oppositely ridged catch in the buckle.

Construction Material

The classic belt buckle material is Brass, which looks fantastic with a belt strap of any style or color. It mostly features in western-style buckles. 

Pewter buckles are typically darker than other metals, and some have striking carvings. Silver buckles are dressy and elegant, and some of them are very valuable.

Most buckles are crafted from various alloys. While the construction material itself may not be valuable, the buckles look fantastic when matched with the right belt. 

You can also opt for stainless steel or steel buckles, which contrast well with black belt straps.

Belt Width

Regardless of the buckle style you choose, if it doesn’t fit your belt’s size, it won’t look great. Straps have a varying range of widths; your buckle of choice should match your belt’s width.

A fancy buckle doesn’t have to be costly. Often, it comes down to design choices. Besides, buckles are more than an ornament; they also secure your belt, especially during a hunt. Browse our collection of hunting belt buckles and choose the one that aligns with your hunting preferences. Have fun!

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for Boar Hunting

Belt Buckle Boar Hunting, Handmade Hunter Trophy Solid Brass Belt Buckle 

If you are a boar hunting fan, this buckle is for you. It portrays a wild boar, which is a trophy that every hunter yearns for. Stocky and brawny, wild boars weigh up to 400 kg. This makes them exceptional prey, but also a terrifying opponent.

This boar buckle belt is from Ukraine, therefore guaranteeing a high-quality product. 

What Impressive Features Does this Boar Buckle Possess?

  • Solid Brass – the buckles are fabricated from Brass. Subsequently, each buckle is polished manually. It’s then covered with patina and polish buffed up one more time.
  • Stylish design – the buckle is stunning; it’ll give you a distinct look regardless of your outfit. 
  • Unisex – the buckles are great for both women and men; they’re a fantastic gift. 
  • Double-sided – the backside tells its own story, a continuation of the buckle’s first story.
  • Each product comes with a polishing sponge. 
  • You have a choice of getting this buckle with a leather belt during purchase. 

Buckle dimensions: 2.75”*3.34” (70*84 mm).

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for Coon Hunting

Hunter Animal Design Cowboy Belt Buckles

This western style hunting belt is elaborately designed and made using quality zinc alloy. It makes for a fantastic buckle for festivals and a great gift for loved ones who’re into coon hunting. Besides, it suits both jeans and casual pants. 

What I Like about this Coon Hunting Buckle

  • Quality zinc alloy – this buckle is made using high-quality zinc, which allows for the creation of thin walls and complex shapes. The buckle is also wear-resistant and comes with precisely made components.
  • Distinct design – the buckle is uniquely designed, you can turn it into a family heirloom. 
  • Durable – thanks to the advanced plating technology used, and the repeated grinding and polishing that goes on in production, this buckle is glossy, sturdy, and durable.
  • Unisex – both men and women can wear the buckle.
  • Enthusiastic customer service – the buckle with be delivered in 8 to 16 days, and the sells team is super-responsive

Buckle dimensions: 3”*2.5”*0.4” 

All these features make this buckle one of the best coon hunting buckle belts in the market.

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for Deer Hunting

CTM Deer Hunting Belt Buckle

This classic buckle depicts three scenes of a deer that’s in a forest. It’s ideal for campers and hunters. The back of the buckle features a hinge that attaches securely to the belt strap, and a prong fastens the belt.

What Stands out about this Deer Hunting Belt?

  • Quality alloy – the buckle is made from quality metal alloy. You can choose from Bronze, Dark Silver, and Silver. 
  • Striking design – excellent artistry is in full display in the buckle’s collage of wildness scenes that include a center buck scene framed by two smaller scenes. 

Buckle dimensions: 4”*2.4”*2.5”

These features make the buckle one of the most elegant deer hunting buckles I’ve come across.

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for Rabbit and Hare Hunting

Hare Hunting Belt Buckle: Handmade Greyhounds Hare Hunting Season Solid Brass Belt Buckle

This buckle depicts a classic hare hunting scene whereby the cleverness of the hare is pitted against the endurance of the greyhound. Masters sculpt this Ukraine-made buckles, and so you’re assured of an excellent quality product that will serve you for many years to come.

What Impressive Features Does this Rabbit Hunting Belt Buckle Possess?

  • Solid Brass – the buckle is made from Brass. During the production process, the buckles are first cast, and then processed manually. The buckles are then coated with patina to emphasize the artistic aspects. They’re then buffed up one more time to give them the final gloss.
  • Stylish design work – the buckle is stunning and can be paired with any outfit. 
  • Unisex – both men and women can wear the buckle.
  • Double-sided – the backside of the buckle tells its own story – a logical continuation of the front side story. 

Each buckle comes with a polishing sponge, and it’s packaged in a crafted carton box. Besides, you can buy this buckle together with a leather belt (you can choose either of two colors).

Buckle dimensions: 2.36”*3.63” (60*92 mm). Fit for a belt that’s either 1.5” or 1.8”. 

All these components make this belt buckle one of the best for those who engage in rabbit hunting.

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for duck hunting

Belt Buckle Duck Hunting, Handmade Hunter Trophy Solid Brass Belt Buckle Duck Hunting Season

The buckle depicts a well-loved ancient hobby – duck hunting. Duck hunting is all about fresh air, persistence, and a battle between our four-legged and two-legged friends. This buckle makes for a perfect gift for passionate hare/rabbit hunters.

What do I like about this Duck Hunting Belt Buckle?

  • Solid Brass – this belt is fabricated from Brass. It’s first cast and then processes manually (thread cutting, drilling, grinding, soldering) to refine the small details. Each buckle is then encrusted with patina and given the final gloss by being polished for the second time.
  • Stylish design – it’ll make you look stunning when paired with any of your outfits.
  • Unisex – ideal for both men and women.
  • Double-sided – you can wear the belt on both sides. The backside tells a continuation of the story depicted on the front side.

Each product comes packaged in a crafted carton and with a polishing sponge. You can buy the buckle together with a leather belt.

Buckle dimensions: 2.08”*3.18” (53*81mm).

Best Belt Buckle for Fishing

CTM Bass Fishing Belt Buckle

This belt buckle depicts a picturesque fishing scene – a 3D image of a glazed bass flying across the buckle while hooked to a fishing line. In the background, a fisherman sits in a boat that’s floating on a lake. 

The term “Bass Fishing” is also sculpted into the belt buckle. The back has a prong that’ll help you fasten the belt and a hinge attached to your belt. 

What Impressive Features Does this Fishing Buckle Possess?

  • Striking Design – With its 3D bass depiction, the buckle is nothing but dazzling. 
  • Accommodates large belts – it fits belts that are up to 1.5″ wide.

Buckle dimensions: 3.75”*2.75”

All these aspects of the buckle make it one the most remarkable hunting and fishing belt buckles. 

Best Hunting Belt Buckle for Hunting Dog Owners

Outdoorsman Hunting Dogs & Birds Brass and Silver Western Belt Buckle

This gold and sterling silver plated buckle depict hunting dogs chasing after birds. It also comes with a hook-back design that secures the belt while allowing you to take it off quickly.

What Impressive Features Does this Dog Hunting Buckle?

  • Striking design – The western engraved gold and sterling silver plated buckle is nothing but stunning.
  • Accommodates wide belt straps – the buckle accommodates belts straps that are up to 1.5” wide.

Buckle dimensions: 2.5”*3.5”

The striking aesthetic and accommodative size of the belt make it one of the belt buckles for anyone who owns hunting dogs.

Best Hunting Buckle for Wild Turkey Hunting 

Wild Turkey Gobbler Hunting Western Belt Buckle

If you are a turkey hunting fanatic, you’ll love this buckle. It comes with a completely handmade centerpiece. There is a coating of a hard clear crystal at the center. Besides, the buckle is crafted in the USA, and it’s shipped within three days of you making a purchase. 

What I Like about this Wild Turkey Hunting Buckle

  • Outstanding design – this gold plated buckle with a handcrafted centerpiece is nothing but striking.
  • Unisex – it suits both men and women.
  • Accommodates a wide range of belts – you can attach the buckle to belt straps from 1 ½ inch to 1 ¾ inch wide.

Best Hunting Buckle for Cougar Hunting

Indiana Metal Crafts Men’s Stalking Cougar Belt Buckle

This cougar belt buckle is manufactured based on the 70s and 80s molds. It’s a fantastic gift for nature enthusiasts. 

What Stands Out about this Cougar Belt Buckle?

Accommodates a wide range of belts – this 3”*2” sized pewter buckle fits into 1.5” to1.75” leather belts all other types of dress, casual, and work belts.

Risk-free – If there are any anomalies with your purchase, the Indiana metal crafts team will send you a replacement or refund you, no questions asked. 

This buckle is a USA product, and it comes packed in a gift box. It’s undoubtedly one of the best cougar hunting belt buckles.

Best Hunting Buckle for Bison Hunting

Indiana Metal Craft Men’s Bison Belt Buckle

This expertly cast bison hunting buckle depicts a picture of a bison. It makes for an heirloom accessory that can be handed down the generations. It’s also a fantastic gift for anyone who actively participates in bison hunting competitions. 

What Impressive Features Does this Bison Hunting Buckle Possess? 

  • Stunning design – the gold-coated buckle is quite a looker.
  • Accommodates a wide range of belts – this solid brass buckle fits into belt straps that are 1.5” to 1.75”. You can attach it to leather or various other types of dress, casual, and work belts.
  • Risk-free – if you don’t like the product, you’ll either get a refund or a replacement. 

Buckle dimensions: 3.50” * 2.50”

Belt Buckle Maintenance 

  • To avoid scratches, don’t keep your buckles together with pointed objects.
  • Keep your buckles in a cool and dry place. Some buckles have iron components that will rust when exposed to moisture.
  • Keep off citrus juice. Citrus and vinegar tend to stain buckles, especially pewter belt buckles. If you expose your buckle to such liquids, wash it right away with flowing water.

Other Hunting Accessories

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