What Hunting Dogs Are Also Good Family Pets?

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  • Springer spaniel
  • Labrador retriever
  • Irish setters
  • Hounds
  • Pointers

Ok thats the conclusion, but the conclusion might be totally different for you depending on your preference so follow our reasoning here in this article about picking a hunting dog that is also a fantastic family member.

Size of the Dog

There are people who want small dogs, big dogs or medium-sized dogs. The size of the dog is determined by personal preference of the family. Additionally, the location of your home will dictate what size of family dog will go for, for example, living in an apartment will require a small or medium-sized dogs.

Health of the Dog

There are dogs that are prone to medical conditions, which means they need money and time, which is a limiting factor for most families. Also, there are dogs with great personalities but require frequent veterinary visits that can be too expensive. Therefore, it is important to look for family dogs that come from breeds that do not have major health problems.

Personality / Temperament of the Dog

Family dogs are expected to be friendly, outgoing, and get along with other people and animals. This is a critical factor especially for families that have small children or social families. Ensure that you choose a breed that has a good reputation when it comes to outgoing, socializing, and friendly personalities.

Have the Ability to Share the Family’s Level of Activity

There are breeds that are known to be more active than others. Therefore, you should opt for a dog that will match your family’s activity levels. For example, if the family enjoys running for five miles, therefore, you should go for a dog that is highly active. On the other hand, if the family enjoys cuddles on the couch and down time between exercising, ensure that your dog will fit.

Fit to the Physical Location

Having rented apartments and owning a yard are critical factors that indicate the ability of your dog to fit to your location. There are some breeds that enjoy yards so that they are able to play and run around while other breeds will be okay with just relaxing in the house.

Time, Attention, and Energy

There are some breeds that are active and intelligent and require too much time, energy, and attention from the owners. Therefore, if your family does not have that, it is a bad idea to go for such breeds because these dogs will need mental stimulation and exercise.

What Could Be a Problem With Hunting Dogs?


Hunting dogs are not a 100% safe at all times, even when they are with their owners. They are bred to have a lust for hunting and also aggressive tendencies. This can be dangerous especially in cases where people are involved as people are somewhat unreliable at times and doesnt really consider that the dog is trained to hunt and chase after prey.

Susceptibility to Illnesses

Hunting dogs spend considerable amount of time in the woods. This increases susceptibility to health hazards such as ticks, poison ivy, hypoglycemia, snake bites, Lyme disease, heat stroke, Limber Tail Syndrome, foxtail infection, bloating, tongue injuries, and overexertion.