10 Weirdest Questions About Hunting Dogs

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Ok this is gonna get weird. If you have a dog you know that people tend to ask weird questions and usually with a tone that immediately reveals their distaste for hunting dogs and especially breeds they think look hostile or agressive.

We thought it would be funny to google and select the top 10 weirdest questions asked about hunting dogs, this is actually questions that are googled over 1000 times per month by people so its important that we answer them even if it gets funny sometimes.

Well, how about we explore ten of the most common yet odd questions that people ask? We took the time to research the answers so read with us!

1. What Hunting Dogs Do They Use in Africa

Africa prides itself on a variety of dogs that are not only reliable but also energetic enough to hunt. The African Lion Dog, also called African Lion Hound, is one of the most common hunting dogs that you will find in the continent. Did you know that it can travel for long distances and even face a lion? It is ideal for hunting relatively large and medium animals.

You could also consider Basenji, which originated from Congo. This dog will be suitable if you intend to hunt smaller animals, including rodents. Other hunting dogs include Azawakh, the Abyssinian Sand Terrier, the Chinese Crested, and the Boerboel. Aidi, Saluki, and Greyhound are also common.

2. What Hunting Dogs Can Kill Coyotes?

No canine could pose as much danger to both pets and humans as the coyotes. For this reason, you will need a relatively sturdy dog to handle them. We have various dogs that could be at your disposal, and the choice will be dependent on your preferable mental and physical attributes.

Usually, Central Asian Shepherds, Kangals, American Bulldog, and the Caucasian Ovcharka tend to be perfect choices. The Black Russian Terrier and the Rottweiler will also come in handy in killing coyotes.

3. Who Would Win If a Hunting Dog Attacked a Wolf?

Undeniably, fighting a wolf is hardly a walk in the park. Most dogs are likely to lose, and perhaps, you could end up losing yours if it is not strong enough. Remember, wolves pride themselves in enhanced endurance and a more significant bite force.

We have very few dogs that will fight such wolves, and confidently so. They are not only strong but also thoroughbred. The Irish Wolfhound, the Afghan Hound, and the Kangal will be the best to attack. You could also rely on other guard dogs too. Of all these, the Kangal is the only dog capable of killing a wolf.

4. Can You Train a Wolf to Be a Hunting Dog?

Imagine the stress you will undergo trying to tame a wolf. We can all agree tha wolves have an adversarial relationship with human beings, and yo are not an exception. Well, let’s take a few insights into account.

Indeed, wolves are significantly similar to dogs. Science stipulates that they are the biggest in the dog family, which means that they are perfect hunting dogs already. However, they have proven to be relatively hard to domesticate. If only you could get them while they are still young, you could try.

5. Who Would Win Between a Hunting Dog and a Bear?

Take a moment and reflect on how harmless a bear tends to be, especially to humans. However, they become beasts once one attacks them. Indeed, bears are not only fierce but also dangerous. In this light, it could easily win over a hunting dog in a fight.

However, if the dog comes with much quicker reflexes as well as a fearless nature, it could trounce the bear. One such dog is the Karelian Bear dog. This hunting dog prides itself on an aggressive temperament against other animals, and will confidently tackle a bear.

6. Does a Hunting Dog Hunt Humans?

One of the biggest fears is whether a hunting dog could attack you or not. Well, studies indicate that there are limited chances of such dogs attacking humans. Remember, these dogs are bred to be naturally somewhat aggressive. It is important in most hunting situations to have a sharp dog, hence you should not trigger a hunting dog you dont know. But in general – no hunting dogs are not going to hunt humans.

7. Are Hunting Dogs Treated Well?

Treatment of any dog will often vary with the owner. However, like any other dog, hunting dogs need decent care. Recently, studies have indicated that hunting dogs are now receiving much better care than before. In years gone by there has been evidence of hunting dogs locked in cages and that they were underfed but now people are treating their hunting companions like family members, and most of the time they are family pets while they are not hunting machines in the forest.

8. Are Hunting Dogs Dangerous?

As mentioned earlier, hunting dogs come with an aggressive nature. That implies that they could be relatively dangerous, mainly if provoked. Besides, inhumane treatment against them could end up exposing you to danger. In this light, handle them with care. Otherwise, if well treated and not triggered – they are not dangerous. The owners however might be much more dangerous and use the dog as a weapon, so always be cautious of dogs you dont know.

Hunting dog?

9. Are Hunting Dogs Hyenas?

This question is legit, but one could easily laugh it off. Well, various hunting dogs, including the African wild dog, are mistaken for hyenas. However, this does not mean that they are related. According to taxonomy, hyenas are much more related to cats than they are to canines. In short, hunting dogs are not hyenas.

10. Will Hunting Dogs Kill Cats?

Most dogs usually come with a predatory nature, and attacking cats is one of the highlights. This nature is not a reserve for hunting dogs only. Well, to hunting dogs, going after cats is no different from other prey. They will, therefore, inflict deep and reasonably crushing injuries on cats. Once you witness such aggression, it would be valuable for you to keep away your cat from the dog lest you end up without one.

Ok thats the 10 weirdest yet most asked questions we could find. I hope you found it interesting and fun!

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