Elo Dog: Buyer’s Guide

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Have you ever encountered a jovial and happy dog? If yes, you probably felt mesmerized by its presence. If not, you should consider buying such a pup. Every household requires such pets that bond families together. Elo dog, therefore, has been famously known to be one of the most playful and active dogs.

One may ask where this breed came from since they were not available some years back. Their existence owes to Marita and Heinz Szobries, who interbreed them from other dog species. Up to now, the breeding of the Elo dog is restrictive as it is a trademark licensed to only its founders. Elo breeding and research Association is the only company authorized to carry the crossbreeding of the canines.

 Elo dog is a popular household pet for many. They are easy to interact with mainly with kids, since they present themselves as calm animals and do not overreact even when irritated. Elo dogs are also active in their playful career. Their small size also makes them thrive even in any compact space of your apartment, therefore, you don’t need a kernel for that case.

The Elo dog has many varieties. These are attributed to their different physical characteristics. Marita and Heinz focused on improving a more behavioral offspring rather than the physical characteristics. Their bodily features are always different. That is where some are short others are long. Their color is also varying where some are reddish, brown, or relatively black. Such variations should not deter you from buying one because they are still agile and pleasant. 

What you Need to Know When Buying the Elo Dog

Where Did the Breed Originate from?

The breed is a combination of genes from other species. Marita and Heinz interbreed different species like Eurasiers, Bobtails, and Chow-chow. Eurasiers species have the most dominant gene found in the Elo. No wonder their activeness and agility. This interbreeding also enhances resistance to some illness that mostly affects canines.

The breeding is continuing where scientists are developing some more suitable healthy genes. To enhance that, scientists are also using other species like Sayomeds or Dalmatians for more genetic improvement. The general idea of these interbreeding acts is to produce the most likable family pet ever.

What is the Appearance of the Pet?

Do not feel stressed when lining up to buy the dog. The possibility of purchasing a fake pet is a worrisome aspect for many buyers. However, you must recognize their dignified features for you to buy one. These are their appearances. The Elo dog has many explicit characteristics.

Contemplate on their skin color and fur when getting a puppy. They always have fluffy hair, and their skin also presents itself with a thick double layer coat. The coat has two layers consisting of the flat-coated and the wire coating. These coats act as the waterproof of the animal.  The layers also exhibit different colors ranging from black, grey, brown, or red, not forgetting their whitish belly or chest.

Recognize their facial resemblance, which is near to that of a fox. That is because they have a tapered muzzle and triangular ears. Their size also is cognizant and different from other dogs as they are relatively smaller. However, that does not say they are too little because their bodies are longer and wider.

What are the Elo Dog Characteristics?

The dogs provide an entertaining show, especially when you interact with them. Not only do they entertain you, but they also seem to understand your feelings. They can notice any change in your attitude like anger and develop relevant schemes to please you. Their obedience is incredible as they do not tire of serving you. You will notice how quickly you will fall in love with it after you buy it.

However, remember that they still carry some recessive genes from their ancestors like Eurasiers, who like wandering. However much active they are, they become bored, especially if you disengage them. It is also terrible when you decide to keep them indoors for long. They need fresh air and sunlight to rejuvenate them. The Elo dogs also run across the yard and scratch their nails on the bark of a tree. Therefore make them feel free to exercise.

Despite the freedom you give the dogs, try to restrict them since these breeds are escape experts. They can dig and penetrate under a fence.  You, therefore, need to restrain them with comfortable leashes or belts.

What is the Cost of Acquiring an Elo?

Many people fear to purchase these breeds because they think they are expensive. However, if you budget your cash, you may find them cheap to buy. Recognize the cost of purchasing the dog and maintaining the pup. The purchase figure may be huge but is not higher than the price of keeping the animal. The capital costs include the expense of obtaining their license, their price tag, the fee of delivery, and buying a collar or a leash.

 In addition to that, there is a maintenance cost. That is where you need to hire a veterinarian to cater for them regularly. The use of brushes to groom them also requires some funds. That is not forgetting their nutrition value. They need specialized canned food that suits their health. The figures may grow to $420 in all their capital requirements. Therefore if need be, consult a specialist to help you with the budgeting. 

Are the Elo Species Readily Available?

The fact that Elo dogs are generated from extinct varieties like Eurasiers and Bobtails makes it rare. Thus expensive and hard to find. This extinct nature is further widened because it is only the founder company, Elo breeding, and research Association, authorized to produce it.

How to Groom the Elo

Just like how you feel irritated with dirt, the dogs feel the same too. They require regular cleaning of their skins, furs, and generally the whole body. This helps to avoid insects such a tick, fleas, and lice infestation. Other times they bathe with dust that is allergic to their health. That is not forgetting that accumulation of dirt leads to fur loss. To prevent such troubles, you need to groom them adequately.

What Should One Consider When Grooming Them?

  • Consider the necessary instruments that are required in carrying out the procedure. These include bristle brushes. These brushes require wide bristles. This action helps to cling in the dirt inside the fur and remove it. The item is good with dogs of large coats, like an Elo dog.
  • Contemplate on using the wire pin brushes, especially for curly-haired Elo dogs. It helps to remove the inner dirt that has attached to the skin of the animal. It can pick even ticks, lice, and fleas.
  • Think of the slicker brushes if you want to eradicate the dead hairs of the undercoat. This item has an array of bent pins that remove such furs. Take precaution to pull out the follicles with less force to prevent pain to the animal.
  • For loose hairs, consider the shredding blades. They have metallic lining able to grab the slack short furs and discard them.
  • The rubber brush is another instrument which cleans the entire body of an animal. It stimulates that luxurious massage to the pup, making it feel comfortable and also brushes off the dead follicles and furs.
  • Notably, it is advisable to clean the dog daily to keep it in a comfortable mood. However, remember that the double coat acts as waterproof and cold weatherproof. Therefore avoid that regular cleaning that could jeopardize their natural oil coating.

How to Train the Elo Dogs

Training of these species seems luxurious as they have a ‘ready to learn attitude.’ They are super attentive and are focused on pleasing their owners.

  • Most people train the Elos with objects where they throw to them and ask the dogs to bring them back.
  • Use commands like “come”, “stay”, “run”, “catch”, where they should respond positively. Keep on pronouncing such words until they understand them.
  • You should learn the measure of enticing them. Just like humans, sometimes they get tired of committing to your needs. However, if you have a meat bone, cheese, or any other meal, you surely motivate them.
  • Exercising is also part of this program. If you have a scheduled running or gym routine, make sure the Elo dog accompanies you. This practice helps to open up their mind and kick out boredom. They also stay healthy and help to relax their muscles. It would be very unwise to live with an obese dog as it has many health-related issues.
  • Try to housebreak your Elo dog. Bearing in mind that they live in houses, sometimes they can be too messy. How would you feel if they urinate or poop on your couch? You would probably discipline them harshly. Instead of waiting for such a mess to happen, train the breed appropriately. This is by instructing it to move outside or improvising a box which it will use to relieve itself.

Elo Dog Nutrition

Which Type of Foods and the Feeding Schedule is Advisable for The Canal?

Nutrition is very instrumental to these animals as it defines their health. Some illnesses they contract are associated with malnutrition. Proper diet also results in their general skin and fur nourishment. How enticing would it be to hold a smooth, soft skin pet? Then if you wish that, consult Elo breed experts to give you more directives about their dieting.

The supplement and composition of minerals in food are instrumental to their wellbeing. First, make sure there is a balanced diet and water in the meal. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, or canned food are also necessary. This food provides roughages, proteins, and vitamins that are instrumental to the growth and prevention of diseases.

It is also advisable to avoid giving the animals your regular food. Their bodies are different from yours, that means their digestion and absorption of minerals is different from yours. This can cause imbalanced minerals and vitamin consumptions. They may also develop tooth and bone disorders as a result of taking such foods. Lastly, avoid giving them sugary goodies that build destructive cholesterol elements in their bodies.

What is the Recommended Feeding Schedule for Elos?

The schedule matters mostly with the puppy age. Grownups can survive with less intake of food, but the young pups need a much-energizing diet.

For eight to twelve week pups, consider feeding them four bowls of food in a day, and while at three to six months, feed them three meals per day. For puppies exceeding six months to a year, consider two meals a day, and the grownups you can only feed only once. Adult Elos consume much smaller bowls.

Which Diseases Affect the Elo Dog and What are their Preventions

It is saddening for a rare breed such as Elo dog to die from a disease. A disease can be prevented or cured. However, ‘prevention is better than cure’? Therefore all the earlier stated maintenance protocols of the canines help in eradicating illness and pests. Those measures described earlier in the article are proper diet, good glooming, and exercising. However, the following are various diseases that mostly affect these species.


This is an unnoticeable condition that is so irritating to their eyes. The disorder presents itself as loose eyelashes that surface down to the pup’s cornea. Imagine how annoying you feel after an insect or dust enters your eye. That is the same feeling the dog’s experience. Therefore the pooches fail to eat properly or are always in discomfort from that irritation. Always use a magnifying lens and micro equipment to remove the follicles in their eyes. If the situation is not getting any better, consult a vet.

Hip Dysplasia

 You probably have seen a dog moving awkwardly as if it is rickety. That could be attributed to hip dysplasia. This means there is a malfunctioning of the hipbone. Poor simulation of the pelvic bone and hip joints causes this disorder. The dog thus experiences frustrating sitting or moving posture. This illness is like the knock legs in humans. The result can be swelling of the joint girdle. Some other severe cases of this disorder result in arthritis, a very deadly disease.

Dental disorders

Most people love curdling and playing with their pets. How about that pooch with a stench smell, would you still get near to it? This results from tooth cavities and bad breath, which is the most common and gum disease. The bacteria mainly cause these ailments. The bacteria usually builds up in the teeth when the dog is not regularly brushed.

How Can One Control Dental Problems?

  • Always feed the Elo with its prescribed food. Avoid giving it sugary or your regular home food that harms their teeth, bone, and causes cavities.
  • Ensure that you feed it with a balanced diet. Ensure the animal drinks much water after feeding to ensure some bacteria are washed away.
  • There is a prescribed order on how the dog’s teeth should be brushed regularly. Contemplate buying the dog paste for this case. If you cannot acquire it, use other homemade recipes like baking soda and water paste. 
  • If the disorder persists, make sure to consult the physician. There can be other microorganisms that can cause the dog’s bad breath apart from mouth bacteria. The vet will diagnose the pup to identify other illnesses such as Intestine failure, liver disorder, or kidney that also causes bad breath.

What Temperament or Traits does an Elo Dog Have?

It is a Playful Breed.

Elos is always active when interacting with humans. Kids love it because of this playful character. They also love games like running after moving insects or other animals. They are tireless in running around the compound and roaming also. Sometimes they even play with chicken, cats, or other domestic animals. Sometimes they even play with their tail.

Are Elos Responsive?

This aspect is shaped by the way you train it. The dog remembers clearly all instructions you have trained before and obeys them. ‘Come,’ ‘sit,’ ‘catch ‘are some of those instructions.  Its submission to you can go to an extreme of risking its life for you.

It is Always Happy

This dog acts as a stress reliever because of the way it plays and jumps on to nurse your sorrowful attitude. This attribute also makes it peaceful and friendly. Since they have a low instinct of prey drive, they are not much insecure towards visitors. They rarely bark even to guests unless they feel a great sense of danger or seek attention. Their love of playing, moving up and down also demonstrates their jovial attitude.

The Body Language of an Elo Dog

The Elos have a great sense of communication with their owners. They like folding their tail on their back when they want to play. If they are hungry or in pain, they look at you sorrowfully while sitting on their tail. Sometimes they can bark if they feel insecure.

It is usually hard to find a shy elo breed. They know how to express their feelings well. When they want to play, they will approach you teasingly. If they feel to urinate or defecate, they will signal you according to how you trained them.

Is an Elo Dog Worth Having?

 The Pros of an Elo Dog

  • It is brilliant and able to understand and adapt to what the owner wants.
  • It has modified genes. The fact that it is interbred from animals with resilient genes makes it resistant to even common dog’s disease.
  • It is obedient and attentive to its instructions.
  • An is very active and energetic, such that it can play for hours without resting.
  • It is friendly to everyone. That includes the owners, children, strangers, and even other animals like cats. It is the appropriate dog to accompany you to the office.
  • The Elo is the most jovial breed one can own; it always elicits happiness in the household.
  • They are commonly healthy breeds, where they adopt recessive genes from other species.
  • They like staying at home, and you will hardly find them out of the gate.

The Cons of Elo Dog

  • Cannot be employed as a watchdog for security
  • Unsuitable as the service dogs. Some other dogs help people with disabilities to cross the road or save someone from drowning. However, with Elo, it is limited to such operations.
  • Unfit for detecting drugs or sniffing for any lost valuables. That is because it has a deep sense of sensitivity, like smell compared to other species.
  • They need a lot of grooming, which is tiresome and expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times does the Elo dog litter?

A healthy Elo litters every once in a year, which can be ten puppies. However, due to their demand, some retailers frequently breed them vigorously to earn much profit.  Especially in pulp mills, they produce the species a lot such that they ignore the feelings of the mother and its pup.

How long is the gestation period of the Elo dog?

They have different stages of reproduction. The first phase is known as proestrus, which is when females attract males for mating. It is usually a nine days period. By this time, their private parts swell, and they start discharging blood.

The second phase is the Estrus, where breeding takes place.  The period can last for eleven days. Here the vulva secretion decreases and lightens as they continue mating.

In the final Distrust stage, the female is no longer interested in males. The discharge also ends, and the vulva relaxes to its standard size. For Elo dogs, the reproduction episode can last to six months.

Which is the favorable weather condition for this animal?

Due to its fur and double coating, it tolerates cold weather.  

Does it drool like other dogs?

Yes, it salivates like other canines. However, scrutinize its drooling nature as it can be a signal that it needs medical assistance.


Due to the combination of different genes from other varieties, Elo dog has resilient genes. The breed has still been researched, and genetic modification is continuing. That says it has the best qualities of a family pet like it is the most obedient and cheerful.

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