Lever Action Hunting: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Many hunters think that the lever-action rifles are items of the past, while some still swear by them.  Over the recent past, these rifles have regained their popularity by an alarming rate among deer hunters. 

If you think that the lever-action rifles are a thing of the past, this article is here to prove you wrong. But, if you are a .30-30 rifle enthusiast, you’ll get in-depth reasoning on why you should continue using it. You’ll also understand better why the lever rifles are better than the bolt-action rifles.

Understanding the Functions of Lever-Action Rifles

What is a Lever-Action Rifle?

Lever-action rifles utilize a lever device located near the trigger guard area. Most of the time, this includes the trigger and guard itself. This lever-action system loads fresh cartridges into the chamber. He