What is a Blank Round or a Blank Bullet?

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A blank gun is a gun that has no dangerous bullets flying out at the front of it. However, a blank gun is still a real gun that uses brass or metal shells. Gets loaded with gun powder and a primer yet lacks a bullet at the end of the cartridge. Have you checked out our article on Can You Shoot Blanks in a Real Gun?

When you fire a blank it makes an explosive sound and a flash follows the wadding that is propelled from the barrel of your gun. The firearms action will still cycle. When you compare a blank cartridge from a loaded one, you will notice the blank cartridge lacks a protruding bullet at the top. 

How to use Blanks in Scenario Training

From experience and practical use of blank guns, my first instinct is to avoid using any kind of firearm at all in a training set. But there is a need to satisfy reality and make productions as close to reality as possible. 

Therefore there may be a small role for blank guns in a controlled and tightly scripted action killer scenario. An example is where an officer has to locate the killer in a building using the sound of his firearm. I know you can find many other situations that necessitate the use of a blank firearm. 

If you still want to use blank firearms during training and rehearsals then here are some tips that can help to reduce dangerous situations in a set.

Use a Different Blank Firearm from all Other Real Guns 

When people surround themselves with familiar objects, they tend to become careless. For instance, if you give an officer a blank gun that resembles their duty handgun the two may inadvertently switch. It can have devastating consequences on both scenarios. 

Make sure role players use guns that force them to adopt proper safety protocols.  If you must get the sound of a blank gunfire it is best if you can use a small .22 revolver. The reason is most officers do not carry live .22 ammo on their handguns. Therefore, there is less chance that a live round will make it to the cylinder. 

Having a gun that uses a different operating system than that of an actual officer may make an officer take more care in the handling of a blank-firing weapon.

Consider Using a Blank-Firing Adapter (BFA).  

These are useful devices that you can screw at the end of the barrel to provide a bit of back pressure that allows blanks to reliably cycle semi-automatic firearms.  BFAs are in the M-16 rifle family during military training.  BFA is good as it physically blocks hot gasses and even a live round from exiting the barrel.

Tightly Script Role Players  

It sounds easier than it is yet accidents have come from scenario oriented training.  An example is that any person who fires a blank pistol has to know that they should never point the gun directly at another participant in the same exercise.  As a general rule, never fire a blank gun in close proximity. Five to ten feet is dangerous. 

Role-players often encounter unexpected situations and sometimes may act instinctively. As logic dictates it is hard for a villain to be armed with a blank pistol yet avoid firing it. What happens when officers engage a villain at a close range? Shooting back is a reflex action.  You must create an environment of understanding that allows creativity to blend with safety when using blank guns to train. 

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When someone asks what is a blank round the obvious answer becomes a gun without bullets. But it is not that simple. A blank is a type of cartridge for a gun that contains gunpowder but no shot or bullet. Blanks use plastic wadding or paper for sealing the gunpowder into the cartridge.

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