SilencerCo Chimera: A Complete Review

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The SilencerCo Chimera is the most recent contribution to the silencer world. It multi-Cal and has no barrel requirements on calibers between .22 Hornet and .300 W.M.  This. A 30 caliber removable Suppressor incorporates all the vital characteristics of the Omega series while improving its durability and versatility.

Why You Should Consider this Suppressor

The Chimera 300 is the best option for a short-barreled firearm since it has no barrel restrictions. It is made of Inconel, Stainless steel and Stellite and weighs 20.1 oz. With a height of 6.9 inches and a diameter of 1.6 inches.  

Its design facilitates maximum convenience and user adaptability. Each package includes an updated version of the quick detach Active Spring Retention (ASR) mount with an ASR muzzle brake, tools, and a pouch. The Chimera package from the factory includes both a direct thread mount and a 5/8×24 ASR Muzzle Brake.

It uses Flash hiders and ASR muzzle brakes and is also compatible with saker muzzle devices, front caps, and ASR Mounts. Accessories, which include end caps and additional muzzle devices, are sold separately.  SilencerCo has documented the following muzzle averages:

  • .300BLK – 125.8db
  • 5.56mm – 135.3db
  • .308 WIN – 136.8db
  • .300 W.M. – 141.6db

The SilencerCo Chimera uses a very reliable and popular quick attach ASR mount. SilencerCo includes a threaded muzzle brake that fits a wide variety of barrels in the market today. The leading manufacturer improved on the ASR mount by focusing on the can. The upgrades entail the incorporation of a better grip ring. This makes quick shifting between rifles and also attachment a lot easier. With the existing Saker ASR variety, it is now easier to exchange the mounts, front end caps, and muzzle devices.


An ASR Muzzle Brake

The ASR 3-port muzzle brake is compatible with all the ASR mounts from SilencerCo. With its multiple thread and caliber choices, you can use it suppressed for any demand.  It also offers easy and quick one hand on, one hand off detachment and attachment, and its three ports reduce muzzle climb and recoil energetically.

No Barrel Length Restrictions

The Chimera 300 ha is a multi-cal can with no minimum barrel requirements on whichever caliber between .300WM and .22hornet. It can be mounted on short-barreled rifles and also on those with long barrels.  

Full-auto and Magnum Rated

The SilencerCo Chimera is rated for fully automatic and MagnumMagnum rifles. They have been tried and tested on machine guns and approved as among the best products in their field.

Stellite Blast Baffle for Durability

In a silencer, the blast baffle is the first baffle where the bullet go