SilencerCo Chimera: A Complete Review

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The SilencerCo Chimera is the most recent contribution to the silencer world. It multi-Cal and has no barrel requirements on calibers between .22 Hornet and .300 W.M.  This. A 30 caliber removable Suppressor incorporates all the vital characteristics of the Omega series while improving its durability and versatility.

Why You Should Consider this Suppressor

The Chimera 300 is the best option for a short-barreled firearm since it has no barrel restrictions. It is made of Inconel, Stainless steel and Stellite and weighs 20.1 oz. With a height of 6.9 inches and a diameter of 1.6 inches.  

Its design facilitates maximum convenience and user adaptability. Each package includes an updated version of the quick detach Active Spring Retention (ASR) mount with an ASR muzzle brake, tools, and a pouch. The Chimera package from the factory includes both a direct thread mount and a 5/8×24 ASR Muzzle Brake.

It uses Flash hiders and ASR muzzle brakes and is also compatible with saker muzzle devices, front caps, and ASR Mounts. Accessories, which include end caps and additional muzzle devices, are sold separately.  SilencerCo has documented the following muzzle averages:

  • .300BLK – 125.8db
  • 5.56mm – 135.3db
  • .308 WIN – 136.8db
  • .300 W.M. – 141.6db

The SilencerCo Chimera uses a very reliable and popular quick attach ASR mount. SilencerCo includes a threaded muzzle brake that fits a wide variety of barrels in the market today. The leading manufacturer improved on the ASR mount by focusing on the can. The upgrades entail the incorporation of a better grip ring. This makes quick shifting between rifles and also attachment a lot easier. With the existing Saker ASR variety, it is now easier to exchange the mounts, front end caps, and muzzle devices.


An ASR Muzzle Brake

The ASR 3-port muzzle brake is compatible with all the ASR mounts from SilencerCo. With its multiple thread and caliber choices, you can use it suppressed for any demand.  It also offers easy and quick one hand on, one hand off detachment and attachment, and its three ports reduce muzzle climb and recoil energetically.

No Barrel Length Restrictions

The Chimera 300 ha is a multi-cal can with no minimum barrel requirements on whichever caliber between .300WM and .22hornet. It can be mounted on short-barreled rifles and also on those with long barrels.  

Full-auto and Magnum Rated

The SilencerCo Chimera is rated for fully automatic and MagnumMagnum rifles. They have been tried and tested on machine guns and approved as among the best products in their field.

Stellite Blast Baffle for Durability

In a silencer, the blast baffle is the first baffle where the bullet goes through after leaving the barrel. Due to the exposure of intense heat and pressure, it is hard and durable.

Compatible with Charlie Accessories

These Charlie accessories include the SilencerCo Charlie flash hider front cap that serves to replace the standard, flat, front cap on Chimera 300, Saker, and Omega 36M suppressors. The Charlie Direct Thread Mount is a simple solution to mount the silencer on almost any given firearm.  The SilencerCo Charlie ASR Mount is compatible with all ASR flash hiders and ASR muzzle brakes and ensures that the Suppressor does not rotate or break itself loose under an intense firing schedule.

125dB-136dB Sound Reduction

With the excellent sound reduction, SilencerCo Chimera is a great option to use on your rifle. It guarantees your hearing safety while shooting 

SilencerCo Omega vs Chimera

The Omega is the shortest, lightest, quietest full-auto rated, 300 caliber centerfire rifle suppressor on the market today. It also boasts of being the best selling suppressor in the silencer world. It is packaged complete with fast attach and detach mounts, a direct thread, and also a replaceable Anchor Brake to reduce felt recoil. The Brake can be replaced with a flat front cap.  

It is made of Titanium, Stellite, & Stainless Steel and offers excellent compatibility to the calibers between the ranges 5.7 MM TO 300 WM.

The Omega 300 is kind of between the Chimera and Saker but cannot handle ultra-short barrels. It is also available at most local stores and maybe a great option to stock.

The Omega features baffle stack separation. The mount and end cap has screws that fix it into the baffle stack.  The tube is screwed over the stack for cosmetic reasons and to hold a serial number. In incidents of catastrophic failure, the stack may be removed and replaced.

SilencerCo Hybrid vs. the Chimera

The SilencerCo Hybrid is one of the most versatile suppressors in this industry. This suppressor works well with almost all rifles you can think of. The Hybrid 46 comes with an end cap with a diameter of .46 inches, which ensures safe hearing levels with all calibers. To get a better sound reduction, you can choose between six end caps to reduce the decibel levels. The Hybrid 46 is delightfully compatible with a wide variety of accessories from SilencerCo.

The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is compatible with pistol calibers ranging from 9mm to .45 ACP. It also supports rifle calibers ranging from 5.56mm to .45-70GOV and .458SOCOM. 

This silencer is full auto, and MagnumMagnum rated and may be used on rifles, pistols, and even submachine guns. It reduces noise to about 120db on .300 BLK and remains hearing safe with .45-70GOV. This proves that it offers unrivaled versatility and performance. It is rated down to 16” barrels for .45-70 GOV and .458 SOCOM, and further to 18” barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338Lapua MagnumMagnum.  

The Hybrid is almost at par with the Chimera when it comes to performance. The Hybrid may rank slightly higher due to its length and relatively cheaper accessories, but then the Chimera’s weight is a significant tradeoff. It may not be as good a suppressor because of its big-sized bore, and it is also a little more substantial.

SilencerCo Chimera vs. Saker

The Saker  ASR sets the standard in this field for its ease of use, durability, and modularity. The Saker ASR works perfectly with the semi-auto, full-auto, and also bolt action firearms. In addition to its performance, the Saker ASR’s structure enhances maximum user adaptability and convenience. ASR (Active Spring Retention) Mount technology enables attachment through a variety of different flash hiders, direct thread mounts, and muzzle brakes.

The Hoplon Baffle redirects debris and increases the Suppressor’s lifespan on a short-barreled rifle and full auto applications by use of Stellite on the equipment Saker ASR 556 and also Saker ASR 556K.

The Saker ASR is compatible with all Charlie mounts and front caps, and all the ASR Muzzle Devices. This portrays the versatility you will always experience with SilencerCo products. 

The Saker ASR 556 is one modular unit that will offer you the convenience of a quick-detach mount, while also providing several other attachment options. Thankfully, SiCo puts excellent value on convenient and effective suppressors.

The SilencerCo crew chose Stellite, which is 30% stronger than Inconel and stainless steel, to build this fantastic product. Its durability is never in doubt, and its 16.7-ounce weight translates to an increase in maneuverability. Depending on the setup at hand, the Saker ASR 556 measures from 6.4 inches to about 7.3 inches . To sum it all up, the Saker is a sturdy suppressor that maximizes on user-adaptability and convenience.  The Saker ASR 556 does stand out from the collection.

When compared to the Chimera, the Saker is limited to 10” 5.56 barrels and 16” for 7.62 barrels while the Chimera is F.A. rated and has no barrel restrictions. This may give the Chimera an upper hand on this one, but then again, what you settle on largely depends on your interests and specifications.


What is the BATF Regulations’ Information for Suppressor Ownership in the USA?

Anyone who is a legal U.S. citizen, and of legal age to own a gun can own a suppressor. In fact, if you have met all the minimum requirements to own a gun and live in a state that allows private ownership of a suppressor, with no convictions related to felony and domestic violence convictions, you can buy a suppressor. 

It must also be established that you have a sound mind by a competent authority and have no dishonorable discharge. To legally gain access to a suppressor from a dealer, you must be at least 21 years old. Anyone who is 18 years old and older may privately purchase a suppressor from another individual or may own one as a member of a corporation or beneficiary of a trust.

Which States in the USA Permit Private Ownership of a Suppressor?

Several states allow the ownership of a suppressor. It is also worth noting that even though many states allow the purchase of suppressors, you will still require having your permit in check. Remember to consult the relevant authorities so that you can acquire legitimate documents and hence prevent possible run-ins with the police.  Also, you can consult your dealer to determine whether your state has legalized it or not. You should be careful as some dealers are only out to make sales.

Is it Legal for me to Travel with my Suppressor, Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), or Machine Gun?

Whenever you travel out of state with your Suppressor, you can comfortably do so freely to other states that are Suppressor friendly. If you are traveling by air transport, you may require to declare and check in the Suppressor as a firearm at the check-in counter. 

If you are traveling out of state with any other firearm or accessories, you will have to submit form 5320.20, in duplicate, to:

ATTN: NFA Branch
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, WV 25405

Please keep in mind that approvals may take as long as 2-3 months and must occur before traveling out of state.

Is There Any Difference between a Silencer and a Suppressor?

The terms silencer and Suppressor have similar meaning; you can use either term. However, the term suppressor is most preferable. 

The term silencer may be misleading because it is impossible to silence a rifle completely.  A suppressor reduces the concussive noise from a discharged round, but it does not completely silence it. Other benefits of suppressor use on a firearm include: reduced muzzle blast, reduced recoil, increased shot accuracy, eliminating muzzle flash, and, most importantly, a more comfortable, enjoyable, and rewarding shooting experience for everyone involved.

What are the Main Benefits of Using a Suppressor?

The main benefit is the prevention of hearing impairment or permanent hearing loss of the shooter due to concussive noise produced by the rifle. 

Suppressors not only reduce the sound pressure level or concussive noise of the fired shot, but they also reduce recoil and result in an increased inaccuracy. Reduction of felt recoil may lead to quicker subsequent target acquisition, which is excellent for sporting, law enforcement applications, and also hunting expeditions.


Its size and weight are a good fit for a collection of hunting rifles. However, it is worth noting that the NFA may take an annoying and exhausting long time before approving your suppressor ownership or even acting on the required paperwork.

The 200 dollar tax stamp and the red tape from the government may also slow your access to this fantastic product. The good news is, that if the Hearing Protection Act is passed, we may stand a better chance of getting our hands on these essentials without any of the current hassles. A lot of appreciation goes to manufacturers like SilencerCo, who spearhead the fight to pass the relevant legislation.

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