My Husband Hunts and I Hate It: How to Make Your Spouse Love Your Hunting Hobby

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Every year when deer hunting season opens, it usually invokes some mixed feelings. Many people like it, while some who equally dread this time of the year. Not all people who dislike deer hunting share the same reasons. Sometimes, deer hunting keeps you away from people who need you to be with them. 

How to Woo Your Spouse into Hunting

I picked up a few pointers on why deer hunting can strain relationships. With this guide, you will find reasons why your spouse might be against your hunting escapades and turn the tables in your favor.  Deer hunting is not bad if you present the right angle to your spouse. Here are a few pointers you can consider. 

Always Plan Ahead

Last-minute plans do not rub in well with most people. When you have someone in your life whom you care for, they always want to be in the loop with what is ahead. Surprise deer hunting trips may be what you need, but if your spouse is not prepared, it will be difficult to find happiness when they think they should be elsewhere. 

If hunting is your hobby, make sure your spouse understands this and schedule events with her. She may not like it, but the knowledge that it is coming makes it easy to plan other events and clear her schedule. Last-minute surprises may seem romantic to you, but it is also selfish if you are the one who enjoys the outdoors. 

Watch the Time

It is not enough that your spouse understands your passion for the outdoors. If it keeps you away from home and other commitments, then hunting presents a problem to them. What is worse than unplanned hunting trips is when you are always late because you were out hunting. Hunting should not drive a wedge between your spouse. It only does so when you skip on events that you should be doing together. 

Though it is challenging, always try to be home the time you said you would be there. Also, avoid giving an early time if you cannot fulfill it just because you think it will appease your spouse. If you fail to make it early, it is always bad for you, especially if you have also had a slow hunting day.

Another concern is when you cancel on dates to go hunting. Always stick to the plans you make with your spouse and be keen to on time. 

Clean Up Well After Making Your Kill

Hunting is a bloody experience, and what you do after the kill may save you the trouble with your spouse. Making a clean hunt is not always the norm, but you can make it decent by cleaning well afterward. Perhaps the only problem that your spouse has with your hunting hobby is the blood that you leave all over after the hunt. 

People who do not hunt may not stomach the presence of a bloody deer in the kitchen. Cleaning is not for sanitary reasons only, but also a way to show your spouse that you care for what discomforts them. 

If your spouse does not like cooking and eating wild game, it presents a challenge that you must address with caution. You might as well clean and cook the game meat yourself. Look for recipes and surprise her with what you know will moisten her taste buds yearning for more venison meat. 

Clean and Store Your Hunting Gear 

If hunting is the one thing that brings friction to your home, keeping reminders all over the place is not a way to address the problem amicably. Find a way to keep your rifle and hunting gear clean and out of sight. If you are messy with your hunting gear, it is only a matter of time before the behavior irks your spouse to heightened depths. It helps to be organized and clean by ensuring your hunting gear is not all over the place. 

Minimize Deer Mounts 

Finding room for every trophy buck you kill seems like a good idea to most hunters. It is tempting to place deer mounts all over the house to remember the events leading to the successful hunt. However, if your spouse dislikes hunting, you should consider toning it down a notch. 

Learn the battles you can win and fight them wisely. If deer mounts are the problem with you going hunting, then it is not worth pissing off your spouse with constant reminders all over your house. 

Don’t Spend Too Much Money on Hunting

Money troubles easily rock the foundation of most otherwise would be stable relationships. I know you feel that the next hunting gear will be a game-changer, but if your spouse feels like you are putting everything into hunting, it will only lead to more contempt. Find a balance between your responsibilities and your hunting hobby. Make a sacrifice to buy her the things she eyes; this can get her off your back for some time. 

Take Them Hunting with You

Offer to take them hunting with you. Perhaps the only reason your spouse is against your hunting hobby is that you never spend time together. Introducing them to deer hunting may resolve all underlying issues as they may grow to like it and even accompany you willingly on future hunting trips. 

Women can be good hunters too, and if all it takes is to teach your spouse how to hunt, then it is a small price to pay. Hunting in the woods together alone with your spouse may even end up spicing up your relationship. Plus, it is an excellent sight to see a woman in full hunting gear. 

When introducing your spouse to deer hunting, be gentle and progressive. Remember, you do not learn hunting tricks overnight. Remain objective and value the time more than the missed kill. 


There are a bunch of things that can make hunting stressful for your spouse. The time you spend alone in the woods may be satisfying to you but may not be worth the salt if your spouse is against it. The key to ending your hunting conflict is to be open, organized, and committed to making your spouse happy with your hobby. Never let it appear that deer hunting takes precedence over your relationship. 

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