Pudelpointer Vs German Wirehaired Pointer (Gwp)

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The German wirehaired pointer and the Pudelpointer are gun dogs that have gained massive popularity in the recent past. However, deciding whether to get a Pudelpointer or GWP can be rather challenging, especially when you don’t know a lot about gun dogs. Well, in this article, we will give you an in-depth comparison between the Pudelpointer and German wirehaired pointer focusing primarily on hunting.

What to look out for in a good gun dog

Before we take a look at the comparisons, you need to understand what you need to consider when buying a hunting dog. We will use this information to help us with our comparison. When you want a good gun dog, you need to consider temperament, health, endurance and stamina, trainability, coat type, and aggression. We will use these traits as a abase point to compare the GWP and Pudelpointer.

1. Temperament

Temperament is an outstanding quality when it comes to choosing the best hunting dog. With temperament, you cannot teach it, and your dog has to have this trait. A good gun dog should be able to learn commands and stay calm. The dog should also have the ability to adjust according to the situation at hand.

When it comes to temperament, the Pudelpointer is much friendlier and can adapt to each situation. It is more approachable when compared to the German wirehaired pointer, and can relate well with pets, kids, and strangers. This doesn’t mean that the GWP is not friendly around kids and pets; it just means that the Pudelpointer better adapts to this situation.

If you go hunting in a pick with strangers or take tag your kids along, then the Pudelpointer would be a better option when compared to the German wirehaired pointer. It is also worth considering when you have a pet back home since the GWP is not so friendly around them.

2. Health

Healthy bones and joints are a vital consideration when you are looking for a good gun dog. The healthy bones and joints will ensure that your dog can endure hours of hunting and searching. Hunting can last a rather long time, depending on so many factors, and your gun dog has to endure.

When it comes to health, the Pudelpointer and GWP have no huge comparison, and you can rest assured that they have healthy bones and joints. Ensure that you provide them with a healthy diet and nutrition to help with their bone and joint development.

However, the Pudelpointer have a higher impulse to chase and catch when compared to the German wirehaired pointer. This being said, you also have to understand that the German wirehaired is prone to frequent health issues while the Pudelpointer isn’t.

If you want a gun dog that won’t develop recurring health issues that you need to attend to, then the Pudelpointer is a good option when compared to the GWP. However, if you are looking for a gun dog that has more energy and a longer life expectancy, then the German wirehaired [pointer is a good option.

3. Coat type

You are probably asking yourself why the coat is essential. Well, the coating will help to keep your gun dog healthy during the horrible weather conditions. As stated earlier, hunting takes quite a lot of time, and you could find yourself in the middle of a storm without realizing it. Consider the fact that the weather might not dictate whether you go hunting or not. Lots of people go hunting during the rains and its quite reasonable.

The GWP has a single and smooth coat while the Pudelpointer has a curly double coat. The Pudelpointer is, therefore, well protected against the elements when compared to the German wirehaired pointer. When it comes to coat color, however, the GWP has a vast range that gives you options to choose from.

Whether you pick a Pudelpointer or GWP will depending on the type of climate that you plan to subject it to. Carefully consider that type of weather around your area to help you decide. If you hunt in colder regions, then a Pudelpointer will be a better choice. However, if you hunt in a warm climate, then the GWP is a good option.

4. Aggression

Bird hunting will require an aggressive gun dog that ensures you get the most from your hunting experience. An aggressive gun dog will track the birds and give a more intense chase, which will help you with the kill. Aggression can be a huge factor, especially when you come across large predators. An aggressive gun dog will help you keep safe during such encounters.

The German wirehaired pointer is much more aggressive than the Pud