What Is a Gun Dog? – This Is Why You Need One

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A gun dog also referred to as a bird dog, is a type of hunting dog that is developed to help humans in retrieving and finding game, usually birds. There are three primary types of gun dogs; pointing breeds, flushing dogs, and retrievers.

What’s the Difference Between a Hunting Dog and a Gun Dog?

There is not a huge distinction between a hunting dog and a gun dog. This is because a gun dog is a type of hunting dog just a more specific expression. What separates the hunting dog from the gun dog is the type of hunting the dog is good for. While hunting dogs are skilled at hunting different prey, the gun dog is skilled at bird hunting. Most people refer to gun dogs as bird dogs due to this reason.

Which Breeds Are Usually Gun Dogs?

The main gun dog breeds include the following;

However, gun dog breeds are usually categorized into broader types such as:

  • Pointers
  • Setters
  • Retrievers
  • Spaniels
  • Water dogs

For What Purpose Do You Have a Gun Dog?

Yes, gun dogs are bred to help humans in finding and retrieving game such as rabbits and birds. However, they do so in various ways meaning that there are so many reasons for having a gun dog. These reasons include the following:

Finding Shot Game

Certain breeds of gun dogs only specialize in tracking and finding already shot game. This makes them practical when you fire from a far distance, and you wouldn’t be able to find your kill quickly. These gun dogs are also great when you hunt in huge packs.

Flush Out Live Game

Some gun dog breeds specialize in finding live game hidden and flushing them out. These gun dogs are great in large fields that are hard to survey at a glance. They are also practical when you want to kill a lot of game at a single time.

A Combination of the Two

Most guard dogs can flush out prey and track the kill. Fulfilling a combination of the two roles make them a great companion for hunters. These guard dogs ensure that you get high-quality game meat that is fit for human consumption.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Gun Dog?

A good gun dog needs to have specific characteristics so that they can become effective. Some of these characteristics of a good gun dog include the following:

Stamina and Endurance

A gun dog will require a lot of stamina and endurance since hunting sessions can last a long time. Understand that hunting is a physical activity than needs the gun dog to be acti