Hunting With a Pudelpointer

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The Pudelpointer is a pointing breed of a dog that was breed in Germany. The dog has great versatility when it comes to hunting. The Pudelpointer is a result of a crossbreed between the hunting poodle of Germany and the pointer from England. Most pudelpointers have a life span of approximately 14 years.

What Is the Size of a Grown Pudelpointer?

Most Pudelpointer dogs are of medium size and can weigh approximately 50 to 60 pounds. Some large than normal pudelpointers can grow up to 66 pounds in weight. Surprisingly, their lightweight nature doesn’t prevent them from growing up to approximately 21 and 26 inches. The female dogs of this breed tend to be relatively lightweight compared to the males and can weigh approximately 50-55 pounds.

How Do I Take Good Care of My Pudelpointer?

This dog is usually hypoallergenic which means they can’t shed a lot of furs. Therefore, grooming this dog is the perfect way to create a strong bond with it. Grooming should be done at least once every week. Owners should also bath them occasionally to make them clean and good looking. Their nails should be trimmed once a month since they grow quickly. This will help prevent them from cracking or splitting. Wax and debris should be removed from their ears weekly to prevent build-up. Lastly, you can also clean their teeth to give them fresh breath.

Is a Pudelpointer Good for Hunting?

Pudelpointers are not only ideal for outdoor activities but they also one of the fantastic dogs around. They are the perfect choice for those individuals on the lookout for a great hunting companion. These dogs are always willing to please their owners and they will love exploring new tricks and ideas they are taught by their owners. They are incredibly smart dogs and friendly which makes good for hunting. Hunting has never proved to be a hard task for them due to their calm and controlled manner and their love for hectic lifestyles. This particular dog can hunt tirelessly for long hours without getting exhausted.

What Type of Hunting Is a Pudelpointer Good for?

The Pudelpointer is a good dog for most types of hunting but this is your perfect choice for waterfowl hunting. They are the ideal dogs to use in hunting ducks and geese. They are the exceptional dogs for hunting waterfowls in the winter season. They are very tough therefore able to withstand extremely cold temperatures on uplands. Their performance in waterfowl hunting cannot be compared with other hunting dogs.

How Do I Prepare the Pudelpointer for Waterfowl Hunting?

Waterfowl hunting is usually done during the winter season and therefore you need to prepare your Pudelpointer. This guarantees the safety and comfort of the dog through the hunting escapade. First, you need to exercise and feed the dog well to ensure that it has the energy to hunt. You can get your dog a dog vest which will help in keeping it warm and therefore it can swim long distances and catch bigger birds. During hunting, you should use a blind or a standing platform to let the dog stay dry for longer and spot birds easily.

What Are the Characteristics of a Pudelpointer?

The Pudelpointer is a dog bred for hunting in any condition and can hunt both on land and water. These dogs are not only great swimmers but they are good runners as well and can their endurance is supreme. They feature very lean bodies covered with watertight fur. Its structure is a bit dense and skeletal which translates to its muscular ability. Their paws are large enough which gives them the allowance to outrun and outswim other hunting dogs. Their eyes are also large and lively to offer good sight.

Who Does a Pudelpointer Fit?

Pudelpointers are the perfect fit for individuals looking for a hunting or a house dog. Its versatility makes it the perfect option for most people. Their hunting style and general home life make it fit for hunters and homeowners. Its friendly nature and their smart minds make it easy for homeowners to train and teach them new tricks. These dogs also tend to be anxious around strangers making them the perfect dogs for guarding homes. Their strong instincts and tireless nature, on the other hand, make them the perfect fit for hunters.

There really isnt much information regarding Pudelpointers, which is strange consdering how fantastic they are, but i did find this really nice youtube-clip that i think will give you a better sense of the pudelpointer as a companion.

Is it a Dog That Can Be Kept Alone or Needs a Company?

Pudelpointers dogs can be easily trained for hunting or guarding and can adapt to different environments. These dogs get used to the company of individuals who train them which makes them anxious when they get separated. Therefore, they cannot be left alone for long periods. They also never get along with cats or other small animals around the home. This means the dog will always need a company from its owners.

What Amount of Exercise Is Needed for a Pudelpointer?

Generally, pudelpointers demand a lot when it comes to exercises. This is mainly because they are traditionally outdoor dogs for hunting and have a tireless nature. They need a lot of exercise when training them as hunting dogs so that they can cope and endure extreme conditions. A lot of exercises should also be given to them to keep them healthy and fit for the cold hunting conditions in waterfowl hunting. They have high energy levels which require one to dedicate at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise daily.

What Are the Common Health Risks Associated With a Pudelpointer?

The lifespan of pudelpointers is usually long. However, some health risks can potentially harm them. These dogs are mainly prone to genetic diseases such as epilepsy and dysplasia. They also eat a lot of food which can make them overweight. It is therefore important that you feed them with quality food and exercise them regularly. Once you have observed this, your Pudelpointer will be very healthy and fit.


The Pudelpointer is a great hunting dog that can be trained easily due to its intelligence levels. They can also adapt to different households and have a long lifespan without causing many problems to owners. They are the perfect choice for almost all outdoor activities. If you want more information i recommend that you visit AKC. They have a quite good article on Pudelpointers.

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