What are the Differences between a Glock and a Beretta?

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Regardless of whether you own a gun or even thought of possessing one, you must have come across these two brands; Glock and Beretta. In this article, our primary aim is to distinguish between the two by pointing out their significant differences. Both these brands are well-established firearm manufacturers with a substantial amount of followers in the shooting community.

Beretta is among the oldest firearm manufacturers in the game, boasting of over 400 years of experience. On the other hand, the Glock is more of a new player that joined the production of semiautomatic pistols not more than 50 years ago. Despite their short period making these weapons, their catalog is a force to reckon with its premium and simple creations.

Both these manufacturers bring forth all-round weapons that are favored by the military, law enforcement officers, and even civilians. Despite this, Beretta has a broader range of weapons from shotguns to rifles to handguns, unlike Glock, which only makes pistols. To get a better understanding of these brands, here is a brief review for both.


The Glock makers are Australian based pistol manufacturers that are best known for their premium quality and reliable productions. Their catalog is not as comprehensive as most firearm makers as they specialize in polymer-framed semi automatic handguns. These pistols are a favorite to most shooters for their short recoil mechanism and simple build.

After their superb performance on military reliability and safety tests in 1982, one of their models was adopted for military use. Over the years, Glock pistols have seen significant upgrades gearing up from first to the current fifth-generation that fill the market. Each of the generations features new innovative characteristics that gradually improve their performance and exquisite look.

Sales analysis and research show that Glock pistols are the most profitable line of products from these makers. This finding is practical, considering that most of their resources are aimed at the production and improvement of these premium handguns. They are popular among civilian; often for defensive encounters. Law enforcement in over 40 countries also uses this brand’s pistol as their primary firearm in their day to day duties.



The Beretta makers are a privately based Italian firm that specializes in a vast range of firearm and firearm-related components. Their weapons feature exquisite elements and perfect finishes that define the exact Italian standards. The Beretta makes are worldwide with at least a dozen pieces for each shooting genre and style. As a keen follower of their releases, I can attest that there is more than one Beretta gun for every shooter.

From their sales analysis and yearly reports, sporting pieces make up for three-quarters of their overall sales in almost every financial year. The Beretta team is the oldest and still active weapon manufacturer with its first production dating back to the 16th century. Over these years, the team has steadily built and maintained its reputation in the shooting genre. As they progress in age, so has their reliability and following across the globe.

Unlike Glock makers who only specialize in one line of firearms, the Beretta catalog boast a wide variety of different makes. These makes vary from shotguns to rifles; they even make and advertise their shooting protective wear. This diversity does not compromise their quality as every model features the Beretta quality standards with outstanding performances.

Differences between the Glock and Beretta Handguns

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