Beretta BU9 Nano Review

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For a tenable hunting expedition, you require a few rudimentary functions in your gaming arsenal. Among this is a self-defense utility that should be easy to conceal, draw, and use. When preparing for that hunting voyage, a firearm should be a compulsory accessory to have. It happens to be the only medium you can use to hunt and protect yourself from any harm.  The Beretta BU9 Nano handgun offers refinement in its characteristics.

You can carry it with much ease, and its size should not be mistaken for its firepower and accuracy. If you intend to acquire a handgun that you can carry with ease in concealment, it’s the most ideal. This Beretta 9mm Nano review will give you an in-depth insight into why it’s the best firearm for hunting trips. Hence, you will have a clear understanding of why it’s also highly recommended for self-defense.

Beretta BU9 Nano Handgun Description

The Beretta BU9 Nano is a small compact handgun that is easy to conceal and carry. With its size, you can tuck it in an ankle or waist holster, and it effortlessly slides in and out. This can be accounted for by the fact that there are no protruding controls, such as the external safety mechanism. It has a six bullet magazine, but when chambered, it can carry up to 7 bullets.