Beretta BU9 Nano Review

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For a tenable hunting expedition, you require a few rudimentary functions in your gaming arsenal. Among this is a self-defense utility that should be easy to conceal, draw, and use. When preparing for that hunting voyage, a firearm should be a compulsory accessory to have. It happens to be the only medium you can use to hunt and protect yourself from any harm.  The Beretta BU9 Nano handgun offers refinement in its characteristics.

You can carry it with much ease, and its size should not be mistaken for its firepower and accuracy. If you intend to acquire a handgun that you can carry with ease in concealment, it’s the most ideal. This Beretta 9mm Nano review will give you an in-depth insight into why it’s the best firearm for hunting trips. Hence, you will have a clear understanding of why it’s also highly recommended for self-defense.

Beretta BU9 Nano Handgun Description

The Beretta BU9 Nano is a small compact handgun that is easy to conceal and carry. With its size, you can tuck it in an ankle or waist holster, and it effortlessly slides in and out. This can be accounted for by the fact that there are no protruding controls, such as the external safety mechanism. It has a six bullet magazine, but when chambered, it can carry up to 7 bullets.

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An eight bullet magazine is also available, but it’s longer than the standard magazine with an inch.  In the gun world, it’s among the few that have a frame that can be changed for customization purposes. This can be done without the need of a professional gunsmith. Hence, if you fancy having a customized handle or grip, this is possible without tampering with its serial number.

Ergonomics have been factored in to make sure the Nano handgun is user responsive with minimal jamming.

Why the Beretta BU9 Nano Sub-Compact Handgun?

Since its first release to the market at the end of 2011, the Nano handgun took the marketplace by surprise. For long, gun lovers had been asking for a firearm that is smaller and easy to conceal. On the other hand, manufacturers listened, specifically Beretta USA. That’s why they developed a gun that will incorporate all handgun features but in a sub-compact design.

That was a challenge initially, but the advancement in technology will never hold an idea back. Having used a few handguns in my hay days when hunting, I can attest that the Nano deserves thumbs up. The manufacturer took many strides to develop a firearm that revolutionized the gun world. For hunters, this handgun simplifies our hunting experience.

In general, shooters were allowed to own a handgun known as the best conceal-carry weapon.

What does the Beretta Nano offer?

From my personal experience, while using this handgun, I made some significant discoveries on its capability. As a hunter, I prefer a pistol that has the proper gun weight. This is not just because of the heaviness factor but also because a gun’s weight determines the recoil time. Meaning the lighter the gun, the faster you can make consistent shots.

I also loved the short 3.07-inch barrel. From my point of view, I have come to realize the size of the barrel matters. Even though the bullet starts its acceleration upon the gun powder’s ignition, the barrel length impacts its trajectory. The effect is marginal, but the primary determinant is the angel of the lever, which is your arm.

When hunting, I need a handgun that shoots with the simple press of the trigger. Knowing the Nano 9mm handgun offers speed on consistent shots, I went ahead to look at the trigger. Because of the size, the distance the trigger travels is minimal, and so is the weight required to press it. It’s not a hair-trigger, but not much energy is needed to deliver those consistent shots.

What I Found Amazing about this Handgun

Features of the Beretta BU9 Handgun

The Nano handgun encompasses many features that make it stand out from the many firearms on the market. It’s not the cheapest, but with its abilities and functionalities, you’ll understand why the price-tag. It’s considered the evolution of a small compact firearm, and its durability is unbeatable. As long as you service it properly, it will outlast other handguns without a doubt.

High Accuracy Level

When I am shopping for firearms, I most definitely want one that will improve my ability to hit a target. The Beretta BU9 Nano handgun offers just that; it has exceptional accuracy, and it can comfortably hit targets from a 20-yard distance. In situations where a quick-fire is needed, this handgun will hit the target almost on every round.

Polymer Anodized-Alloy Frame

The Beretta BU9 Nano is made using polymer for the frame and stainless steel for the slide. This makes the Nano handgun long-lasting hence the age of the pistol will not affect its functionalities. Consequently, this will save you the cost of constant parts replacement and also makes this handgun reliable.

The Nano Handgun is Snag-Free

Every hunter wants a handgun that will not get stuck in the holster or whichever place you have concealed it. The Nano handgun has a sleek design that is snag-free. External safeties are not incorporated, facilitating smooth concealment and ease in drawing the handgun.


Most hunters will prefer to have lightweight handguns in their hunting arsenal. Considering you might be tracking a game for hours, having a cumbersome handgun is not an option. The Nano handgun weighs 0.56 kg equivalent to 20 ounces, making it an ideal conceal-carry handgun for hunters.

Double Recoil

The Nano handgun comes with a double coil feature, which helps reduce the recoil time. This, in turn, increases the firing speed of the follow-up shots and reduces reload time. With a double recoil system, this handgun will allow you to shoot faster without feeling the impact on your hands in every shot.

Removable Serialized Chassis

This unique feature in the Nano handgun is only found in a few handguns. It allows users to customize the frame to a preferred option. All this is possible without the tempering of the serial number or needing a gunsmith.

Magazine Release

Regardless of whether you are right or left-handed, the Nano handgun magazine release can be switched. The magazine release comes fitted on the left side, but it can be changed or reversed to the right side. This is to accommodate left-handed shooters.

Why You Will Love this Handgun

  • Its small compact size makes it easy to carry and conceal.
  • Fast recoil speed.
  • It’s highly accurate.
  • The frame is changeable.
  • It’s easy to disassemble.
  • The material used makes the handgun durable.

The Not So Good

  • Low stopping power.
  • It has a high price-tag.

Truths about Guns

Owning a handgun has become a necessity for people across the spectrum and not just hunters. That’s why owning one requires the highest form of discipline. I have owned a gun collection for a while, and there are a few truths you need to know about guns.


Every handgun requires proper and regular servicing, and the Nano 9mm is not any different. As a hunter, you don’t want your handgun jamming when you are shooting. If you are to maximize its use, you have to clean it to keep it from jamming. You must clean the following parts; the frame, barrel, slide, recoil spring, magazine, and the spring guide.

Also, make sure to use gun oil and cleaning cloth, which have been recommended by the manufacturer. Note that it’s recommended not to apply excess gun oil since it can attract dust in the handgun. Thus, compromising the handgun’s shooting integrity.


You have heard gun accidents happen from time to time because of storing it the wrong way. To preclude this from happening, always make sure that you store your handgun unloaded. Check the condition to ensure that the gun is free from dirt or water particles since this can damage it.


Suppose you are experiencing some issues with your handgun, it’s ill-advised to try and troubleshoot it yourself. If you lack the experience of dealing with a gun’s internal components, take it to a gunsmith.

How Does it Compare to Great Rival?

Taurus 709 Slim vs. Beretta Nano

I have had my share of experience in trying out different handguns to measure their capabilities. As a shooter, it’s vital to make comparisons on different handguns to know which is best. This is in terms of what they offer. The Taurus 709 slim and the Beretta Bu9 are two different guns with the same small compact design. The size for both is almost the same, and the concealment design is their significant similarity.

This Nano9mm is superior to its counterpart. It’s not only down to the features, but after trying both at the range, the Nano took the day. Similarly, the fact that you can attach a laser guard or tactical light on the Nano is a considerable advantage.

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Final Verdict

In this Beretta Nano 9mm pistol review, you will realize why this handgun is among the best. From its accuracy level, reload time, weight, size, among other factors, makes this Nano gun a masterpiece. Hence, when you are out there in the wild, the reliability of this handgun is unparalleled.

Without bias, I can state clearly that Beretta makes better hand guns than most of its rivals. If you haven’t seen our article on the Beretta m9a3, here it is.

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