What Distance Should Be Used to Pattern a Shotgun?

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Did you know that if you pattern your shotgun, it could boost your shooting performance? So what distance should be used to pattern a shotgun? The most ideal patterning distances range from 20yards to somewhere around 40 yards.

What Does Patterning a Shotgun Mean?

It entails determining the distance in which your shotgun will throughout shoot reliably and consistently to be successful in your hunting escapade, there are various things that, as a gun holder, you are supposed to know about your firearm. First is the optimal distance that you should use to pattern your shotgun. Understanding your work tool will make the sporting fun and improve your hunting skills and the performance of your shotgun.

Patterning a shotgun is not a question of whether you are new or a seasoned gun holder, failure to pattern your shotgun in the right way will render you unsuccessful in your activities, and the game session may go to waste. Gaming enthusiasts should know that no range has been set as the rule of the thumb. A number of factors make hunters say that their shotguns perform differently in the same range. 

What to Consider When Patterning a Shotgun?

Before you start the process of patterning your shotgun, ask yourself what you want to achieve? If you’re going to pattern your shotgun for hunting, the ideal distance is a 40yards distance. The advantage of this distance is that it is safe, and if you cannot capitalize on it, you can move closer without the prey getting disturbed.

Secondly, if you want to pattern your shotgun to determine POI or POA, the 20 yards would be the best fit distance for you.

For skeet shooting, the maximum allowed distance is the 20yards. From this distance, you can gauge the effe