What Is the Correct Way to Shoulder a Shotgun?

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If you are also in love with hunting as a sport, you know its relaxation. I sometimes spend entire weekends or plan my vacation around heading out for a game to shoulder my shotgun. Therefore, you must know that to succeed in the chase, you must have acquired some necessary shooting skills. 

One of the essential shotgun techniques that you’ve mastered is shouldering your splatter gun. This is known as ‘gun mount,’ and goes a long way to improving your shot accuracy.

If you observe the best shot-gunners, they mount their guns in unhurried, slow movements. That’s because consistently shouldering a shotgun has become second nature to them through constant practice. 

Benefits of Shouldering a Shotgun the Correct Way 

When you shoulder your shotgun correctly, your shots are kept on target, and the recoil doesn’t jar you too much. 

Shooting a shotgun is quite different from a rifle, and shouldering one should be too. I use my shotgun to prevail against moving targets, such as bounding whitetails, birds in mid-flight, and flying clays.

The proper shotgun shooting techniques cultivate instincts that breed accuracy on fast mobile targets.

They say practice makes perfect. That’s only true if you are practicing the proper form of shotgun shouldering. 

If you were taught improperly and had been using an improper form, you may be hard-pressed to re-learn. However, don’t get frustrated as perfection is never the goal when jumping rabbits or ducks from a blind.

Precision aiming doesn’t belong in wing shooting, as when hunting, you point and fire. To achieve success from accurate shooting, it’s time to start practicing the correct way to shoulder a shotgun. 

Vital Points That Determine How You Shoulder a Shotgun

When discussing how to shoulder a shotgun, the subject matter shouldn’t be ‘shoulder’ but ‘cheek.’

Your cheek is the essential part of your body that gives consistency in streamlining the crucial elements of shotgun shooting. Shooters have devised all sorts of techniques to achieve a stellar cheek weld, all of which are wrong.

The first scenario involves jamming the shotgun’s stock into your shoulder and then swinging the muzzle until the comb meets their cheek.

Another instance may involve your jamming the guns butt squarely into your shoulder, and then dropping your cheek to receive the stock. 

Both scenarios will cost you shot accuracy and speed, which targets on the move require. 

To get proper alignment of your shotgun while keeping a sharp eye on the moving targets, mount the gun to your cheek.