What is a Group of Turkeys Called?

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If you’re a passionate bird lover, or bird hunter, then it’s very likely you know the turkey. Have you ever thought about what a group of turkeys is called?  A flock of turkey is known as a rafter. In the simplest description, this bird looks like a large member of the peacock genre. 

Since back in the days, I have lived to admire this bird’s beauty and flock organization. I used to visit a neighboring bush and got a chance to learn something new each time. Still to date the nostalgia keeps on haunting me. That’s why I feel an inevitable pleasure to put this write-up. This article covers unusual aspects of turkeys which probably you never knew.

The technical terminology for a group of turkeys is rafter. However, the common terms are gang or just a flock of turkeys. Rafter is the main jargon used to describe a large group of turkeys, mostly the domesticated version. Also, some people use a brood of turkeys though this is a rare term.

 In the United States, these birds are domesticated on a large scale. They are popular due to their flavorful meat, and many people make their barbecue.

Additionally, they are active creatures and hence their meat is leaner than chicken. Also, they live in social groups and help to protect each other from predators and allow easy food gathering. Isn’t that fascinating?