Are Flechette Shotgun Rounds Good for Hunting?

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Flechette shotgun rounds are no stranger to shotgun ranges, their praises have spread wide and far since the third world war to now. Back to the question: are flechette shotgun rounds good for hunting? Well, I’d say no; they really wouldn’t help you make a decent kill. 

For one, they have a small diameter, unconventional dispersion pattern, and are very light. With these features in place, they cannot penetrate the animals’ thick skins. They happen to also be painful, which is not very ethical.

Claims are that these rounds were much used in Vietnam. Their primary use in world war 3 was to take down snipers that were hiding in dense vegetation, and the flechettes were able to penetrate the thick environment. Rumors are that this weapon has enough penetrating power to penetrate multiple enemies in combat; however, no evidence has yet to back this.

These light-bodied small darts offer armor-piercing capabilities. At first, even I was not sure of this. However, it took me some tests to confirm this; I will gladly share the results later in this piece. I recommend that if you are to use these rounds, use an improved bore barrel cylinder as it may damage your barrel.

What Flechette Shotgun Rounds Feature

Unique Design

The flechettes in this round come with a pinpoint tip and a tail fin gracing its rear side. The f