Why Aren’t Modern Pump Guns Able to Slamfire?

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Today the existing pump guns cannot slamfire because it is mostly illegal in many countries to manufacture ones that can slamfire.  Perhaps the last thing you would hope your modern pump gun to do is to slamfire. The original pump guns might have had their good sides, and every gun user loved them for all those positives then. However, for the fact that they could release a round accidentally as it is being loaded into the chamber, they became a rare firearm among shooters for some time.  

In an attempt to reduce accidents caused by pump guns that were able to slamfire, many governments restricted their production and use. However, there has been a re-emergence of modern pump guns that cannot slamfire. They are operated manually by sliding forend that you can move forward and backward to load and eject ammunition.

Shooting is much safer in modern pump guns. All you have to do is pull the forend backward, and the expanded cartridge will be ejected. You will then cock and reload the gun by pushing the forend to the front. Older pump guns like Ithacas and Winchester 1897 could slamfire because they lacked a disconnector to prevent incessant firing. In modern cases, the disconnector is introduced and perfectly works to avoid the ‘slamfire’ effect.

Possible Causes of Slamfires

While modern pump guns are having all it takes to kick out slamfire in their operations, it is essential to know what causes it in the first place. Understanding the cause will help you avoid accidentally creating a conducive environment for slamfires in your pump gun, especially when customizing it. So let us have a look at some of these causes below.

  • When you spring-load or let firing pins intended to be activated by a trigger to float freely, you may be preparing the gun for a slamfire. This is because slamfires occur when conditions fail to match design assumptions.
  • At times dirt and fouling may accumulate in the firing pin channel. This may cause the pin to begin protruding from the bolt face hence increasing the risk of a slamfire. If you stick the firing pin forward, the round will fire every time the bolt closes.
  • The ammunition you use can also be a reason for slamfires. Some ammunitions are manufactured with primers that are more sensitive than others. This makes them require less force to detonate, a risky feature that can lead to slamfire.

Modern Pump Guns Examples

So, what are these Modern Pump Guns, and how do they work? Let’s have a look at some of them below. 

The Remington 870 Express

If you are passionate about shotguns, you certainly know about or have even used the Remington 870 express Pump Shotgun. Even though there are higher-grade versions of the 870, like the Wingmaster, the Express version remains the shooters’ favorite and last choice.

It’s simple breakdown design and available aftermarket accessories make it easier to configure the 870 in a thousand ways. You can transform the gun to various uses forms and structures ranging from a clay buster to a turkey killer to a home-defense shotgun. The good thing is that you do not need to go through all these transformations journey. Its low price allows you to have one for each function.

The gun prides itself in its double action pump design that enables it to be so durable and reliable. When you pump the firearm, you will activate the parallel steel bars connected to the forend to slide back into action. When this happens, the steel bars operate the mechanism that ejects the spent shell and loads the next one into the barrel.


Remington 870 Express has some unique features that make it impossible for it to slamfire. These features include:

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