Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle Multi-Pump: Review

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Imagine having to never run out of the air when air gunning and you have Air Venturi’s, Seneca Aspen. This is the air rifle with an innovative integrated pump that removes having to keep filling up the tank out of the equation.

I took the Seneca Aspen on a squirrel shoot to see how this all-day long hunter stands up to its rated performance.

What Does the Seneca Aspen Have Over Other PCPs?

The Seneca Aspen is a multi-pump PCP that can be filled up from empty to 250 BAR using an internally built pump. This is a self-contained and affordable air gun that has successfully combined PCP’s advantages against their spring-piston counterparts.

Purchasing a regular air rifle involves buying the gun and also extra costs for fill equipment. This will ramp up your PCP investment and may air gunners have strayed to pistons due to price alone.