Belt Buckle Guns: A Complete Review

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The Rare Nazi Belt Buckle Pistol

I found the topic about the Nazi belt buckle pistol quite amazing, and I thought maybe it is worth it to share it with you. Perhaps most of you have never heard of this Mysterious belt buckle gun. It externally looks like an ordinary belt buckle but once deployed you’ll be amazed by its technical details. 

While this stunning belt buckle qualifies to be a firearm technically, most of the modern collectors deem it as a novelty item more than anything else. But that’s not what it really is, but it all depends on your final decision after reading this article. It proves one incredible thing. The genuine and bona fide Nazis item remains very collectable. It’s not only a breathtaking discovery among the gun collectors but a fantastic resource to the history lovers.

A Brief History of Belt Buckle Guns

 There’s a recorded history of these particular firearms though not much. The peculiar buckle guns history dates back to the early 1940s when WWII was at the peak point. The hero and inventor behind this shocking discovery was none other than Louis Marquis. Well, he was an engineer and inventor who came up with this unique discovery when he was still in prisoner of war camp during WWI. However, he completed the design in 1943 upon an order to make several duplicates for Heinrich Himmler to be used by some high-ranking SS military officers in the event Allies captured them. 

Understanding the Operation of the Nazi Belt Buckle Guns

The typical operating mechanism of these rare pistols was a spring-loaded buckle system hinged and was supposed to flip up when unleashed for use. Once the buckle flipped up, it exposed four barrels which were about 2 inches long. Also, it had two levers at the bottom which, when depressed, caused the whole barrel block to come out ready for action. 

This buckle gun had four triggers at the right side. One thing that I find quite thrilling is that you could fire each barrel individually. Isn’t that fascinating? Also, you could fire all the four barrels at once since you could grip all the four triggers comfortably. 

However, you need to note that there were different models of these buckle guns, although they used the same concept. You’ll find that there were those with two barrels and a single barrel. Unknown manufacturers made most of them, and that’s why the reputation of all these guns is given to the original inventor, Louis Marquis. Also, here is a video that offers more information on the same.

Rarity Value or Weaponry Value

You’ll concede with me that they are incredibly unique and collectible. It’s somewhat surprising that even the existing samples weren’t officially sanctioned but were made on customer-order method by parties yet to be known. These guns’ overall attractiveness are due to their eye appeal and rarity. The gun features a full coverage Germanic oak leaf in addition to the acorn engraving.

 As well, it features Nazi army eagle fixed which indeed amazing for any Nazi-era fanatics. Apart from the rarity and beauty of these guns, what shocks more is the huge price tag. These guns would have no place if they were to compete with the concealable guns of today’s era. But the rarity factor makes them worth the bucks.

Interestingly, only ten of these rare guns have been documented. Thus, you will find that these guns are usually sold in auctions. In one of the recent RIA auctions, this artifact garnered $20,700, and the 17.5 percent action premium included. After experimenting with this relic type of a gun, I can tell you I adore it as a novelty item rather than a firearm.

Reviews of Some Popular Belt Buckle Pistols

Freedom Arms Mini 22LR Revolver 

After the first discovery by Louis Marquis, several prototypes are already on the market. One of the best of such guns is this one by freedom Arms. It is not exactly like the Nazi belt buckle gun but has features that qualify it to be a buckle pistol. It is chambered in .22 long rifle. You won’t be wrong to classify it as one of the concealable guns as it features 1.5 inches barrel. 

It has a very short cylinder rated five shots. This revolver comes as a set that includes belt buckle attachment. It is a single action type but still in excellent working condition. Also, it is durable and beautiful as it is forged from stainless steel. It offers comfortable handling as it features premium polymer grips. You’ll also like the lightweight design as it weighs 12.8 ounces when unloaded.


  • Impressive finish
  • Durable steel frame
  • Has a rear sight  
  • Pocket size


  • Pricey

ROHM Little Joe Belt Buckle 6mm Flobert Blank Gun

Here is yet another amazingly designed belt buckle gun. It is a single-action revolver with some impressive modern features, most parts feature metal, but the grips are carved from premium plastic. Being a single action, you must pre-cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder and make the hammer ready to fire. 

Also, it offers medium-weight trigger pull, making it very easy to fire. It uses gunpowder, and the front-firing barrel makes it great to use, and also easy to handle. Weighing 3 pounds only, it is ideal for shooting and self-protection as it uses .22 caliber crimp blanks generally referred to as 6mm Flobert. The 5 round capacity also makes this revolver top-ranking.

 Unlike other pistols, this one features high-quality steel and not zinc alloy. From my experience with these guns, don’t expect much recoil as they use acorn .22 rounds which aren’t very loaded in grains. Also, you need to note that the ROHM Little Joe Belt Buckle 6mm Flobert Blank Gun isn’t a replica of the steel revolvers but instead looks more like the North American arms revolver chambered in .22 short.


  • German quality
  • Inexpensive .22 ammo
  • Elegant satin and stainless finish
  • Easy to load and nice trigger pull


  • Pretty hard to get
  • Complex legalities

North American Arms .22LR Belt Buckle Gun

 Here is a belt buckle gun that resembles ROHM Little Joe. It is a simple-looking pistol chambered in the .22 long rifle. It is a single action and offers a smooth trigger pull for easy firing. Also, it features a pocket-size and weighs approximately 3 pounds with a 2 inches barrel. The distinctive wooden grip allows you to use the rifle in total comfort.


  • Elegant metallic finish
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy deployment and trigger pull
  • Pocket size and concealable


  • Pricey

The Belt Buckle Derringer by Mattel

Here is another buckle gun that also caught me by surprise, though it falls on the toy guns category. It looks quite similar to the authentic Remington gun from where its style was copied. This derringer featured a brass metal shell and uses a spring-loaded mechanism and used .22 plastic gray plastic bullets. One thing that makes it gorgeous is that you could fire it from a handheld position or a belt buckle style. The plastic projectile had a range of about 15 feet maximum.


  • Stunning rarity
  • Easy to fire
  • Light design
  • Durably constructed


  • It’s a toy gun

Most Popular Belt Buckle Gun Accessories

Klik Belts Tactical Belt

This tactical belt is a money saver. It features a double-ply heavy-duty nylon material. Also, it offers a versatile fit as it is 1.5 inches wide. Thus, they are ideal for heavy-duty work, business, and adventure or casual attire. Probably the best-selling feature of this belt is the quick-release cobra buckle. It offers quick release, which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. 

Also, it is adjustable allowing customized fit as a concealed belt. It’s a robust belt which can accommodate all your tactical gear such as loaded holsters and other tactical tools. The cobra buckle features 7075 aluminum which makes it light and incredibly sturdy. Also, the clips boast solid brass which makes the whole system very robust.


  • Quick connect buckle
  • The rigid and comfortable belt
  • Sturdy material and stitching
  • High-quality aluminum buckle


  • Weak silicone ring

Wallet Holster for Full Concealment – Bond Arms Derringers

If you’re looking for a concealable way to carry your buckle revolver, here is a lasting solution. This holster features a unique design with top cover to ensure no one notices. It is perfect for a place where full concealment is a significant concern. It is crafted from stiffened leather to ensure it remains rigid to hold your gun securely. The flip closure allows easy access and keeps the gun firm in the holster when you close it.


  • Top-closed design
  • Compact size
  • Stiffened leather
  • Easy to attach to the belt


  • Illegal in some states

Other Handgun Accessories

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I hope you’re now in the know that belt buckle guns have a fascinating history and there are still some remnants even today. The design has changed a bit. But, there are relic-Nazi guns which have been preserved up to date and are available for sale on various auctions. Whether you want the original Nazi buckle pistol or the redesigned models, all that matters is your willingness to break your bank. 

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