Are Hunting Rifles Semi-Automatic?

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I am a proud long time owner of a Browning BAR match which is a semi-automatic .308 for hunting, and I like it because of the numerous benefits it offers. A semi-automatic rifle is specifically essential for hunters, thanks to the fact that it auto-loads hence being more convenient for successive shots. So, back to our question: are hunting rifles semi-automatic? Well, hunting rifles exist in semi-automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles, lever-action rifles, and pump-action rifles. So, yes because there are semi-automatics, and no because hunting rifles come in different types.

Given that they exist in these different forms, it will only be fair for us to go through all these types of hunting rifles. If you need to know how the semi-automatic rifles, the fully automatic, the bolt-action and lever-action rifles work, then read along. Below, we have a break-down of some of these rifles, their advantages, disadvantages, and examples. Have a look.

Semi-Automatic Hunting Rifles

Semi-automatic hunting rifles will allow for an automatic ejection and re-chambering of a new round after each shot. However, you will have to manually release the trigger and re-cock the sear and hammer then pull it again to fire a new shot. If you keep holding the trigger at a firing position, the firearm will continuously fire until you release the trigger or your cartridges run out.  

A semi-automatic rifle will use blow-forward, gas, recoil, or blowback after the round has moved down the barrel to eject the spent cartridges. These types of rifles are efficiently fed by an en-bloc clip and an internal magazine, detachable magazine, or a combination of interior magazine and a stripper clip. A detachable magazine, however, is not as durable as an internal one is.

Examples of Semi-Automatic Hunting Rifles

Below are some examples of the semi-automatic hunting rifles that are ideal for hunting.

Savage Model 64

It is a semi-automatic rifle made by Savage Arms in Canada operating on simple blowback action. It is ideal for beginning shooters, hunters of small game and target shooters who wish to save some costs. Its accuracy and low price features have earned it one of the most popular hunting and target shooting rifles in the United States.

The rifle is available in the true left-handed version, which is ideal and helpful for new shooters. You secure a chance to focus on other important matters they have to learn about shooting a semi-automatic gun.

Berkut Rifle

A Berkut rifle fits into the family of semi-automatic, gas-operated hunting carbines that work perfectly to give you the best results on the hunting grounds. The rifle is designed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula with particular specifications that make it a great gun. It is perfect for shooting both smaller and more great games, and it is available in different styles, such as thumb-hole and semi-pistol.