Are there Titanium Ammunition?

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Yes, although not common, it’s possible to find titanium ammunition, and these are available in various calibers. Titanium is one of the most robust metals; it is corrosion free and durable, just to mention some of its benefits. Its use cuts across engineering and industrial application due to its strength. 

Finding these kinds of bullets can be difficult, and it’s because they are limited in production. Manufacturing them is never the issue but finding a market for constant demand of the ammunition is difficult. It’s because shooters use the standard bullets and other models mostly, this makes titanium ammunition not the preferred option. However, in some platforms, you can request this special ammunition, and they’ll produce and deliver it to you.

Titanium has the highest strength to density ratio compared to any metallic element. Since there are a variety of materials used in making ammunition, titanium is also a viable option. But, some factors make this type of ammunition a bit difficult to work with. These issues with the metal pose a massive problem for both the manufacturer and end-user.

Why is Titanium Ammunition Rare?

This metal is more robust than steel and most metals used for making bullets, but it’s not the best for ammunition. It’s not to say that it can’t be effective, in some shooting situations it can cause the damage required. Here are the reasons why this type of ammunition is uncommon.

The Metal is Hard to Machine

Manufacturers rarely produce titanium bullets because they are demanding and challenging to work with. First, it doesn’t melt quickly, and it will need 1,668 °C to melt completely, which is significant. Also, cutting and designing the metal to the preferred size or shape is difficult; this makes manufacturers avoid it. In general, fabrication of titanium metal into bullets, especially using machinery is too demanding.

Titanium is Expensive

This metal is expensive and since the production cost is on the higher side, makes the bullet more expensive. Also, the world’s supply of titanium is limited hence its high price. This discourages shooters from buying titanium ammunition and makers from producing them.

The Metal is Too Light

Titanium is a light material which would not be ideal for making bullets. The weight of around is something which offers shooters with an added advantage when shooting. Since the bullet is sure to be lightweight, it means that it can travel faster. But the round will decelerate equally quicker making titanium’s low-density feature a disadvantage.

The Ammunition is Very Rigid

This ammunition is hard, and this limits its use because it destroys barrel refills which don’t happen with high density rounds. These rifles are essential because they aid in increasing the velocity of ammunition. Due to its strength, when passing through a firearm’s barrel as it winds, it will scratch the inside. Hence, with time the rifling will be scratched off making the gun unusable.

How Does Titanium Ammunition Work?

Can Titanium Ammunition Penetrate Armored Surfaces?

Titanium rounds are tough, and when they go through penetrable surfaces, they get scratched instead of expanding. They rarely deform, and this would allow you to use the rounds, especially if you are in a shooting range. Although, this applies to the short-ranges since you need to collect them if you’re to reuse. You should understand that titanium bullets are the most used when it comes to armor piercing.

With their strength, these rounds can smoothly go through any armored surface. But, there is a downside when it comes to the shooting range for them to be effective. You have to be closer to the subject for the bullets to go through. It’s because they decelerate quicker; hence, if shot from a far distance, they might not efficiently perform their purpose.

Can Titanium Ammunition Be Used For Hunting?

You can also use titanium bullets in almost all forms of shooting except in long-range shooting. Also military use is prohibited since it would cost a fortune considering the number of rounds they usually need. These bullets are ideal for hunting and self-