Best Gun Cases: Our Top 11 Picks

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Guns are precious commodities that need taking care of as the number of uncertainties that may lead to their damage is unpredictable. Most of these damages occur while the weapon is in transit. The solution to this problem is to have a reliable case for your transport.

Beretta offers some of the best gun cases to protect your shotguns, rifles and handguns, and to ensure convenience when carrying the guns.

Types of Gun Cases

There are primarily two types of gun cases; 

  • Soft shell gun cases
  • Hard shell gun cases

Soft Shell Gun Cases

Cases categorized in this genre tend to be lightweight pieces that are more affordable and promise civil protection. However, their capability to withstand enormous impact is not as reliable as hard cover cases. They feature a more flexible build allowing easy storage and mobility for your weapons. Soft shell gun cases are the perfect choice for primary and short transportation.

Best Soft Shell Rifle Cases

Beretta B-Wild Long Rifle Case

Over the years, this B-wild line of cases has gained popularity among the hunting crews, making it a coveted choice for every hunter. All this attention from the hunting community can be traced back to its robust build. It is made from rigid polyester material and is double stitched for added comfort and durability.

In addition to the already mentioned attributes, it is a water-resistant case. On the interior of this piece of art is a two-inch layer for added protection from harsh impacts. It is lockable with a full-length zipper that entirely opens up the case flat. When wide open, the bag can act as a mat for laying down your equipment or even rest on it. A tab and lock system is in place to efficiently lock the hunting case.

In its interior, it features a protective inner flap that absorbs the weight of the gun, reducing the force acting on the zipper of the case. A wrap-around carry handle makes the bag comfortable and safe to carry around. On its exterior are additional side pockets that act as storage for your extra accessories that may be vital in your trip.

  • It features a full zip opening.
  • It guarantees all-round protection.
  • Its shoulder straps are adjustable for more comfort.
Beretta Alpentrack Rifle Case with Optics

The Beretta team is no new player in the manufacturing of gun cases industry, as they boast of undisputed experience in this franchise. With the years they have been in the game, they have proven to be a force to reckon. The Beretta Alpentrack rifle case earns the team a spot in the top players of gun case manufacturers.

This case can hold one rifle with a scope. It is available in a 130cm case meeting the team’s quality standards to the core. Within the casing lies a soft lining that ensures maximum comfort and safety of its components. Lacking this lining will lead to both rifles and other accessories colliding and bringing severe damage to each of them during transit.

For security and easy portability, the case features two grip straps. Its internal structure is spacious to accommodate the rifle and rifle accessories. Durability is not an issue that should worry you as it is made from a heavy-duty PVC material that is complemented with a wool finish.

  • Perfectly fits your scoped rifle.
  • It is 100% water repellant.
  • Features a sleek and simple design.
  • It only features a single side pocket for additional accessories.

Best Soft Shell Handgun Cases

Beretta Nano Soft Gun Case

This case is custom made for the Beretta BU Nano handgun. Not many gun cases will promise you 360 degrees full shockproof protection and still be classified as a softshell case. However, the Nano case promises and delivers this, with its innovative and compact build. They are built to survive and protect your firearm from the harshest environments that may be a danger to your weapon.

Its design allows it to offer full protection even when fully loaded, unlike most cases that tend to compromise safety when fully packed. The zippered water-resistant pocket on the exterior of the case provides enough space to store your additional accessories. It also features heavy-duty nylon handles that can support the weight of your gun, and it’s recommendable not to overload your case. 

Not only does this product protect your weapon from water, but also snow and dust proving its worth and reliability.

  • It is well-constructed with perfect finishing.
  • This case is a semi-concealed carry device.
  • To some extent, it is a tight fit for some pistol models, as it is made to perfectly fit the Beretta BU Nano.

Best Soft Shell Shotgun Cases

Beretta Hunter Tech Rifle Case

The Beretta hunter tech rifle case is among my personal favorites. Beretta products, in general, never disappoint, and this is an aspect that results in their massive following around the globe. Its perfect build and quality protection against the toughest of impacts is a fantastic attribute associated with it. Unlike other cases, this one features an ergonomic feel on its finish for maximum durability and all-time protection. 

It boasts durable construction from a green synthetic fiber that is scratch resistant with brown detailing on its finish. Its spacious build enables the case to accommodate one scoped rifle, protecting both of them from any damage. This case features a creative and innovative body as there are various approaches to carrying this rifle case. You can have it as a briefcase, using the center straps or as a backpack by use of the available shoulder straps. 

  • It features high-quality materials and zippers.
  • Has a unique shape for perfect handling.
  • Non-removable shoulder strap.

Hard Shell Gun Cases

These cases are tougher than standard cases and preferred for heavy-duty trips. Some rifles are valuable, and sometimes you might need to carry them along on rough and bumpy trips. These trips have seen the damaging of precious and rare rifles, either because of carelessness or unpredicted occurrences.

You would not want to damage your piece during this adventure, and this is where hard shell gun cases come in handy. They preserve the functionality and frame of your gun; some even include dedicated spots for holding additional accessories. Below is a detailed shortlist of prospects to consider before heading to the store.

Best Hard Shell Rifle Cases

Beretta Tactical Explorer Trolley for Rifle

The Beretta tactical trolley rifle case is one item I would recommend to every hands-on shooter. This product marries in an outstanding performance with a killer finishing bound to turn heads. It also features wheels that support the weight of the case even at full capacity.

This rifle case is well built and features the Beretta signature look making its look whole and unique. It features a ribbed exterior design with a black finishing resulting in a perfect product. It is among the top tactical cases available in the market. Although its pricing may seem way overboard, I guarantee that you will enjoy every coin spent on this item.

  • It is a premium quality rifle case.
  • Has wheels that ease the transportation process.
  • It is heavier than an average hard shell case.

Best Hard Shell Handgun Cases

Beretta Tactical Explorer Slim Pistol Case

This Tactical Explorer case is a magnificent creation from the Beretta Company and is among the top tier handgun cases. It fits most autoloaders and handguns with a barrel length of up to four inches. Revolvers with a barrel length of two inches can also work in this gun case.

The case externally measures 13x11x3, hence its ability to accommodate the mentioned weapons. It features a soft knit lining on its interior, providing comfort regardless of the travel conditions. In addition to the soft inner lining, they also feature a barrel protection pocket for additional safety from severe impacts during transport. 

It is worth noting that this case is certified per NATO regulations, increasing its user’s confidence.

  • A perfect fit for your firearm.
  • It comprises quality premium components.
  • Fairly priced.
  • It is heavy.
Beretta New Genuine Pistol Packaging Hard Case

This light pistol hard shell case from Beretta is unique and perfect for large framed pistols. It is large enough to accommodate a variety of model firearms and other firearm-related accessories perfectly. The casing design is outstanding, especially with its locking design; and not the typical style you observe with most brands, 

The case’s exterior build features a rigid no-rip polyester material promising an extended service life and a sleek design. It has horizontal surfaces that are covered with soft, durable polyester material, whereas the vertical ones are not covered.

There are several cutouts on the top and under the foam totaling to over five slots for magazine storage. On its exterior is an extra heavy 7mm hard shell case graced by metal band reinforcement. Its interior dimensions are 11.5x7x2.5 inches, which provides more than enough room for all your storage desires. If you purchase this case in the official Beretta store, you are promised a discount for more than one purchase.

  • Features a compact build and a perfect interior layout.
  • It is an original replacement from Beretta.
  • Has unique and secure closing sliders.
  • It features non-padded magazine pockets.

Best Hard Shell Shotgun Cases

Beretta Hard Case for Side by Side mod.486 

Beretta’s quality and consistency in their products is quite evident in this hard shotgun case. This weapon carrier is built with a unique signature finishing making it a very classy item to add to your collection. Unlike most cases in its profile, this one features two short rubber stands behind its latches that allow for a steady sideways posture.

Built from solid polycarbonate, you should expect nothing less of durable servicing from the Side by Side mod.486 gun case. Its finishing features a ribbed design for added strength and robust build to withstand enormous impacts. There is no need to worry if the inner foam will fit your rifle as its material is easily pluckable to customize it to your weapons preference.

This case also features four dual-stage closing latches, and the ones at each end are key lockable. The strong hinges found on the backside of its body allow smooth and easy opening of the case. A full-length seal keeps the case airtight and includes a pressure release valve to get rid of the accumulated pressure.

  • It promises heavy-duty protection.
  • Features a perfectly constructed interior and exterior.
Beretta Hard Case for Shotgun Mod

This extreme camouflage case is proudly made and followed in the USA, and its popularity has spread across the globe with time. It only features quality materials and components that result in a breathtaking piece that deserves its massive following. Durability is an aspect promised by all Beretta products, and this includes this shotgun case.

The Beretta shotgun hard case suits an all-round audience by offering general quality and consistent performance regardless of their application. It features a rigid construction and a perfectly finished brown build. On its finishing are a water-resistant coating and brass hinges bringing forth a stylish and coveted look. Another aspect that makes it stand out from its competitors is the camouflage finish that helps your case blend in with the surrounding increasing your stealth.

Protection from all elements is guaranteed by the fleece lining included in its build. An outstanding feature that separates this piece from others is its easily customizable interior. It also has an adjustable padded block that makes it simple to modify it to your custom setting, fitting your shotgun perfectly. This case eliminates any insecurities giving you full confidence in the safety of your weapon.

  • Perfectly fits your shotgun.
  • It guarantees all-round protection.
  • Camouflage finishing improves your stealth.
  • It only fits shotguns, and it cannot accommodate medium-sized rifles.
Beretta Polypropylene Semi-Auto Shotgun Case

Beretta makers once again grace their catalog with a polypropylene made shotgun case, which is an option I would recommend to most shooters. Their reputation increases steadily through the years and places them among the top players in the market for over 30 years. This casing is explicitly cut out for semi-auto shotguns and perfectly fits them promising thorough protection.

These cases can survive extreme scenarios, such as being thrown from low flying planes to being transported on rough dirt roads. It guarantees on keeping your semi-auto intact and safe regardless of the impact force; claims are that it is virtually indestructible.

The use of tongue and groove helps in keeping the case watertight. It comes with an auto pressure equalization valve that releases accumulated air pressure. The perfectly cut out foam set comprises the interior structure while the exterior feature handles on the side and front.

  • It promises durability and all-round protection.
  • Perfectly fits your weapon.
  • Its latches keep your rifle from unwanted hands.
Beretta Hard Leather Case for Standard Beretta Shotguns

This case is from the Beretta brand and perfectly fits all Beretta shotgun models and other shotgun-sized rifles. They are among the best issues available because of the heavy-duty wood build that gives them numerous advantages over other competing products. The leather finish on its exterior form is also a spectacle that captures most case shoppers at first glance.

Its rigid build material provides the piece with a lightweight feature and an extended service life than most standard cases. Regardless of the weather conditioning, this case still provides consistent and satisfactory protection. Its build enables it to withstand both physical impact and harsh climatic conditions.

This leather case is a joy to pair with your shotgun with its classy look and guaranteed protection. It is spacious enough to fit two shotgun pieces comfortably. Also, there is room for additional accessories on its interior. It features a soft and unique interior design with cushioning on both the top and bottom. It does not include extra straps as the cushioning offers an adequate grip on both your weapons.

  • High quality and classy case.
  • It features a super soft interior.
  • Barrels only fit vertically in the case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Illegal to Carry an AR15 in Your Car?

Yes, it is illegal to carry your rifle in your car. However, if you lock your gun in a case while unloaded, then you can take it through a state or states without breaking the law. The case also needs to be inaccessible from the passenger compartment.

Should I keep my Guns Loaded in the Case?

I suggest that you should always keep it loaded because of uncertainties that may occur. That half a second reflex shot might prove to be life-saving. However, be careful not to break the law in your area of residence. Enquire from your local law enforcement first, if not sure.


Whether you select a soft or hard case is up to you. All you need to keep in mind is that hard cases offer more protection than soft cases but are more expensive. Before selecting one, consider your weapon’s value, size, and nature of transportation.

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