What Is the Difference Between a Standard Gun Round and a Magnum Round?

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The difference between a standard gun round and a magnum round is down to their size, velocity, and energy of the shots dissipated. The magnum gun round cartridges are big, have a higher speed, power, and ooze more strength than regular gun rounds. 

What this means is magnum rounds have a long projectile travel distance when compared to the regular gun rounds. Magnum ammo provides a robust impact on targets and is bound to cause considerable damage due to their sheer power. Hence, their difference is significant, but this is down to the dynamics of both bullets. There has been continuous advancement in the production of gun rounds, and various influential factors have facilitated this.

Although it is imperative to understand that the history regarding bullet production has been unswervingly relative to the evolution of guns, these two have been going hand in hand, and it’s typical since bullets need guns to offer their functionality. The inception of magnum rounds is down to years of crafting regular rounds to develop a lethal advanced shot. It was not just any deadly gun round but also a bullet cartridge that would fire fatal rounds, causing severe damage.

By trying to comprehend these differences, a lot of factoring and considerations are essential. It’s hard to understand the difference between the two if you don’t get well-versed in dynamic information. This will allow you to fragment the relevant information needed for the familiarity of these two gun rounds.

Which is the Archetypal Difference between a Standard Gun Round and a Magnum Round?

Standard Gun Round

This will fit your standard gun with regular bullets and has a shorter barrel, and so is its size. Generally, it’s your everyday gun rounds, which are for personal protection and hunting. The cartridge is contained in a small chamber and has a muzzle firing velocity of 1200 feet per second. The standard gun rounds use a small amount of propellant hence the incapacity for higher speed.

The gun rounds have been commonly used in-game hunting but specifically small game hunting. They make some of the most preferred cartridges, especially for novice hunters. Standard gun rounds are compatible with most handguns being the reason for their popularity across the hunting scope.

Magnum Gun Round

The magnum name defines its big barrel and cartridge size, which you can’t find with standard guns. The name magnum intends to show its recognition as the best gun round to be developed and it remains. According to accounts, the magnum was named after the most expensive wine bottle available back in the day. With the magnum gun round, the propellant still burns slower, but the distance of the barrel increases its velocity.

Simply put, the longer the bullet propellant burns in the barrel, the faster it will travel. This gun round is more familiar to experienced big-game hunters who understand the magnum’s compatibility. This is so since it’s not your ordinary gun round, and the sheer velocity power is something to reckon. With its significant size, the magnum gun round can create a velocity of 1500 feet per second.

In contrast, what makes the magnum cartridge unique is its size, amount of propellant, and the generous bullet size.

How Many Bullets Can a Standard Gun Round And A Magnum Round Hold?

The amount of bullets each can hold will depend on the gun’s caliber, and the cartridge it’s compatible with. There is the 0.45 caliber or a 9 millimeter for standard rifle round, which can have at least six to eight bullets. The magnum 44, 22 or 357, can hold a maximum of eight shots even though the cartridge size matters. The cartridge factor is prevalent on both gun rounds, and it’s bound to influence the bullet quantity.

A Brief on Standard and Magnum Round History

The prerequisites to serve an existent need to develop steady gun rounds led to the development of the magnum gun. History states its two fellows who saw the challenges encompassed by every standard gun caliber that facilitated this development. The essence of this advancement was to add more firepower since there was a ravaging need from the authorities mostly. This was primarily because of gun owners, whether legal or otherwise, moved from owning the standard gun rounds. 

The need to develop the state forces also led to the advancement of the standard gun round. Police needed a powerful weapon that would out-match the usual gun round. It wasn’t until the 1930s to the 1960s that the magnum gun round was fully developed. The magnum’s godfather, the 38 calibers, went through various stages of development to be referred to as a magnum gun round. 

It happens to be the case with the 44 and 22 caliber magnum and Winchester, respectively. Hence, the standard gun rounds were a stepping stone to the inception of magnum rounds.

Factors That Influenced Evolution of Standard Gun Rounds

The drive for dynamism in design for the standard gun rounds was due to two main reasons. These are the changes in the social environment and hunting, but the latter was influenced by the former. This doesn’t mean that standard guns don’t exist today. They are still common among many shooters, but magnum gun rounds seem to be taking over the hunting world.

Social Environment

In the beginning, crime and need to develop the police departments led to the need to build magnum cartridges. Nevertheless, because of the surge in demand for a better cartridge allowing power and precision, attention was focused on the magnum. From this, both rounds continue with precision refinement to facilitate different shooter’s needs.


With time, we have seen that guns manufactured to ensure hunters can find a holistic weapon to use. In gun manufacturing, cartridges or gun rounds remain an essential part. It’s because each part of a gun has a definite impact on its shooting. The aim is to develop a lethal weapon that can be configured to a hunter’s preference. This leads to the relentless advancement of gun rounds; hence, you will find diverse types.

Hunting with the Standard and Magnum Rounds

Can I Hunt Using a Magnum Gun Round?

Most states allow handgun hunting, and hence, hunting with magnum guns is not prohibited. The magnum guns are the most recommended, and this is because of its gun rounds. In specific, the 357 happens to have one of the best cartridges. It can take down both small and small game from a distance of at least 300 yards. This is significant, considering that it’s not a rifle.

Gun round cases are sizable and in some platforms, the magnum gun is compared with a rifle.  Thus, using the magnum gun round while hunting isn’t prohibited regardless of the firepower it delivers. Although, make sure the state permits gun hunting and the type of gun rounds allowed. Since you will find the wildlife departments allow certain types of guns and others are prohibited.

Why Is It Important to consider Gun Round When Hunting?

Being a handgun hunter means taking complete charge in your awareness. There are several reasons you should deliberate on the gun round to use. First, there is the regulation aspect; there are rules that regulate what kind of gun round you can use. Secondly, being a hunter, you need to realize the best gun round to use. This will vary on what kind of game you intend to hunt.

If you are a small game hunter, the standard gun rounds would be a perfect choice. Their use is mainly hunting squirrels, birds, or rabbits among the many small games available in the wild. For big game hunters, the magnum gun round will allow them to take them down seamlessly. This type of gun round will make it look like a child’s play taking down that elk of buffalo.

Hence, considering the gun round to use for hunting is imperative. It’s the only way to know whether you are on the right side of the law. Also, you simplify your shooting by identifying the right gun round for your hunting expenditure.

Should You Consider The Grade Of The Gun Round?

If you’ve hunted before, then you understand the importance of acquiring high-quality gun rounds. With different manufacturers producing cartridges today, then the possibility of finding substandard gun rounds is high. Although these gun rounds usually come from illegal dealers who are out there to prey on you. Therefore you need the ability to tell between premium and inferior cartridges.

This skill can only be acquired through the hunter’s experience, but you will find charts that can aid you. With premium gun rounds, the level of penetration in-game is more since it’s made using quality propellants and lead. Also, with premium gun rounds, the probability of the gun jamming when shooting game is minimal. This consequently helps prolong your gun’s life, but maintenance is still paramount.

Hence, this is something to consider when purchasing gun rounds for hunting.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Cartridge

You must realize that there are different gun rounds in the standard and magnum category. Thus, you can find gun rounds used for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting games. If you happen to choose the wrong one, it might not serve your purpose well. Hunting bullets have been specially designed for shooting games and to fit specific hunting firearms.

The best way to choose hunting gun rounds is first to understand the drive. If you’re going to hunt either big or small games, there are gun rounds for both of them. Be specific on the cartridges, and this also applies in choosing the right firearm to fit the game you’ll be hunting. By doing this, it becomes easy to select the proper gun rounds for your hunting expedition.

Legal Extremities Affecting These Gun Rounds

Purchasing and possession of gun rounds don’t require following many procedures. This is in most states, and there is no oversight to regulate the sale of gun rounds. The ammunition regulation doesn’t come into play when on matters not related to the purchase of guns. Therefore, if it’s the standard or magnum gun rounds, then you can purchase them freely.

You can buy them online as long as you identify licensed entities that sell gun rounds. Just because you are free to purchase gun rounds doesn’t mean you acquire them from the black market or dark web. Because this can have negative repercussions, and it’s vital to have the receipt of ownership after purchase.

Most Popular Ammunition Accessories

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Final Verdict

Hunters across the field must use either the standard gun round or a magnum round. If you’ve been wondering what makes the weapon rounds different, it does have many factors. But if you are anticipating using either, you now understand each has its exclusive use. The magnum gun round can reach a high velocity and is deemed more powerful.

But it’s all stringent to the type of game you want to hunt.

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