Silencerco Harvester: Review

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Suppressors have earned themselves a bad name from the numerous Hollywood depictions which associate them with assassinations and hitmen scenarios. Surprisingly, some gun-friendly countries require hunters to have suppressors to reduce noise pollution and also protect their hearing. However, most governments place strict measures and need one to have paperwork to show personal ownership and also to ensure a mile of red tape when using one. This should change, and owning a suppressor should be taken as a matter of safety.

Research shows that most suppressors reduce the noise by 25 to 30 Db. The SilencerCo Harvester substantially reduces .300 Win. Mag. Felt recoil to the standard of a .243 Win.  It decreases the concussive noise made by a shot so much that the only sound you hear is of the impact on your target’s flesh. Additionally, it dramatically improves accuracy, making it