Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake: Review

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We all know how much easier it is to shoot with a nice muzzle brake, you don’t have to be afraid of the recoil. it’s just so much more comfortable that your shooting will instantly become better as you get more relaxed. In this review we will present you with the latest muzzle brake we have tried

A muzzle brake entails a device that’s usually attached to the barrel of a firearm or cannon. The function of this device is to transmit propellant gases to counteract recoil or unwanted muzzle rise. The Silencerco ASR muzzle brake is one example of such devices, and we are going to see why it is popular. 

Muzzle brakes reduce vertical movement and recoil when firing. But, having an upgraded muzzle does all the trick. For a beginner who wants to make accurate shots without recoil, it is crucial to have the best muzzle brake mounted on your rifle’s barrel.

The Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake

This ASR muzzle brake is an effective option for you. In this article, we shall see why this muzzle barrel is an excellent choice for many ASR enthusiasts.

Finding the best muzzle brake can be very tricky. But the Silencerco ASR brake has notable features that make it a hotcake in modern artillery. It features an easy to handle and maneuverable design to help you make precise, accurate, and safe shooting.

Three Port Design

The three-port design makes this muzzle brake unique in functionality. It reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise, allowing you to stay on the target and make precise shots. 

Unmatched Compatibility

This muzzle brake boasts excellent compatibility. It is compatible with the entire SilencerCo ASR Mounts family. It also fits multiple threads and caliber options. 

So, you can enjoy suppressed shooting for any particular demand. Besides, each ASR muzzle comes with a shim set and rock-set for enhanced and flawless use and installation. Moreover, the ASR mounting system is standard with Chimera 300, Omega 300, Specwar, Octane Series, Omega K Series, Saker ASR families, among other renowned rifles.

Easy to Handle Design

It is lightweight and compact, which allows one-hand installation. You can attach it and detach it with a single hand making it great for tactical use.


  • Compact and easy to apply
  • Broad compatibility with rifles
  • Enhances accuracy
  • Reduces recoil efficiently


  • Pricey

Is it Necessary to have a Muzzle Brake on Your Rifle’s Barrel?

A question many people ask is if one needs to have a muzzle brake mounted on their rifles. While there are varying answers to that question, there is some ground to cover. You need to have a great understanding of various types of muzzles. In today’s shooting world, most of the rifles come with threaded muzzles that are compatible with different attachments. 

What are the Advantages of Muzzle Brake?

 It Helps You Stay on the Target

Most of the muzzle brakes feature ports to offset the muzzle rise. So, it helps you to locate the target with precision and spot impacts. For instance, the Silencerco Omega ASR brake has a total of three ports. These ports are located at specific angles to help reduce the muzzle rise while effectively suppressing the recoil impulse.

Doesn’t Heat the Barrel

Unlike the suppressors, muzzle brakes allow the barrel to cool. So, it significantly reduces the wait time between the strings of shots.

It Is More Flexible Than a Suppressor

A muzzle brake is shorter and lightweight than a suppressor. Hence it is incredibly maneuverable, which makes it ideal for all tactical shooting. 

Are there any Disadvantages of Muzzle Brakes?

There are evident drawbacks of muzzle brakes. The obvious one is that they don’t reduce noise. Unlike when using suppressors, muzzle brakes will not reduce the noise and, therefore, require you to wear hearing protection. Also, suppressors are better than muzzle brakes regarding reducing muzzle blast and ground signature. Furthermore, suppressors add weight on the barrel, which in turn increases velocity and precision.

How is Recoil Created?

As the gunpowder explodes, it causes expanding gases that force the bullet out of the barrel at extreme velocity. So, this explosion causes a reaction of the same magnitude in the opposite direction. This reaction is what is commonly known as recoil. The muzzle brake reduces this recoil and allows you to have precise and accurate shots. 

How Does a Muzzle Brake Reduce Recoil?

The main principle behind using a muzzle brake is that the same explosion gas that forces the bullet out of the barrel can help reduce the kickback. But that’s not all about the muzzle brake. It as well helps in reducing discharge smoke, which can deter you from spotting your target accurately. The Silencerco ASR brake, which is one of the best muzzle suppressors, provides two crucial functions only and effectively.

Popular Muzzle Attachments

The three most popular attachments are muzzle brakes, suppressors, and flash hiders. Quite often, you’ll encounter particular naming, such as a silencer, rise eliminator, or flash suppressor. Most of these are fancy or slang descriptions of the muzzle devices. But some muzzle attachments are quite versatile as they offer different functions. 

One perfect example of such a versatile muzzle brake is the Silencerco ASR muzzle brake. It features a thoughtful design which reduces the rearward impulse and, at the same time, suppresses the barrel rise impact. Well, this is something many muzzle brakes don’t offer.

 A suppressor is often referred to as a silencer. Well, it typically prevents hearing damage to the rifle user. But, no gun is entirely silent. On the other hand, a flash suppressor or flash hider redirects the fireball in more yielding directions. 

Flash hiders come in all sorts of designs. Some feature multipronged design, while others have slits or ports. However, these flash hiders don’t substantially reduce recoil. Well, they only come into play when you’re firing in low light or when you just want to make your rifle more stylish. There will still be some flash even with ammo that uses low-flash powder. Similarly, there is still some noise even when your gun is equipped with a suppressor. 

Is a Muzzle Brake Different From a Flash Hider?

There is a clear difference between a muzzle brake and flash hider. Well, a muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil because it has ports that redirect the blast at the muzzle. Besides, most of the recoil emanates from the muzzle blast itself. On the other hand, a suppressor decreases the recoil by trapping the gas so that it doesn’t expand. So, a muzzle brake is more efficient than other attachments in terms of reducing recoil. It forces the gas out through the angular ports hence giving the gun a forward pull, which dramatically minimizes the recoil impulse.

What are the Different Types of Muzzle Brakes?

Radial Muzzle Brakes

The radial muzzle brakes feature small ports drilled around the whole body. These work effectively in reducing the recoil impact. However, they have a downside: they will kick up lots of debris while in the field.

Chambered Muzzle Brakes 

The chambered muzzle brake, on the other hand, features a series of open ports. Well, each of these ports allows more gas to escape, thereby reducing the recoil. 

Some have ports on all sides, and they are commonly referred to as compensators. So, they prevent muzzle rise and not just the rearward recoil impact.  There is no clear-cut difference between a compensator and a muzzle brake. Well, the design of the two always tends to vary by the manufacturer. So to avoid confusion, just figure out a compensator as a subtype of the muzzle brakes.

What to Consider When Buying Muzzle Brakes

 As a beginner, there are many thoughts on whether you need a muzzle brake or not. One needs to consider different aspects if there is a need to add the device into your rifle. With these devices being necessary for recoil suppression, type of gun and other elements will determine whether you need them. A beginner, here are some of the things you need to check to have the best muzzle brakes.

Type of Muzzle Brake

There are different types of these rifle devices. Therefore, the buyer needs to have the correct information to choose the ideal for their guns. Typically, there are two types of muzzles that one can select. Usually, there are chambered and radial brakes.

Chambered Muzzle Brakes

Chambered brakes come with a series of ports. The openings are superb since they allow the bullet to pass through. Additionally, the ports are designed with an optimized design that allows the explosive gasses to exit efficiently. The process ensures there is efficient recoil dissipation, which is excellent for the easy shooting process.

Chambered brakes have ports along the 3 and 6 o’clock. However, others, referred to as compensators, have ports at 12 o’clock, which keeps the muzzle down, thus preventing jumps. As a result, compensators are a form of brakes that prevent the gun from jumping, especially when mounted on a tripod.

Radial Brakes

Radial brakes feature ports around the body. Unlike chambered style brakes, these have high efficiency to keep guns intact when firing. These accessories have small holes, which significantly reduces recoils. Although they are reliable, the brakes are prone to causing debris flying. Thus, they can result in a lot of dust getting into your gear as well as the gun. But, this type of brakes tends to deliver smooth and effective recoil suppression.

Multipurpose Tasks

Usually, brakes are exceptional in keeping the shooter comfortable. They ensure there is superb shooting time since recoil reduces significantly. But, these days, we have brakes with a unique design to perform other tasks. Therefore, when choosing the gun accessory, it is vital to ensure there is the right selection. In most cases, multipurpose brakes come with the ability to reduce recoil as well as hindering flash or acting as a compensator.

With a combination of functions, the devices are essential and allow applications on different occasions. Whether its sports, hunting, or military, a versatile muzzle brake is superb. For a brake to be multipurpose, it needs careful ports design and angulation. This will direct the explosive gases in the right direction. The brakes have recoil prevention and high versatility.

Compatibility with Rifles

The compatibility is an important feature when getting a muzzle brake. The ability of a brake to fit in one barrel differs significantly. This scenario is because of the difference in the ammo caliber variation. The available brakes are designed to suit different guns, thus ideal since once you decide to change your gun, there is no need to dispose of your current brake.

To ensure there is excellent compatibility, one needs to have the right adapter. This allows for easy fitting of the muzzle brake without hassles. All you need is to get the ideal adapter, and all is set. Since the barrels have varying diameters, if you have different types of guns, getting corresponding attachment adapters is also essential. Besides having a correct adapter, they also come in various attachments. Some are threaded while others come with bolt attachment locks style. Whichever the case, the right adapter is a crucial thing.

Recoil Reduction Efficiency

The efficiency of a brake to reduce recoil is essential. After all, that is the sole purpose these devices are made for. Although they are not supposed to eliminate all the recoils, they are supposed to offer significant reduction. Interestingly most of the available brakes offer up to 50% reduction. This is certainly not the case when you make a comparison of the different models we have on the market. The best brake will only cut recoils by half. Depending on the rifle, this is a significant reduction hence shooters comfort. For modern guns, recoil is less even without brakes. Therefore, adding a brake will result in excellent shooting and high accuracy.

Muzzle Brake Brand

The brand of a muzzle brake is vital. Some of the brands are known to make high-quality gun accessories. Rifle makers also make these devices making them have exceptional compatibility. Although quality is the primary consideration, one needs to have a break from a reputable company. For instance, the SilencerCo ASR muzzle brake is one of the premium options for different rifles. 

It’s built from premium materials and features excellent features to maximize recoil reduction. Although other brands make these devices, one needs to get the best performing and quality. Durable materials like stainless steel materials, among others, make these devices sustainable and reliable. As a result, different manufacturers strive to make the best ones. This helps the buyer to get the best selection due to reputation and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do muzzle attachments affect the accuracy

Muzzle attachments such as brakes do not lower the accuracy of your rifle. They only suppress the recoil force after the bullet has already left the barrel.

What makes a good muzzle brake?

It should have holes which direct gases upwards, sideways, and slightly backward to effectively lower rifles recoil.

Does a muzzle brake make the rifle louder

Not really. It only redirects the blasts towards the shooter and, at the same time, reduces recoil. So, anyone behind the rifle can hear it being louder than the non-braked gun.


It is now clear that muzzle brakes offer excellent benefits over other muzzle attachments. But, the design of the brake matters and can affect how it effectively reduces the recoil of your rifle. If you want to have a fantastic shooting with your ASR rifle, the Silencerco ASR brake would be a necessary attachment. It is innovatively-built to substantially reduce the recoil of your gun while allowing you to stay on the target and shoot accurately. Also check out the Silencerco Harvester review.

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