Top 10 Best Scent Hunting Dogs – They smell great!

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A scent hunting dog is one that mostly uses its ability of scent to hunt rather than the eyes. These dogs hunt by tracking the smell of the prey until they get to their hiding place and then chase them as they bark. Generally, olfactory receptors are receptors located in the nose that help in the sense of smell. Dogs have over 300 million of these receptors but with different abilities. This is the main characteristics used to determine the best scent hunting dogs with excellent scent ability. Other characteristics include strength, speed, intelligence among others. The following is a review of 10 best scent hunting dogs.

American Foxhound.

This is one of the great hunting dog breeds that make use of their smelling capability to track the prey. They have a great sense of smell hence versatile for hunting as well as a howl that is easily recognizable by the hunter. American Foxhound is well known for hunting foxes and chasing deer among other hunts. It has strong stamina and love running, this also adds to its versatility in hunting. The breed has a large structure and a height of about 21-25 inches, the legs are straight boned and long. These factors enable the dog to be very active during hunting as well as energetic.


  • Very active and energetic.
  • Versatile sense of smell.
  • Strong stamina.
  • Fast.


  • They lack off-leash trust.