Best 16 Gauge Shotguns for Duck Hunting

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The 16 gauge shotgun has been around for years, and remains a favorite firearm for many hunters. The most amazing thing with guns in this capacity is that they are lightweight. The flexibility that comes with these guns makes hunting more fun and easy to do, while the speed of loading also makes it super convenient for continuous shooting.

What is Unique about the 16 Gauge Shotgun?

 The 16 gauge shotgun offers a difference even in terms of performance. Its hit is similar to a 12 and covers a long distance. 

The chamber is 2 ¾ inch making it more flexible for shooting, and it has a super muzzle velocity of 1350 fps. This makes the shotgun superior, offering five shots at a 1-ounce charge. Its uniqueness comes in terms of weight convenience. The ability to fire continuous follow-up shots also makes it an excellent hunting shotgun.

Are 16 Gauge Shotguns Bigger than 20 Gauge Shotguns?

All shotguns usually are classified spending on the Gauge used. The Gauge is the diameter of the shotgun bore and shotgun shell explicitly designed for that bore. 

Most known shotguns common include; 28 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, 12 gauge, and 10gauge. When the gauge number is small, the shotgun bore is more massive. To determine the Gauge, you will have to count the number of lead balls that will equal the bore’s diameter that can weigh one pound. 

You can also measure the