Best 10 mm handguns: A Buyer’s Guide

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From a recent study, about 30% of the American population own guns. From this data, at least 48% of the gun owners claim to have them for self-protection. Any individual could get to a situation that calls for self-defense. Therefore, there is a need for proper preparation in such unprecedented scenarios that would expose you to dangers. Your preparedness requires you to have a weapon that would double up to help you in both self and bear defense.

A 10 mm handgun comes in handy, in granting you the personal security you require. 

Though unlikely, handguns can also be used for hunting. It is however suitable for the mid-size game such as deer, bears, and hogs. It is small and easy to carry around and does the trick when you place your shots accurately. 

If you had any problem with choosing the best handgun, I am happy to calm your worries by offering you the best options.

Buyers Guide: What You Need to Know When Buying 10mm Handguns 

In your endeavor to find the best handguns for their purposeful use, there are features and ideal functions the guns should offer. For instance, as the name handgun denotes, it should be easy to carry around and lighter on the hip and adept at handgun hunting experiences and close combat attacks. Here is some information you need to have before you choose to own that handgun you passionately want. 


Accessories are not only limited to the big guns but also handguns. It is, therefore, imperative for a critical consideration of this factor. Some pistols have a variety of accessories such as custom grips, lasers and lights, magazines, and rear and front sights, enhancing your accuracy and allowing you additional tactical options.

Ammo Selection

You need to understand what kind of ammunition the given 10mm handgun takes. Your best knowledge of the ammo selection allows you to have a choice that is suitable for different types of powder that go ahead in delivering mixed results. Some are better known for target shooting and general range, whereas others are good at creating excellent explosive stopping power.


Durability is another factor to put in mind when in need of a 10mm handgun. Some firearms may look the same, but they are not made alike. Some are built to last, through their material components and layered on with exceptional finishes that give them durability. 

Depending on what purpose you need the handgun for, one with unique elements to resist metal corrosion is always a good fit. You also need a pistol that won’t break easily in case you accidentally drop it.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a 10mm handgun will affect how best it works for you. Your choice should be informed by how easily and quickly you’re enabled to draw the gun. Smaller guns are also suitable for concealed carry, better for quick draw circumstances, and fit well in smaller holsters.

Best Overall Handgun

Remington 1911 r1 Semi-Automatic Hunter 

The semi-automatic firearm from Remington has a black body and stainless steel slide. The gun is my best pick for bear hunting, and it is fun carrying with its high shooting accuracy.

It has a higher knockdown power and gets your bear hunting job done at a distance with ultimate precision.


The features of the gun include

Stainless Match Grade Barrel

It has a 6-inch stainless match-grade barrel that ensures superb shooting accuracy from any distance you aim from.

Accessory Rail

The accessory rail allows you to attach on the gun some light or other laser objects to amplify your target sight.

The Extended Beavertail Grip Safety

The grip safety ensures you have a firm and sure grip of your firearm wherever in the fields hunting. Your gun thus will hardly fall from your hand even in the event of pressure.

Tough Finish

The Remington firearm has a tough finish on it, ideal for any hunting activity in any given weather condition. It’s, therefore, much more durable.


  • Offers a clean, crisp break
  • Has a stainless steel frame and slide
  • It has fully adjustable match sights
  • Has two 8 round stainless steel magazines


  • The gun is a little more expensive.

Best Handgun for Concealed Carry

Sig Sauer P220

It is the best small Pistol that is convenient to carry around in your concealed holster. It is a perfect sidearm weighing approximately 2.45 pounds with a barrel length of about 4.4 inches. Therefore, there is guaranteed ease to carry it around as a sidearm from anywhere on your body.


The features of this handgun include

Stainless Steel Slide

This handgun lasts longer with a stainless steel slide on it. It also has some wear-resistant finish that reduces any further corrosion.

Four-Point Decoking Control

This feature enhances your safety in instances where you’re called upon to draw your firearm hurriedly. Therefore, it prevents you from any accident and unusual discharge of your weapon, which could pose more significant risks.

An Integrated Accessory Rail

The feature ensures I can perform the combination of my weapon with other optical accessories for a more top-notch usage experience. It also means I can use it as my primary handgun rather than carrying it around for backup purposes. 

Safety Intercept

This is an enhanced safety feature that ensures enough prevention measures. You are sure that you will not encounter unnecessary accidents when using the gun.


  • Small and convenient for conceal carry
  • It has a good design with the right materials
  • It has excellent durability enhancements
  • Quite relatively easy to use


  • They are relatively expensive to acquire

Best Handgun for Hunting

Colt Delta Elite

When out on a hunting spree for pigs, deer, and any other animal, be sure the Colt delta elite 10mm pistol is what you need as your companion. It has considerably sophisticated features for the ultimate hunting experience, including easy target acquisition and simple firing controls.

Weighing in at 2.19 pounds, this Pistol comes with twin magazines on its purchase just for you. This eight-round magazine handgun with a 5-inch barrel, therefore, guarantees you fun in your hunting games.


The magnificent features of this handgun include

Stainless Steel Finish

The gun has the best available material with a stainless steel finish that ensures a more exceptional aesthetic. There is also an enhanced resistance against any damage caused by corrosion.

Crisp Feel Trigger Pull

The feature is pretty much exciting to serious shooters who appreciate the need for this firing control in any severe hunting game. The trigger also features some holes perforated into it just for better artistic value.

The Fixed Two-Dot Rear Sight

It provides the classic comfort in picking out your target for a more accurate shot on those moving targets.


  • Offers good sights for target acquisition
  • It has a high aesthetic value onto it
  • Provides the desired range and accuracy to pick a shot on a given target
  • It has two magazines 


  • Averagely costs higher
  • Shots taken on a longer distance are affected by its longer barrel

Best Handgun for Novice Shooters

Glock G40 Gen 4

The Glock G40 is another model from Glock. This 10mm Pistol for sale has a variety of features that aids so much in its usage. The Pistol is relatively small and lightweight, weighing at only 1.76 pounds. It is also easy to handle with no much need for expertise and strength from the upper body.

The Glock G40 also has a 10 round magazine with an extra allowance of another magazine. It has an enhanced user experience with a comfortable hand grip that gives the liberty for multiple orientations in holding it.


Some of its other features are:

The Modular Optical System

This optical system enables you to mount optics on your handgun, enhancing your sight effortlessly. It also features an adjustable front sight, all aiding in your shooting accuracy.

Gas Nitride Finish

This finish is specifically added on to the making of the gun to prevent any corrosion damage on some of its metal parts, hence increased durability

The Cover Plate

The handgun has a cover plate that allows you to explore the gun’s full potential without mounting any optics. This still guarantees you much accuracy.


  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Adjustable rear sights to enhance precision
  • Enabled sight mounting through the modular optical system
  • Thoroughly furnished by gas nitride to prevent corrosion


  • Has no provided optics that come with it

Best Handgun for Versatility

Glock G20 Gen4

This classic G20 Gen4 Pistol is quite easy to use and relatively versatile. It is a reliable semi-automatic handgun preferred by both general firearm enthusiasts and those seeking high tech firearms. This Pistol has a magazine capacity of 15 10mm cartridges. 


Glock G20 Gen 4 has excellent features which include:

Textured Grip

This, together with finger grooves, ensure a firm grip avoiding any instances of the gun dropping off your palm in moments of duress or ambush. It also helps in ensuring stability and added accuracy.

Fixed Iron Sights

It is a fully automatic system with autonomously functioning mechanical safeties that disengage whenever you pull the trigger and re engage if the trigger is released. Chances of any accidental discharges reduce significantly. 

Synthetic Polymer Frame

The hand has a synthetic polymer that significantly reduces felt shudders whenever there is the firing of shots in rapid succession.


  • Greater magazine capacity
  • Quite comfortable when holding in hand with a good grip
  • Improved and innovative safety system
  • They are durable and reliable


  • No sights by default
  • The sights are still not adjustable.

Best Option for Adaptability

Dan Wesson RZ-10

The Dan Wesson handgun brand never disappoints at all. This 10mm RZ-10 version is one of the best picks from the original 1911. It is an easy to use and adaptable handgun much better for self-defense due to the reduced chances of trigger misfiring. It is equally aided by the standard match grade barrel that also improves shooting accuracy and feeding of the gun.


This 1911 Dan Wesson firearm has useful features such as

Undercut Trigger Guard

It allows the shooter to gain a firm and high grip on the Pistol; hence there is a more excellent aim when shooting.

Match Grade Ramped Barrel

The firearm has a barrel that allows for safe usage with 10mm loads and catering for a smoother feeding

Fixed Defensive Sights

The gun has defensive views set on top of the slides and a serrated Clark-style target rib

Longer Frame 

It has a longer ergonomic frame that provides for a better grip to aid better shooting and limit possible slip when shooting to cause reckless shots.


  • It looks absolutely fantastic
  • Its magazine capacity is good
  • Hand fit match barrels
  • The guns are durable and reliable to use


  • No additional magazine
  • It’s quite heavy in comparison to other 10mm handguns.

Easiest Handgun to Handle

Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR

The Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR is a semi-custom pistol bearing a heightened hand-fit slide. The gun is available in two models with one model having a 5-inch barrel and the other a 6-inch barrel. It is a relatively smaller handgun with outstanding features. 

The two quality Springfield Armory pistols have forged match frames with a Black-T finish to withstand any harsh environment and heavy use.


Some of its outstanding features include:

The Extended Beavertail Grip Safety

The grip safety provides better control of your pistol, eliminating any joint discomfort with stock grip safeties.

Match-grade Bull Barrel with Supported Feed Ramp

It allows for match-grade accuracy hence aiding in shooting effectiveness. The supported feed ramp mainly guides cartridges into the barrel’s firing chamber after being released by the non-reversible magazine release button.

Extended Manual Safety Levers

The manual safety levers have serrated surfaces that make the gun more proficient without unintentional swipe dangers into the off-safe position. 

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion, making the gun effectively operable and durable.


  • It is easy to shoot
  • Durable 
  • It is very accurate and easy to aim
  • Offers fast reloads aided by an enlarged magwell


  • The gun costs quite a lot
  • The absence of front slide serrations makes it hard to remove the slide stop. 

Best Option for Self-Defense

Wilson Combat Classic

The Wilson Combat classic is a traditional full size 1911 pistol that gives you the best option for self-defense. It is both a full-featured match and a carry pistol from the classic 1911 timeless look. I love this gun just for its incorporated adjustable sights at the rear, which ensures you have no difficulties in a shooting. The provision of tritium sights also provides your shot is not affected even in low light situations.


Features of this classic firearm include:

Bulletproof Thumb Safety

The extended thumb safety comes in handy, especially when there is a need for concealed carry.

Beavertail Grip Safety

The gun has a high ride bulletproof beavertail grip safety that offers better control of the Pistol while eliminating any discomfort arising.

Lo-mount Adjustable Rear Sight

It is incorporated to improve sight while shooting and boost your accuracy. This also helps to minimize the use of bullets hence economical.


  • Has a full-length guide rod
  • High cut checkered front strap available
  • 5-inch hand fitting match grade barrel
  • Improved ramp front sight


  • The guns are relatively expensive in the Market.

Best Premium Handgun Option

Kimber Eclipse II

It is one of the best firearms available built with exceptional craftsmanship. Kimber eclipse custom has its slides and frames made from stainless steel and further brush polished. Its durable black matte oxide finish even grants it a more progressive outlook.

It has a barrel length of about 5 inches, making the Kimber eclipse a suitable carrier and shoot gun.


The impeccable features of the handgun include

Beavertail Grip Safety

The grip safety ensures the hand’s web has protection from being hit by the hammer or the slide

Lightweight Aluminum Trigger

The gun has a lightweight trigger made of aluminum that aids in its comfortable and efficient handling

Polished Black Finish

The bi-tone stainless finish gifts the gun with a more dynamic look and a mirror-like surface on its steel material.


  • Well made with a commander style hammer
  • Has the front and back strap checkering
  • It has the rear and forward cocking serrations on the slide
  • Rear underline night sights


  • The aluminum parts are not be as durable.

Best Option for Accurate Target Shooting

Ruger SR1911 Pistol

The Ruger sr 1911 pistol is a traditional 1911 handgun designed for both accurate target shooting and self-defense. The gun has a short recoil operation with a 45 ACP caliber. It is one of my best picks because of its three-dot sight and very excellent accuracy.


The classic gun has many features among them;

Extended Thumb Safety

The thumb safety and the slide top lever offers improved and positive manipulation when handling the gun.

Beavertail Grip Safety

It has an oversized beavertail grip safety that provides for its positive functioning and reliability at all times

Inspection Port

It has an inspection port which allows for the visual confirmation of the gun’s loaded chambers

Skeletonized Hammer

The skeletonized hammer and the titanium firing pin offers the shooter a faster lock time.


  • Has superior accuracy out of the box
  • It is lightweight
  • Two stainless steel magazines
  • Its rear slide serrations offer a positive grip


  • Need some experience to work the trigger well

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 10mm a Good Carry Gun?

A 10mm is a perfect and extremely useful handgun round, especially for self-defense purposes and hunting games. It is generally good for personal security.

How Powerful is a 10mm Handgun?

The 10mm propels 40 caliber bullets between 1200-1400 feet per second. They arguably rival the 357 Magnum revolver cartridge. The handguns are powerful enough to put down a bear and for any defensive use.

What is a Recoil Speed?

Recoil speed refers to the backward movement of a gun whenever it gets discharged? 

What is the Difference between a Glock and 1911?

1911 is an all-steel metal and single-action pistol that uses a firing pin. The Glock, however, exploits the steel slide and barrel. The Glock also uses the “safe action” trigger system. They both use a short recoil system.


I would recommend the Remington 1911 r1 semi-automatic hunter as it beats the test of time and serves you longer, giving you value for your money. The reason why I completely adore this gun is its stainless match-grade barrel brings you the accuracy you need for shooting.

Whether you’re a shooting and target practice enthusiast, or probably a bear hunter, this collection of handguns gives you the best choice. There is an excellent guarantee of once in a lifetime user experience and value for your money. 

While going out to purchase your gun, consider the purpose for which you’re acquiring it. Some handguns may not be quite versatile in the way they suit you. For instance, if you need a handgun to carry around for some self-defense, it won’t be wise to pick a hi-point gun. Always make sure you purchase a firearm from a legitimate dealer to avoid going against any restrictions for personal gun ownership. Head out and find your best handgun today.

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