Duck Hunting in Louisiana

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In the US, Louisiana has some of the most attractive wintering grounds for waterfowl. Ducks and geese have been invading the southern state for centuries each season. 

Louisiana is full of bays, flooded fields, and inland lakes that ducks prefer. Oxbows and rivers provide a winter and breeding habitat for the various types of ducks.

Welcome to the Louisiana Duck Hunting Backcountry Paradise

Fall colors are the signal for duck hunters to take to the Louisiana duck hunting grounds. These include backwaters, coastal marshes, and swamps Duck hunting is entrenched in Louisiana’s culture, and the state is famed for all manner of waterfowl.

The extensive resources attract hunters and researchers to the Louisiana migration grounds.

Growing up, I was hunting in Louisiana and wouldn’t want to shoot ducks elsewhere. This, after all, is the final destination for millions of ducks on their fall migration.

Favorite Locations in Louisiana for Ultimate Duck Hunting 

Public Hunting Grounds

I have experienced out-of-this-world waterfowl hunting in Louisiana. This state’s landscape must have been designed with duck hunting in mind.

Louisiana has over 8,000 square miles of water-logged land. Its wildlife management zones are in the dozens. There are more than 1 million acres that suit the breeding and habitat needs of migratory ducks.

This doesn’t even include the private waterfowl hunting preserves. I find plenty of places to hunt ducks here, from flooded grain fields to coastal marshes and timber. 

The 35,000 acre Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge is a major ground for pintails. Also allowing duck hunting is the Sabine NWR, a 124-acre coastal marsh that’s the largest on the gulf coast.

I can access an endless maze of waterways with my duck boat. Also, I can walk-in to flooded timber, such as Russell Sage WMA armed with a shotgun, duck calls, and a pair of waders.

Wildlife management reserves include Atchafalaya River delta, Pass a Loutre at the mouth of the Mississippi, and Pointe aux Chenes.

These limited crowd areas restrict using outboard motors or other internal combustion vehicles. This aims at keeping disturbance and noise down for the wintering waterfowl. 

I usually pole into these marshes, venturing further into the pirogues for a great hunting experience.

Private Hunting Areas

Apart from these public duck hunting opportunities, some endless outfitters manage private spreads. 

Here, you will find an ideal and maintained duck habitat environment. The water levels support food availability.

Alongside a healthy dose of southern hospitality, guided mud boat expeditions will deliver you to a well-situated duck blind for a fee. You will have decoys deployed on your behalf. 

Some hunters may consider these private guided tours more like a vacation than a nitty-gritty hunt. But the down-home Cajun cuisine provided at the end of the day makes it well worth it.

Places I Would Recommend for Duck Hunting in Louisiana

In the Northeastern part of Louisiana, duck hunting wetlands stretch all the way south to the Mississippi River. As with the state’s coastal areas, waterfowl is much a part of the wildlife of this area.

Over 9 million migrating ducks will winter in Louisiana’s wetlands every season. 

The state’s coastal zone is the best southern duck hunting area, according to Louisiana’s department of wildlife and fisheries