CBE Bow Sights Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Archery is all about pinpoint accuracy. However, it is challenging to achieve accuracy without having an archery bow sight.

Well, CBE is an acronym meaning custom bow equipment. It is a line of products that is reputable in the manufacturing of top-rated archery sights. In this review, you are going to see why they are popular. I will also give more tips, based on my experience with the sights,  for selecting the best.

Why Should You Opt for CBE Sights?

CBE is a company known globally for its high-tech archery equipment. If you are a beginner or an expert who wants to expand or have a new taste of archery art, CBE has everything you’ll need. All the CBE hunting and archery equipment boast their origin in the US. 

Besides, the products feature a lifetime guarantee, and hence you can trust the company’s dedication in producing premium products. For the CBE sights, you will love their rugged construction, flawless adjustability, durable design, and pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, most archery competitors use CBE sights, which is enough proof of the company’s superiority.

Best CBE Bow Sights

CBE Tactic Bow Sight

If you are looking for the best archery bow sight, the CBE Tactic Bow Sight won’t disappoint. It boasts a creative design offering its unmatched performance and versatility. The first feature you’ll applaud is the smart mount system. This unique mounting design allows flawless installation on your bow, hence ideal for hunting activities where quick-performance is a significant concern. 

Also, it features a unique gang adjustment accessory; hence, you can move the pins altogether. It also allows for easy elevation and windage adjustments. Well, this particular built-in accessory will enable you to shoot your arrows with high precision and accuracy. It has visual laser engraved points to facilitate precise adjustments. 

Moreover, it features three-pin housing, which has precise laser engraved to allow hassle-free pin adjustments. This tactic bow sight features .0.19 inch blade pins, which are the right size to eliminate image distortion, guaranteeing pinpoint accuracy. The other fantastic feature is the machined aluminum construction of this sight. It is rugged and boasts exceptional durability. You just can’t get enough of this sight.


  • Versatile hunting gear
  • Premium metal construction
  • Amazing micro-adjustment
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Pricier than other competitive bow sight models

CBE TL3 Hunting Sight .019

The ultra-light and compact design of this bow sight makes it great for hunting. Featuring rugged synthetic Multi-Pin Aperture, the CBE TL3 Hunting Sight is sturdy and offers unparalleled durability. Also, this CBE sight boasts an Armed Guard Fiber Management System. Hence, the pins remain safe and functional for a long time.

 Also, this fiber system makes the pins bright for easy aiming in low light conditions. The armed guard keeps the fragile pins safe, which is very important. This bow sight is also an exception as it features Dovetail gang adjustment. This system is professionally engineered as it offers visual laser engraved markings, and you’ll enjoy precise adjustment and accurate target acquisition at different yardages. The sight allows vertical and horizontal adjustment to ensure you adapt to the terrain and shoot your targets accurately, fantastic, right?

This device is also ideal if you are using a tree stand as it will counter elevation and windage to ensure you make perfect shots and offers an upgraded smart mount system. It has holes that allow flawless mounting on your bow system. Additionally, the easy-slide windage unit of this sight has laser engraved markings and an indicator window. Hence, you can make precise and accurate target aiming.


  • Robust construction for durability
  • Compact size making it convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount as it comes with a smart mount system


  • This sight may be a little expensive and you do pay some for the quality brand

CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight RH .010

 The CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight RH .010 is a top-ranked bow sight. Its exceptional engineering makes it ideal for hunting, archery training, and tournaments. It features a trouble-free installation as it has an easy-glide mounting system. Also, the unique construction allows hassle-free pin adjustment. Well, you need just to loosen the hex screw and then engage the pin of your choice depending on the target’s yardage. 

Additionally, it features a user-friendly knob, which you need to turn to make a precise micro-adjustment for each pin. The fiber system allows easy visibility of the pins in low light. Besides, the 12-inch fiber makes the pins incredibly bright while shooting in the dark. Also, this sighting device features an armed guard system that protects the delicate pins. Be sure that when you carry this sight to a competition, It will not let you down.

The quad track stability management system ensures stable adjustments without the annoying rattling and rocking, making it a remarkable sight for deer hunting. The other attractive feature of this sight is the rapid drive elevation mechanism. The built-in ergonomic knob allows flawless adjustment.


  • Easy and soft adjustment
  • Amazing fiber optic details
  • Ergonomic knob
  • Lightweight and compact


  • There are complaints of loose casing issues by some users.

CBE SL4 Hunting Sight .019

 Are you looking for an archery sight that offers the most flexibility? Here is one of the best CBE sights to sort you out. Apart from hassle-free mounting and adjustment, it has other tons of fantastic features. It features a patented armed guard that safeguards the fragile fiber optic-enhanced pins.

 Like the CBE Engage Hybrid Bow Sight RH .010, this bow sight offers about 12 inches of fiber. Therefore, the pins are quite bright to enable you to work in dark and dim situations. Also, it has a Dovetail elevation gang system entailing a visual laser engraved markings. Thus, precise adjustment is a breeze.

Additionally, the ultra-lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for your hunting bow. It won’t add excess weight, and you’ll be able to work with it for a long time. The other astounding aspect of this bow sight is the patented smart mount system. The installation requires a simple fix of some screws.

Moreover, the mounting system has several holes for easy multi-position setup. Therefore, it is easy to tune your bow to match different hunting expeditions. This bow sight also allows perfect windage adjustment. Thanks to the patented quick-slide unit with some precise laser engraved marking as well as an indicator window.


  • Decent visibility
  • Available RH and LH options
  • Smooth-slide system for noiseless adjustments
  • Compact and lightweight for convenience


  • There are cheaper ones out there with similar features, not sure its the same quality though.

CBE Sights Buying Guide

CBE sights are premium accessories that are superb for different activities. Whether it’s for archery or hunting, bow sights are essential. Although many people might assume CBE sighting accessories are the same, they come in a variety. This guide assists everyone to enjoy excellent choosing ability.

Number of Pins

The number of pins is a great feature when you are buying CBE archery sights. Different sights offer varying performance. The choice of the number of pins depends on the shooting range. As a general rule, it is ideal to choose the sights with the least number of pins; when shooting a shorter range, a single pin sight is enough. This aspect will ensure simplicity and eliminate confusion.

The one pin is a great sight for people shooting up to 30 yards. Hence, it guarantees easy sighting and shooting without experiencing technicalities. 

On the other hand, for hunters shooting up to 30 yards, three-pin sights are a good option. For people shooting over 30 yards, more pins allow high flexibility ensuring easy adjustment and sighting with the least confusion.

When the bow hunters are shooting a great distance over 6 yards, it is good to look at a sight with five pins. The more pins a sight has ensures increased convenience. As a rule of thumb, the longer the shooting distance is, the more pin you need. It increases accuracy while reducing adjustment hassles. 

Fixed vs. Adjustable Pins

Usually, there are two types of sight pins. One of the types of pins is fixed-pins, and the other one is adjustable. The availability of these sighting devices in different configurations and performance ensures there is an easy selection among the hunters.

For a single pin adjustable sight, it only comes with one pin. The pin is adjustable, which ensures there is high flexibility and ability to pinpoint your target. You can move the pin using a lever to suit your shooting range. To ensure there is an accurate setting, there are scales or marked tapes that indicate the yardage. As a result, the user often slides the pin into the correct position. However, the adjustable pins require time to adjust in the event an animal moves. This delay, in turn, can compromise your accuracy and efficiency.

When it comes to multiple fixed pins, they are efficient and facilitate quick action. Since they are indicated the range, there is no readjustment when an animal moves. The user enjoys the right shooting range without further adjustments. These types of bow sights are great even when the hunter is in pressure. The only problem when shooting with these sights is confusion. The chance of using the wrong pin is high, which can cost the hunter dearly.

Sight Pin Diameter

Bow sights are available in different sizes,  prompting the variation on the sight diameter. The choice of bow sight should consider the size of the pins for easy visibility. When you think about the better sighting, I would recommend long pins. The larger ones are great for use, especially under low light conditions. They will eliminate problems when trying to pinpoint the target precisely. Although large ones are great for easy visibility, they compromise the accuracy.

Usually, as you shop for bow sights, the common ones to find on the market are 0.029” 0.019” and 0.10”. These pins are suited to different occasions since accuracy differs. When shooting a short-range, large pins are great due to accuracy issues. However, as the range increases, the smaller pins are, the better.

Apart from the range of shooting, the conditions will hamper your pin size selection. When you are a hunter during low light conditions, the ideal pins should be large ones. This is where 0.29 inches pins are an excellent consideration. However, this applies when you are shooting a shorter range, and there is low light. When the conditions are conducive, short pins are best since they offer the least target obscure.

Bubble Level

As you aim, there is a chance of a significant deviation. But, once your bow has a high-quality sighting accessory, it becomes east to sight easily. The solution to this is getting a hunting bow sight with a bubble level. This feature ensures that even the slightest deviation is detected. Usually, bows with level have less canting. The bubble level eases the pin correct range setting. As a result, when your bow moves, it’s easy to detect through the bubble’s movement.

When you plan to use a bubble level on your bow, I recommend that you ensure it is appropriately set. Due to this, it is ideal to involve technicians for adjustment verification. Mainly, technicians are essential in ensuring your level is at the level with the rest of the bow. Thus, when hunting, the combination of level and pins ensure added accuracy. To ensure users have easy usage, most of the bows are fitted with 2nd and 3rd axis modification for quick and easy level fine-tuning.

Ease of Use and Micro-Adjustment

The sights are easy to adjust, especially for experienced users. The availability of bow sights with detailed manual further increases the ease of use. Usually, the ability to set the pins correctly is the priority, as it will reduce the adjustment and sighting time while maximizing the accuracy.

Apart from the general ease of use, there is a need for the bow sights to have a fine-tuning feature. Micro adjustment is a superb feature that increases shooter accuracy. Regularly, the sights come with adjustment knobs, and if it’s not, choose the one that comes with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBE Bow Sights Ideal For Hunting?

 Yes, most of them are. I make sure to carry them during my bowhunting expeditions. When you choose the best sight, your hunting will always be a win. Most of the top-rated CBE sights feature micro-adjustment which allows precise and accurate aiming. They also offer a smooth-glide system that will enable you to make the angle adjustment and yardage estimation without provoking the game animal.

Is There a Need to Add a Lens to the Sighting Device?

Absolutely! For long-range, especially, you’ll need the two to work together. The magnifying lens will bring the image closer, and the sight will allow you to take the best level and eye the target accurately and precisely. In the case of medium ranges, you may not need the lenses. However, the two devices, working together, will bring you closer to pinpoint accuracy. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the bow sight you buy is compatible with most CBE lenses.

Which is the Best Lighting for Bow Sights

Most of the CBE sights have built-in fiber optic lighting. It allows easy visibility of pins while in low light conditions. Some of the best-rated sights will feature at least 12 inches of fiber optics. This technology is probably the best, even though some people opt for rheostat lights. All in all, you’ll need to ensure the light does proper work for you to sight your target without difficulties.

Do You Need a Few Pins Or More?

The more the pins, the more you can set them for small yardage increments.

Also, the lower the increments, the better the chances of your target falling within the set yardages. But most hunting scenarios will feature three to four pins. Besides, most hunting situations will be at close quarters, and you won’t need to sight many pins. 

More pins can enhance more accuracy for medium and long yardages. However, the situation must allow the use of many pins. One drawback of having many pins is that it can cause obscured targets view.


It’s very challenging to discredit any of the CBE bow sights we’ve in the above review. As illustrated above, they are perfectly easy to adjust to fit your shooting range. Also, they boast rugged construction to ensure they adapt to rough use in the wilderness. 

However, the models’ prices are slightly varying. Good luck with your archery, and I hope the sights above will help you attain pinpoint accuracy and help you in your hunting endeavors.

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