Best Arrows for Deer Hunting

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“Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?”


We’ve all heard it, and it’s never more true than when you go deer hunting with a bow. We need to know that when we make a good shot, the deer will go down. This is the reason we have written this extensive guide for the best arrows for deer hunting.

When you are going deer hunting with a bow, there are lots of dynamics that you must consider if you want to get the correct shot placement. As far as arrows go, they appear similar, yet they are as different as they vary from arrow brand and batch. 

For the avid deer hunter, shooting beyond 50 yards is among the challenges and feats expert hunters brag about when they have a deer to show for it. In reality, and despite modern technology on new arrows, shooting past 40 yards requires the best arrows for hunting. 

When it comes to choosing the best arrow for deer hunting, the arrow weight is also critical. Remember, weight determines how far an arrow flies and the impact on your target as it penetrates. The expert hunter looks for the best arrows to get a good shot and hand the deer a quick and humane death that has less blood trail. 

Finding the best bow and arrow for deer hunting will give you a better hunting experience. These are some of the best bow hunting arrows in the market today. 

Best Overall Deer Hunting Arrow 

Easton Full Metal Jacket

The Easton FMJ is becoming a favorite to most hunters as it gives precision and accuracy when shooting regardless of the bow you are using.  Hunting is a silent game, and these arrows are the best as they have noise control crucial for every hunter’s experience.

Besides noise control, the idea behind the Easton FMJ is the penetration upon impact when hunting big game. The substantial damage they cause to the game makes you have an easy blood trail and a quick, humane death when deer hunting with bow and arrow. 

The penetration is due to the material of the shaft. Unlike the carbon shaft, the aluminum coating over the carbon core makes it a high impact arrow. It has a lengthy lifespan, and you can use it multiple times before it wears off. 

They are also safe to use, and even when they break, they will not splinter. They also have a variety of uniform spine sizes ranging from 300, 340, 400, and 500 grains. 


  • The metal jacket helps to reduce friction 
  • It has an easy target pull
  • They are heavy arrows, and this makes them suitable for deer hunting. 
  • The arrow shaft has a small diameter for flexibility.
  • It comes with a pre-installed nock and a variety of spine sizes. 


  • Not suitable for beginners

Best Carbon Arrows 

Gold Tip Hunter Pro 

The Gold Tip Hunter Pro is a remarkable arrow known best for its straightness that leads to accuracy when hunting deer. The shaft uses carbon technology to improve the arrow’s stability when fired, leading to a straight trajectory. 

It is a perfectionist best choice arrow for hunting deer and also for 3D practice shooting. This arrow is among the fastest brand models and lethal to deer when shooting at close range, within a 40-yard distance. It is a lightweight carbon arrow that focuses on speed during hunts, hardly giving the deer time to respond to the sound of your shot. 

The arrows are durable and will not break easily from regular use.  Most people who enter competitions or hunting expeditions will prefer this brand as it is also a noise-free arrow that travels briskly through the air. 


  • It uses carbon technology that makes it sturdy and durable
  • It is a versatile arrow for any hunter to use in all types of hunting situations
  • You can use it with all kinds of bows
  • It has pre-installed nocks. 


  • Some people find it to be too light

Bloodsport Blood Hunter

It also boasts of a high penetration power upon impact, and therefore it is among the best arrows for deer hunting. The manufacturers care so much about straightness that makes it have both precision and speed when you shoot it at deer. 

The BloodSport Blood Hunter is consistent in taking down any big game because it is weight tolerant and has excellent construction, which makes it durable. It is a lethal arrow that almost guarantees a kill with one shot if you have the correct shot placement. 

The Bloodsport Blood Hunter brand comes with a unique blood ring that enhances the shot placement for hunters. This feature makes it adorable to beginner hunters trying out the bow and arrow hunting for deer.

You can buy it in a pack of six and is available in all the popular spine sizes in the market like 300, 350, 400, and 500.


  • Available in a variety of spine sizes
  • Long-lasting and durable for multiple uses
  • Uses blood ring technology to determine shot placement and accuracy
  • Suitable for both beginners and expert arrow deer hunters


  • Some bolts have inconsistent qualities

Carbon Express Maxima 

It is the best arrow for hunters who want to shoot at long distances. Besides range, Carbon Express arrows focus on speed. The arrow dynamics are such that it can hit targets from longer distances at the highest speed without the deer reacting to the sound of the whooshing arrow. 

The Carbon Express maxima arrows use the weight forward technology to make the front parts of the shaft heavy. It also uses a custom dual spine construction that makes the arrows durable and safe. The arrows will not splinter even when they break. 

The arrow vanes are brightly colored so that you can trace them when you fire into the woods. The design of the oak wood finish for the shaft gives it an aesthetic appeal. The arrows are accurate at shorter distances as well and are suitable for both expert and intermediate hunters. 


  • Lightweight which makes them lightning quick
  • Aesthetically appealing and easy to track in the woods
  • Safe and non-splinter shaft
  • Comes with a nock 
  • Suitable for both recurve and compound bows


  • Lightweight arrows are not ideal for windy terrains

Best Archery and Practice Arrow 

Victory Buck Buster Arrows

Victory Arrows are the best quality because they use the best materials. The shaft is made from carbon material that is both durable and strong to ensure you use it for a long time. They are also the best for archery because of their speed. 

They are suitable for both expert and novice hunters who wish to improve their aim on the range shooting at 3D targets. 

The vanes are colored, and you can easily track your arrow even when practicing in the woods. It is also the best for deer hunting as you can hit targets because of its speed. It has a 350 spine and is suitable for bows that have 55-70 lb. draw weight. 

The Victory Buck Buster Arrows are affordable and economical. You can replace the arrowheads with ease as the shaft is always durable and will serve you for a long time. Manufactures of this brand focus on speed and accuracy, and therefore, it is the best for arrows for the hunting of deer. 


  • It is the best for precision training and archery
  • Lightweight and speed arrow
  • Durable and strong to last you many years
  • Affordable and replicable arrow tips


  • Not suitable for hunting 
  • Inserts will not always hold when you pull the arrow during target practice. 

Buyers Guide to Buying Arrows

The competition to produce the best arrows for deer hunting is only getting better. As a hunter, getting stuck with only one brand of an arrow is limiting your hunting experience. Each manufacturer is coming up with excellent arrow shafts, and the war is not between one brand over another. You should always consider different features of an arrow for the kind of game you are hunting. 

Arrow Diameter

Hunting outdoors is different compared to shooting your arrows indoors. The concept of wind makes everything change. Arrows with a narrow diameter are the best for hunting because they have little wind resistance. 

Narrow arrow shafts also give the best penetration upon impact. But when going for an arrow with a small diameter, consider how it will affect the inserts. You may end up having an imbalanced arrow leading to inconsistencies when shooting. 


Arrow spine leads to inconsistent shooting of arrows, and it is the most significant problem for most hunters. Because it is so sensitive, arrow spines come branded in a three-digit number. The number indicates the amount of deflection your arrow has. Examples of deflection variations include 500, 340, 400, and 300. 

Selecting the spine also depends on the head weight and length of your arrow. If the arrow is longer than 28-inches, the arrow spine becomes weaker. When the same arrow is cut shorter than 28-inches, it will stiffen. 

It implies, if you increase the head weight, you should decrease the spine, and that light head weight makes stiffer arrows. A weak shaft will lead inconsistencies in the arrow’s flight path because it wiggles too much. 

A weak spine also has less impact on your target. When the arrow gets in contact with the deer you are hunting, the flex will be back and forth because the animal’s body resistance is fighting the momentum. The more the arrow flexes, the more energy it loses, which lowers the penetration potential. 

Stiffer arrows are the best for hunting. It is because upon impact, there will be less flexing, and more energy will go into a forward motion leading a higher penetration. 

Straightness Tolerance

Shooting broadheads demands that you have the straightest arrow shaft you can find. It will lead to accuracy. There are three categories of arrow straightness, the .001″, .003″, and .006″.  The rule of understanding straightness is that distances under 40 yards .006″ will have accurate results. As the distance increases, you should try the .003″ and .001.” 

The most preferable is the straightest arrow you can get, as it has fewer flight inconsistencies for the same batch. It also needs less tuning when setting up your range. 

Front of Center

It implies the weight of the front part of your arrow concerning the balance point. Most FOC debates are heated because there is no obvious balance point. However, hunters tend to prefer more weight at the front than on the rear.  

When considering the FOC of your arrow, know that it will affect the spine. A heavy FOC will weaken then the spine, and you may need to shift to a stiffer arrow spine. Heavier head weights are consistent and accurate. 


When the arrow leaves the bow, it spins. It is what is called fletching. The more your shaft spins, the more energy it loses and slows down faster. The faster it also spins, the more distance it covers and less accurate it can be. 

When considering fletching, some hunters prefer slow arrows but accurate. It means they prefer more fletching over faster rotations.


The debate of the best weight depends on each hunter’s preference. You should select the weight you are comfortable and confident when shooting. Generally, shooting an arrow of 400 grains can kill any big game you are hunting if you have the perfect setup and shooting conditions. 

The weight of your arrow should also match the poundage your bow can deliver. Lighter bows shoot lighter arrows, and heavier bows should shoot heavier arrows.  A heavy arrow will retain more kinetic energy than a lighter arrow, which leads to a high impact and penetration. 

Understanding the Parts of an Arrow

Arrows have different parts that all contribute towards the flight trajectory. If one part is off or miscalibrated, you will have varying results even when using arrows that look aesthetically the same and are from the same manufacturer. These parts include

Arrow Shaft

The arrow shaft is the length of your arrow, and it differs based on the hunter’s preference. The best arrow shaft comprises different materials like carbon, wood, aluminum, or aluminum-carbon mix. The materials determine the different uses each arrow has.

Arrowhead/ Arrow Point

Different types of arrowheads determine the penetration upon impact. Some arrowheads give better impact and penetration than others. 

The Fletching

It refers to the three vanes at the end of the arrow that give it the aerodynamics when on a flight path. In most cases, two parts of the vanes are of the same color, while the third vane is a different color. The purpose is to enhance visibility to allow you to track your arrow once you let it fly. 

The Nock

It is the back end of an arrow that has a slotted tip. Its primary purpose is to allow the hunter to hold the arrow in position on the bowstring to avoid separation while drawing. 

Types of Arrowheads and Their Uses

Different types of arrowheads have different purposes, as you will see. 

Bullet Arrow Points

These are the best arrows for archery and target practice. As the name suggests, the tip of the arrowhead is shaped in the design of a bullet. It has excellent penetration and is also easy to pull out from your target once you hit it. 

Field Arrow Tips

They are a close variant to the bullet arrow tips; however, they are longer, sharper, and have a distinct shoulder-like shape. Field arrow tips are also easy to pull out from your target and are ideal when hunting small game

Blunt Arrow Tips

These are the best arrows for killing small games without penetration but with immense force. The tips are blunt and made of plastic or rubber without a sharp edge. The purpose is to give the animal a bloodless yet quick death. Hunters use the blunt arrow tips which are useful for hunting rabbits and wildfowl. 

Fishing Arrow Tips

The name suggests that they are the best arrows for hunting fish. The arrow tip has a steel barb that protrudes and is useful for penetrating and holding on to the fish once you hit it. The barbs have a screw and are retractable to make it easy to pull the arrow tip from your fish.

Grabbing Arrowheads

These are solely for target practice as the tips have a blunt end and wire springs that grab onto the target. The purpose is to prevent you from losing your arrow once you shoot it. 

Broadhead Arrow Tips

These are the best arrows for deer hunting. The arrow tips’ design is such that it gets the best aerodynamics to fly faster and cover longer distances. The broadhead tips tear flesh and are quite fatal. It causes wounds and has a higher penetration as well.

What is the Difference between Stiff and Bending Arrow? 

The spine of the arrow determines if it will be weak or stiff. If it bends a lot, the shaft is considered vulnerable. But the wiggle of an arrow is normal and is called the Archer’s paradox. When the arrow leaves the bowstring, it wiggles, yet it flies straight and hits your target accurately. 

When an arrow bends, it is the spine that is affected. Here are the reasons why some arrows will bend more than others. 

Weight of Your Bow

If the bow you are using for deer hunting has a high draw weight, you should opt for a stiffer arrow, and when your bow has a low draw weight, you can use a weak arrow. Shooting a thin arrow with a bow that has a high draw weight makes it wiggle too much. It can be dangerous to yourself and others since it loses its accuracy. On the other hand, shooting a stiff arrow on a bow with a low draw weight will not bend and hence not go very far.

Length of Your Arrow

Short arrows are stiffer than longer arrows. When you are using a long arrow, you should look for a more rigid shaft as this helps to distribute the wiggle evenly and maintain its accuracy. 

Weight of Your Arrows End Tip

It is a fascinating concept that most hunters overlook. The weight on the tip end determines the bend the arrow is going to have. For hunters who use the broadhead, know that it is slightly heavier than the others. Therefore, the right balance of the arrow would be to ensure that the other end is also heavy.

The Material of Your Arrow

Some materials are stiff, while others bend easily. There is no perfect material when choosing an arrow, and it is all preference and use of the hunter. The materials include carbon, wood, and aluminum shafts. The radius of the shaft also determines the level of wiggling to expect from your arrow. It is an essential factor that determines how accurate your shots will be. 

Cam for Compound Bows

Cam is the disk on the end limb of a compound bow. The primary purpose of a cam is to regulate the speed and accuracy of your arrow. Round cams generate slower but accurate shots while hard cams give a high acceleration but challenging to tune. 


The best arrow for deer hunting is merely a hunter’s choice and of course, it depends on the hunting grounds and method you use for hunting. Some people prefer more speed compared to power. The more experience you have with different arrows, the easier you will be to pick your favorite arrow. The more practice you have, the better you become at gauging distances and mastering your accuracy on the hunt.  

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