Best Burris Scope for Deer Hunting

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It has never been easy to choose a rifle scope that will meet all your hunting pursuits. Well, today is your lucky day, as I present to you the Burris Scopes. It is an all-rounded rifle scope and has been on record, coming close to meeting all that hunters would want a rifle scope to do for them.

Burris, an American company, has been for years making rifles and in each come with an equally quality scope. Burris rifle scopes come with appealing features that make them distinct from other scopes, and the features will help you meet your hunting needs.

This review will look at some of their top list products that have made their products rank very high.  

Best Lightweight Burris Riflescope for Deer Hunting

Burris 3-9 X 40mm Fullfield Ii Ballistic Plex Rifle

 Burris 3-9 x 40mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope tops our list for many reasons. First, the scope is easy to adjust the focus ring. You can customize it to your preference, thanks to the adjustable windage and elevation adjustments.

The scope’s magnification is a little stiffer for it starts at three and goes up to 9, and the adjustment covers have a matte black finish.    

It is a bit above 12 ounces on the weight, which does not affect the rifle’s weight. Since the scope’s weight has an insignificant impact on the rifle’s weight, it makes it the best choice for most hunters. 

This riflescope is an excellent choice for driven, long-distance, and tree stand hunting. It is also very easy to sight in and is very clear.

The Pros

  • It is multi-coated hence durable
  • Affordable
  • The clear glass makes it easy to sight in
  • Easy adjustment knobs

The Cons

• It doesn’t come with a scope cover

Best Premium Burris Riflescope for Deer Hunting

 Burris Veracity

This scope is designed for big games and varmints. The Burris Veracity has a multi-coated lens and boasts Burris’s Hi-Lume premium. The front focal plane optics helps the scope have a trajectory compensation that can work on any magnification. 

You can easily change the knobs and have a zero stop, low profile, and a single turn knob.  The scope also allows you to have three different reticles. With the 50mm objections, 5-times zoom, a 30mm main tube, and 15 MOA of internal adjustments, this scope is just gold.  It can even be more depending on magnification. One thing about the model is that it has a pretty generous eye relief.


  • Have reticles on the front of the focal plane
  • High-quality glass
  • Proof to any fogging and rain


  • It has a perfect dial track but doesn’t feel very crisp. 

Best Budget Burris Riflescope for Deer Hunting

Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle

This scope offers you extra control over your shots since it has a reduced glare, low light, and easy to see through.  Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle also has a multi-coated glass design covering controlling the amount of light. 

The turrets are manual, meaning you can easily adjust to give you a more focus on what you want to see.  It has a double-spring tension body to keep the shocks in check. Therefore it is stable all through even when shooting.


  • Does not move as you shoot
  • Easy to fix
  • Includes holdovers for long-range shots
  • Has numerous options to choose from


  • May add more weight to your rifle. 

Why Choose Burris Scope?

 Wide Range of Collection

Burris has over 40yrs of experience in the rifle scope engineering field. This has helped them design scopes for big to small game, and the gears will offer you unfailing reliability and clarity. 


The reticles are designed and packed with unique features to give the hunter a reliable long-distance shooting experience. 


Burris doesn’t make tubes by fusing two small pieces. To increase the structural strength, the tube is made of one piece of metal. Also, they use a quad ring seal instead of using a single O-ring.  All of the components are made of high quality, thus making them a preference by many customers. 

Buying Guide: What to Lookout For When Choosing the Best Scope for Deer Hunting

When buying a rifle scope, there are essential features that you should consider.

Fixed or Variable Scope

A fixed scope is cheap. On the other hand, a variable one is a superior option, and you will be expected to invest more. But the latter is more reliable, and you will enjoy the hunting experience.  The difference between a fixed and variable scope is that the fixed offers a single magnification level while the variable offers multiple levels within a specific range. 

Image Quality of the Optics

A high-quality lens will have features customized to reduce visibility problems.  Low-quality lenses will lead to illusions and will never be good news when aiming to take a shot on a target and make a wrong shot.

What Affects the Quality of Lenses?

  • Coating of the lens
  • The design of the tube that is used to house the lens
  • Size of the objective lens 

The objective lens is a value between 40mm and 50 mm. Its size impacts multiple aspects of the scope, such as the amount of light entering the tube, size, and weight of the scope. 

When you choose a scope with a high objective lens, the better since it allows more light to get in, which is crucial in enhancing accuracy when hunting. It has exceptional performance, even in low-light conditions.


When you buy a rifle scope, it is good to get a quality scope that does not drain your pocket.  But with the market offering so many brands, you are bound to find some which are quite affordable.  However, you should not be deceived by the price of the product. Some companies decrease the quality of the products to manage a low price.

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