Burris FastFire 3: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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I was really looking forward to getting my FastFire 3 from Burris. Since I had heard really good things about this budget-friendly red dot sight, I was wondering how it would compare to the juggernauts in the field: Aimpoint and EOTech. The FastFire 3 is probably one of the cheapest red dot sights you can get and still it looks quite sturdy.

First Impression of the Burris FastFire 3

So the box it arrived in was quite small and looked quite alright, nothing fancy. The first thing that met my eyes was the User Guide and an optics pad, then a little hood that you can use to put over the FastFire 3. They also provide you with a small jewelry screwdriver to help you with the installation, there is also a battery included. I was surprised at how small the actual FastFire 3 unit is. And compared to most other Red dot sights I have tried the FastFire 3 comes with all the stuff you need to get going, which is really nice.

What Recoil Can a FastFire 3 Handle?

I have tried 9mm, 40mm, 45mm, carbine, .308, 30-06 and a shotgun. I have not noticed any problems at all so far and I have a few friends who owns one who I usually go hunting with and they have not experienced any problems either, so even though its cheap and small it seems quite sturdy.

In their user guide they specify that the Fastfire 3 can handle at least 1000Gs and it’s hard to understand how much a 1000G is without any reference so these are the numbers I found so you can compare:

Glock 17, 124 gr ~576 Gs
Glock 22, 165 gr ~804 Gs
Glock 21, 230 gr ~541 Gs