DPMS AR 15 – What You Need To Know!

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There are so many misconceptions that dwell around the AR 15. This rifle is familiar with many across different platforms, including the public, although mainly because of the mainstream media. But, its perception is entirely different from the information you might come across and the capabilities the rifle brings forth. All the same, it’s easy to misconceive the AR 15, maybe because you don’t have the necessary information in place.

However, you’ll realize how much it has to offer by using the rifle, and it’s not your typical rifle. If you’re an avid shooter, you shouldn’t allow this to get in your way, especially if you fancy it.

This is because the ideology on every rifle or firearm will differ depending on the users. Therefore, it’s imperative you to take a step and use it at the range then make your judgment. When DPMS started manufacturing rifles, the AR 15 took the market by storm because of its capabilities and price. The initials mean Department Procurement Manufacturing Services, which is the company function behind the weapon.

The rifle was the 15th weapon from Armalite, hence the name AR 15. The DPMS AR 15 is a simple semi-automatic rifle and was mainly designed for hunting, self-defense, and range shooting. It has a low price tag, but that shouldn’t make you diminish or undermine the AR 15. Its reliability is uncompromised, and it’s essential to understand that there are two types of the AR15 model.

A Review of the DPMS AR 15 TPR (Tactical Precision Rifle)

The DPMS tactical precision rifle is another one of the different types of the AR 15. It’s unique with features, and according to the manufacturer, it’s an AR 15 upgrade. The need for conscious commitment to provide shooters with a rifle with superior precision led to its development. It comes with a 20-inch stainless steel barrel that has the new handguard that absorbs more shock.

The DPMS TPR is perfect for long-range shooting. Hence whether you’re a hunter or marksman, you have the advantage of shooting targets from a distance. It uses a B5 shooting system in its stock, which allows you to experience maximum velocity with the rifle. This tactical precision rifle uses 223 caliber rounds and weighs just 8 pounds.

Its trigger is the two-stage type, which aids in telling exactly when the shot is discharged. Also, it has a muzzle suppressor; hence you can shoot it at night without being noticed.

Bushmaster and DPMS AR 15 Contrast

When dealing with the AR 15, understand there is the military type referred to as the bushmaster. In most cases, this military version is usually categorized under the M16 family. Thus it’s hard to find the bushmaster reference on the military AR 15. The military AR 15 is developed using high-quality material with a different system and design than the standard type.

Accordingly, this increases the rifle’s tolerance, which is essential considering the extreme conditions it’s put through. The military version and the DPMS AR 15 are different, and the letter can be termed as a light rifle. Even with its inception, the idea was to provide shooters with a semi-automatic rifle for modest shooting. Hence, don’t be confused with both or assume that they are the same.

It’s because the bushmaster is superior to the DPMS AR 15, from the features and functionality. Also, the AR 15 is produced for law enforcement, and indeed the features are unique. They won’t encompass either the bushmaster or the standard AR 15 features.

Why You Will Love the DPMS AR 15 

  • It has an advanced system.
  • The rifle comes with various features.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s easy to shoot.
  • The DPMS has a long shooting range
  • Friendly price.

The Not So Good

  • Medium stopping power.

Why Are There Expensive and Cheap AR 15s?

Well, if you can understand the concept of standard and high-end products, then it’s not any different here. Since Armalite or Colt, the patented manufacturer, understands this, they recognized not every shooter is enamored by the standard version. This brought the need to develop a more sophisticated type with superior quality. The main difference between these two is the quality control and assurance in their differentiation.

This means the quality of the trigger, barrel, stock, buffer tubes, receivers, and bolts are different. Hence, as referred, when the platforms go through the quality test, one is passed through stringent while the other lenient tests. The machining with the expensive DPMS AR 15 parts is excellent compared with the budget one. The costly type will have superior triggers, accuracy, durability and extra features.

With these, each is certain to be different hence the availability for premium and advanced types.

Does Price affect the Functioning of the AR 15s?

The price is substantial and significant towards the performance of the rifle. This means you will face trivial differences in their performance. The standard type may be less accurate, dependable, and reliability may be minimally compromised. However, it’s reliant on whether you are an inherent or constant user of this semi-automatic rifle.

If you don’t use rifles as much, then the cheaper version should be perfect. But if you’re an avid shooter, the expensive or advanced type should be perfect. Nevertheless, the brand name may be another reason for the rifle being very expensive. Colt will sell their AR 15s expensively compared to their counterpart, the Armalite Company.

The two may not be that different for expert shooters when shooting, which brings in expertise level. When a proficient shooter is provided with any rifle, then they can utilize it to the extreme. Thus when a professional shooter uses either the cheaper or expensive version, there might be not that much variance. Otherwise, the price of the AR 15 does affect the operations of the rifle.

Comparison between Premium and Advanced DPMS AR 15

Premium AR 15

The premium AR 15 is the standard model of the rifle, which has limited features and accessories. This will consequently restrict the rifle’s ability, but it’s not to say the rifle is inferior. When confronted with its right equals, the targets, this rifle will perform beyond your expectation. Although the features can be upgraded, that’s if you feel any limitations.

Advanced AR 15

On the other hand, there is the advanced type. Usually, shooters will buy the advanced model either brand new or build it from scratch. For expert shooters, the preference is building since one knows their way around a rifle. This can be challenging if you’re a novice. Also, buying it has its perks since you will be restricted to a grander rifle’s holistic features.

But you can choose to buy an advanced model and upgrade it by buying superior replacements and accessories. If you tune an advanced model to perfection, it can even shoot down big game. But some of these changes on a rifle might be limited legally by the manufacture or the authority.

Hence, it’s imperative to know how far you can go towards building or upgrading a rifle. Because you’re bound to find regulations limiting how far you can develop or build an advanced AR 15 prototype.

The Price Difference

The price disparity between the two is sure to be different. Thus it’s proportional to the features each model can offer. It would help if you kept in mind the upgrading factor applicable in both premium and advanced AR 15s. Therefore, you have to determine whether it’s an upgrade or a completely new build when talking about the cost factor.

Many rifle enthusiasts find it easier and cheaper to build a new firearm. This is in comparison to upgrading an advanced or premium AR15. However, this circumvents the cost of parts, which is a significant determinant. Hence if you can acquire cheap replacements yet superior, then the project is feasible.

Can I find Genuine Parts When Building an Advanced DPMS AR 15?

The Panther Arms or Armalite started by the manufacturing of parts before developing the AR 15. Thus, today, you’re confident of finding these rifles and parts directly from the source. Note that there are different patented manufactures for the diverse AR 15 parts; hence the quality is dissimilar. Then, you’ll also find shooters selling these parts in diverse platforms, either online or in physical locations.

For the direct sellers, it’s the need to upgrade their firearm that leads to selling some parts. You have to be vigilant because not every seller is genuine, and some of these parts might be overused. Lastly, there are the low-quality fabricated parts that are common yet unreliable. Hence, you can find the rifle parts you require, but your watchful eye is vital to buy original features.

Benefits of Owning A DPMS AR 15

When discussing the ADMS AR 15 and what you need to know, you should understand its benefits. The DPMS AR 15 model is the most underrated rifle a shooter can own and shoot. It’s not given the necessary approvals in the gun world, but it’s due to fundamental ignorance. It provides you with more than the basics of shooting for a semi-automatic rifle that isn’t restricted on ownership.

Here are some of the benefits regarded by owning one of the highly-rated rifles.


The price of the DPMS is reasonable, considering the capabilities it brings forth. It’s the best low-cost semi-automatic rifle you can find in a market limited with automatic rifles for the public. This AR 15 rifle was specifically designed for civilian use hence the low price tag. Since finding a rifle of the kind with such specific features was impossible, that motivated the manufacturer most.

Also, the increase in the number of manufacturers has edged the competitiveness to provide shooters with an affordable rifle.

Low Recoil

With every DPMS developed today, the recoil is a primary consideration with the manufacturer and shooters. The AR 15 has minimized jerk backs with every shot, which is a significant advantage compared to other rifles. Therefore, you will not experience excess stress on your shoulder with every follow-up shot when the rifle’s recoil. Also, with this, you will execute multiple shots with ease.

Cheap and Readily Available Ammunition

The ammunition or cartridges used on the DBMS AR 15 is common and the availability is not limited. Thus, when using the rifle, you don’t have to worry about the frequent acquisition of ammunition. What’s better, the cartridges you can use are diverse as long as they can fit in the rifle’s magazine.

The Rifle is Lightweight

The DPMS is a light rifle; even with its additions or accessories, the rifle remains light. Compared to rifles in its league, the AR 10 or AK 47, the weight factor remains superlative. However, this doesn’t mean it has inferior functions, but high-quality material used makes it weigh less.

High Precision

Shooters who have used this agree it’s a killing machine because of its pinpoint precision. With some of the accessories, including red dot sights or scopes, the accuracy is enhanced. Equally, with even the standard version, it’ll hit where you point it, and it’s hard to miss a target with this rifle.

It’s Customizable

This is the significant benefit with the DBMS, the fact that you can segment it into diverse parts. Thus, you can build an AR 15 rifle of your preference with the parts you want. What this means, you can buy a normal DPMS and advance it to a more cutting-edge rifle. Usually, this is the cheapest way to build a rifle.

It doesn’t necessarily mean changing the upper, lower, or the half parts of the rifle. You can also make additions on the existing rifle, including flashlights, high-quality scopes, among others. By changing these components, you will certainly enjoy its performance.

It’s Easy to Shoot and Safe

The DPMS AR 15 is fitted with the most advanced shooting technology. There are some with piston or gas systems, but their operation isn’t that different. With these systems, shooting and holistic use of the AR 15 is advanced. Hence, it won’t matter whether you are a professional or novice shooter because you can handle it effortlessly.

You don’t need extensive expertise to use the AR 15, making it favorable for women to use.

Adjustable Stock

With the DPMS, the stock is adjustable; hence you can modify it to specify your hands. If you happen to have extra-long hands, then you can regulate it to fit you perfectly. Also, the stocks can be customized to fit your preference. There are rifles or carbide upgrade stocks for the AR 15.

Therefore, you can choose to fit either as long as it fits precision and accommodates you.


The DPMS isn’t your typical rifle due to its versatility. It offers different functionality and can work under stress conditions. This makes it the most acceptable semi rifle in different platforms across the state. You can shoot it at the range; use it in killing game or in-home security effortlessly. The best part is that you don’t need much practice to use it.

Owning and Using the DPMS AR 15

Can Civilians use the DPMS AR 15?

As seen before, this rifle was designed for use by civilians. Therefore, it gets a tick on NATO’s authorization, which determines the rifle’s acceptance by different jurisdictions. Also, it’s easy to maintain since the parts are easy to procure. For any product to be used by the public, stringent measures require the assurance of service parts.

Thus, parts should be readily available, and this isn’t different from the DPMS AR 15. Also, its lethality is according to the set standard. Being a semi-automatic weapon, it can only shoot one bullet at a time. This is the required level for any semi rifle, and it’s hard to find such rifles for civilian use. Hence, this rifle is authorized to be used by the public since it passes all the requirements.

Can You Find the DPMS AR 15-Walmart?

A while back, the DPMS used to be available at Walmart under the sporting rifle category. But due to public outcry, the store decided to take it off its shelves, not because it is substandard. Although you might not find the AR 15 at Wal-Mart, you can find it elsewhere on different platforms. 

What is the Impact of DPMS AR-15 Carry Handle on the Rifle?

Most AR 15s come with a carry handle, which eases its portability, and you don’t find this on many rifles. When installed, it adds overall weight on the rifle but doesn’t affect its operation.  But the wonderful thing with these carry handles is they can be detached. Thus, if you wish to get rid of the handle when shooting your DPMS, it’s possible.

Note that the handles are shockproof, and they can take as such shock from every shot. Also, you’ll find some with adjustable thumb nuts that are a preference for most shooters. As long as you ensure the DPMS AR 15 carry candle is attached correctly, the gun will typically shoot.

Can I Replace the DPMS AR 15 Upper?

Gun enthusiasts have fancied the DPMS for the ability to build one from scratch. Also, you can buy a factory assembled one and replace the parts you deem need replacement. Any standard AR 15 upper can fit any AR rifle, and by doing this, you increase the rifle’s caliber. Also, the upper can be replaced with a lower as long as the dimensions are the same.

Usually, the upper and lower receivers don’t have much impact on the rifle. Usually, it’s the components that will be housed in the upper that matter. If the components are fitted and tuned correctly, the gun will fire without problems. Hence you can change a DPMS AR 15 upper receiver without encountering issues with the gun.

Most Popular AR 15 Rifle Accessories

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Can I Shoot Games With The DPMS AR 15?

The AR 15 has been designed to shoot games, but you should understand its best suited for small games. This includes rabbits, squirrels, and birds, to mention a few. Therefore, you can take it on your hunting voyage as long as you target small games. On the other hand, you can choose to change the upper receiver and its components to upgrade the gun caliber.

You can take down the big game by upgrading the caliber since the rifle can shoot bigger rounds. It’s not uncommon to find most hunters doing this with their AR 15. It’s already a perfect lightweight rifle; all it needs is a bit of tuning to have an advanced AR 15.

Legal Limits on Carrying the AR 15 in the Different States

Carrying a gun is allowed and prohibited in some states. For some, you can carry a handgun but not a rifle. However, to carry or own a gun, first, you need to acquire a permit. You can transport your rifle in California as long as it doesn’t have more than a single feature.

This means you can carry the rifle housing with one feature, maybe the trigger. But the trigger can’t be attached to the housing; it has to be concealed at a different location. It’s so complicated; it’s simple to say it’s illegal. Other states that prohibit the rifle include Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

But the rifle is only illegal if the state categorizes it as an assault rifle. Hence, it’s vital to keep in mind whether it’s legal to transport the AR 15 across state lines with such stringent laws. This is only possible if you learn the laws governing the states you reside in. Also, make sure you get the proper permit for the rifle to be on the law’s right side.

Final Verdict

When talking about assault rifles, there are varieties, but not all are legal to civilians. We’ve discussed the DPMS AR 15 and what you need to know! Therefore, you can see it’s a unique rifle that provides shooters with more than what meets the eyes. The DPMS can provide you with bronze, silver, or gold shooting capabilities.

This is proportional to the model of the AR 15 you go for. If you need gold or high-quality shots, then you should buy an advanced type and upgrade it. The DBMS’s versatility is incomparable, and you can’t find a better rifle from one of the best rifle manufacturers.

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