Best Scope for Hog Hunting: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Every hog hunter knows that success equals determination, patience, tactics, and the right gear. When I hunt feral pigs, I prefer distance shooting instead of baiting, snaring, or trapping.

The best scope for hog hunting becomes handy during such scenarios, essentially improving my pig harvesting capabilities. 

When you hear talk about scopes or optics, it’s always inundated with technical jargon. In retrospect, the best scope for hog hunting is relatively easy to operate and understand its workings.

However, you shall keep in mind that scopes vary in lens type, magnification capacities, construction material, and price.

Finding the scope that works well alongside your preferred firearm shouldn’t prove intimidating. I will offer a hog hunters viewpoint, reviewing the hog hunting scopes I’ve personally tried and tested.

Why You Need the Best Scope for Hog Hunting

As a hunter, it’s essential to understand your game animal of choice, in this case, feral pigs. You will be hunting hogs in low light conditions, with which they prefer to come out from their hiding places.

As soon as its dusk, you’re fancied pounds of ham and bacon become very active. Wild hogs forage for food mostly at night, and your chosen scope should feature excellent light-gathering capabilities.

Feral pigs are also very agile and always on the move. Your selected optic must maintain the magnification within a wide field of view to point your rifle to where rounds ought to go.

The best scope for hog hunting has a reticle with directed focus and may come with infrared or thermal integration. These optics aid efficient light transmission for after dusk or pre-dawn pig harvesting activities.

The reticle system’s simplicity also matters, as there’s no need for calibrated markings for the close range in which hogs are hunted.

You will benefit from elevation and windage adjustment, and the best scope for hog hunting will alleviate parallax. 

When looking to acquire the best scope for hog hunting, it’s essential to consider your requirements without focusing on price or popularity. 

Your pig harvesting situation, including terrain, light conditions, and factors like recoil impact, will determine whether you end up with a good optic or the best possible scope.

Here are my three choices for the best scope for hog hunting. 

Overall Best Scope for Hog Hunting:

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope